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Gaming and Grazing / Crazy Idea: The TSClympics.
« on: September 26, 2008, 06:07:25 PM »

Gaming and Grazing / LandGrab: Online Risk
« on: August 24, 2008, 02:44:30 PM »
I've been finding players for LandGrab in the channel, and I figured I might as well just post here.

The game is pretty standard Risk, with a good selection of rules to use. We've already done 1 game with another game in progress, and I want to start a third.

Since I'm too lazy to into any detail, look into it yourself.

Game 1 [Go to History Playback if you want to see it play out]
Game 2

So if anyone wants to be in Game 3, post here. Also, feel free to suggest maps to use. All the maps are here, including the shitty ones, so feel free to play around with the filters.

Gaming and Grazing / I think I want to make a video game-based CCG...
« on: January 01, 2008, 06:48:06 PM »
I'm sure there are a lot of you who don't know who the hell I am. Well. I lurk in #soniccenter a lot, and that's about it.

But I came up with this whole idea for a card game, and I guess I'm really looking for people who would be interested in helping form it. It's basically just a glint in my eye, but if there's anyone out there who wants to beta test or help design it or anything, I'm looking for all the help I can get.

I talked to RPG on MSN, and later IRC, and got some basic form of it down. Since rephrasing it all would be a lot of work, feel free to muck around this and discover my idea for a little game.

[MSN, reformatted to IRC style to make it readable:]
<The_T> I have this idea in my head for a card game that. I want to make. Like, even just as an app for LackeyCCG or something. Do you know of anyone who would be interested in helping me develop it and won't give me shit about my ideas being stupid?
<RPG> well off hand I dont know anyone but ill gladly listen to anything atm
<The_T> Hmm. I don't know where to begin.
<The_T> I've had this idea for like, forever. But.
<The_T> The idea would be that it would revolve around video games, in a kind of multi-versal way.
Have you ever played the Star Wars CCG, by chance?
<RPG> Alas not
<The_T> Okay, well.
<The_T> The idea could be that both players play out "Levels", which would be... essentially, stages from video games. Or they could, tracks from racing games, or multiplayer arenas from FPS, or minigames from Mario Party. Things like that.
<The_T> And they would also play characters who have... this part I'm still undecided on the best way to handle it, but some kind of stat systems that makes certain characters more able to complete certain types of Levels.
<The_T> And there would be some light randomization as well as stat-enhancement cards such that any Character would be able to overcome any challenge eventually.
<RPG> Yeah I see what you mean
<The_T> Another idea about Levels would be
<The_T> that each card has a Difficulty level, so at the start of the game, you can only play cards with low difficulties. Like, the first card must have a difficulty of one or two. And then each card after that must have +/- 3 or so difficulty. So you could play a card of difficulty 2, then 4, then 5, then 3, then 6, etc.
That number isn't set in stone, but.
<The_T> Basically it would make a sort of game board out of cards.
<The_T> And of course, some things like Fighting game stages would work way differently, with focus on character VS character interaction.
[snip, switch to IRC because MSN is gaying out:]
[18:09] <The_T> so um, yeah. And I guess the idea would be, that the way you complete certain stages or things will affect your Score, which would be like the opposite of Life in... I'm going to say Yu-Gi-Oh 'cause I don't know a lot about card games. I think Magic has something like that too but if I'm wrong then I'm wrong.
[18:10] <Fixed> Magic has life, yeah
[18:10] <The_T> Like. The objective would be to get a certain end score or have a higher score when the game ends. But the rest of the details need to be worked out.
[18:10] <Fixed> Right
[18:10] <The_T> And so both players would play levels on the same "Level line" or "board" or what have you.
[18:10] <The_T> I guess what really needs to be figured out is how to handle characters.
[18:11] <Fixed> Yeah
[18:11] <The_T> I think there could also be things like weapons, and icons on characters to represent the types of weapons they can use. So Link can have a little sword icon and then he can use swords from basically any game, but certain swords could be like "Only usable by Link".
[18:11] <The_T> like the Master Sword, maybe.
[18:11] <The_T> Ooh, and sidequests.
[18:11] <Fixed> Yarr
[18:11] <The_T> Things that could add a little bit to your score but also give you a benefit.
[18:12] <The_T> Like let you use the Biggoron Sword, concepts like that.
[18:12] <The_T> But yes. Any /clue/ on how to do Characters, then. 'cause I've got nothing.
[18:13] <Fixed> erm
[18:13] <Fixed> give them like
[18:13] <Fixed> HP
[18:13] <The_T> Hmm. That's iffy.
[18:13] <Fixed> maybe attack and defence stats
[18:13] <The_T> 'cause, I want characters to play exactly like they do.
[18:13] <Fixed> and you roll x dice
[18:13] <Fixed> for hits and shit
[18:13] <Fixed> iono
[18:13] <The_T> So platform characters should die easily, have power-ups to extend their life, and go back to the same stage they were already on [or maybe a stage back?] when they die.
[18:14] <The_T> While RPG characters will have HP and have to go back farther [to the last place with a Save Point card] when they die.
[18:15] <The_T> But then I'm worried about bogging it down with too many stats.
[18:16] <Fixed> True
[18:16] <The_T> So what I should probably do is make a list of genre-defining characters
[18:17] <The_T> note all their important stats
[18:17] <The_T> and make a "best of" type list.
[18:17] <Fixed> Indeed

So I'm basically looking for any kind of advice at all on this, and if anyone wants to help, well. If your ideas clash with my mind, I probably won't use your help. But, if they work out, then all the better. So. Any thoughts?

Beef / 5 little problems.
« on: April 15, 2004, 07:29:12 PM »
I know how incredibly annoying this must be, but I figure I'll list some little problems on the site that could be fixed or whatever. No rush.

Sonic Battle:

- When you click "Sonic Battle" on a Player Statistics screen, it displays a blank table [as there is no Time category].

Sonic Adventure [DX]:

- This has been stated before, but the "Times" category is all messed up in the Site Records view.

Sonic Pocket Adventure:

- There's no "Neo Geo Pocket" listed at the top of the site, so we can't get to the Players and New Lists.

- The "Overall" is left blank.


- The New Stats button never seems to finish loading before getting to a "Action canceled" page.

Beef / Problem on Rankings Page...
« on: April 15, 2004, 03:59:11 PM »
On my rankings page, um... Sonic Adventure DX is listed three times... @_@

EDIT: Seems to be fixed, although there are other problems abound [as below].

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