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Sonic Generations handicap
« on: January 27, 2012, 01:31:14 PM »
This is for those of U who are a bit sick of replaying Sonic Generations over and over and need some kind of "break" or "something different". You should know that speedrunning this game centers on and requires mastery of both Sonics' signature abilities: the Spin Dash and the Boost. Well, I've been able to complete ALL 18 main acts without using them even once. The only place in all of them that requires an X/square press is the clock opening in RR1. I've also tried to speed run them that way: I got, for example, 2:57 in CC2 and 4:55 in PW2.

So, the handicaped challenge I'm proposing is: Complete any main act as fast as possible without using the Spindash/Boost at all and without equippable skills!


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