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Title: New Hope
Post by: Shadow Jacky on January 19, 2008, 02:56:13 AM
With the event of a newcomer (The Mario Center) and its actual changes and presentation, I just couldn't sit back and let TMMC go under without some kind of struggle.  I'm a type of person who enjoys seeing progress get done and well, this place needs it badly.  I'm going to attempt to give this place some life (via an energy tank if you will) and spruce up the place.  First by removing that depressing message on the front page with this one and giving the site a new look.  Anything else I do is just from me having a lot of time on my hands and maybe able to implement some of the array of ideas that others here have had floating about.  I'm not promising anything and this may fail again, and by that chance I would declare this place scrap.  One thing I have learned is that Megaman competition either exists out there somewhere, or we are giving an under appreciated alternative.  Either way, this place was brought forth with thought of changing that and I wouldn't like to see it die out just yet.
Title: Re: New Hope
Post by: Rick_242 on January 19, 2008, 04:24:39 PM
Eh, I haven't done much here (that thing still isn't even finished nor, those award sprites) but, it's nice that some (okay very few) people have found the motivation to try and revive this place. With the recent success of TMC I guess that could be TMMC one day. What can be done to bring forth life is limited but, it's something you'll have to work with (advertising usually gets someone banned). Well it still can't hurt to try right?
Title: Re: New Hope
Post by: magnum12 on January 22, 2008, 03:25:14 PM
Alright, let's get down to business. I've got a few bills to propose for the purpose of getting this site some fame and for general stuff.
Bill 1: Youtube. If we can get some pwnage vids on youtube with a link to us, we might get some attention. This link should also mention our extensive guides such as the complete weakness charts of every major boss in the classic and X series, newbie faqs for MMZ, difference guides between original MM1/MMX and the PSP remakes (work in progress).
Bill 2: Requisistion assistance. We ask the main branch to go on a big recruting run that also mentions our competitions in our sub sites.
Bill 3: Site Skin. We need to come up with a site skin (we also need a graphics artist). I had some idea involving the evolution of Mega Man (parody of evolution chains) that covers Mega Man throughout the years (8-bit to 16-bit to Legends to Battle Network to Zero to ZX, complete with a joke about how Mega Man doesn't even lead the show anymore in the Zero section).
Bill 4: Site Maintanence. Basically we mark and cut all unneeded charts for competition. (Needs to go to help section to figure out how).

While I'm at it, I'm going to construct an element weakness chart for battle network along with elemental charts for MMZ and MMZX bosses. How do I look up guides that are pending approval so I can approve them?
-Edit: Seems I made an element chart a while ago. Might as well construct a boss element guide later.
Title: Re: New Hope
Post by: sonicam on February 03, 2008, 01:18:07 PM
Blah, haven't been here for a while. I'm still willing to help out in anyway I can, it's just that my stay here is going to be inconsistant due to stuff that needs attending to. We definately do need to spead the word. TSC pretty much started on GameFAQs so we probably need to advertise heavily on sites like those, eventhough it's filled with many not so inviting guests. Unfortunately, the MegaMan message boards there aren't that into time attacking.

More needs to be done here in order for it to seem legit and inviting. Right now, it lacks that. A skin would definately be a good start. Site maintainance is also a good idea, but the admin options were funky last time I tried to fix things up. Making elemental weaknesses charts are nice, but I doubt it'd attract people, but I guess it can build some credibility and that we know what we're talking about here.