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Submitted by magnum12

The point of this guide is to help people get get all the mission points when doing S Rank competition. While most of the missions in this game merely require you to reach the goal to get all the mission points, I'll point out the specific objectives needed to get the points in the rest of the stages.
1. Oceanic HWY: Your objective is to find four yellow switches and activate them. To do this, jump on the switches (they look like buttons on the floor) and keep Zero on them until they are pressed. This will lower the water level, making the boss easier but making a spike wall after the second switch harder to clear. To clear this wall use down+attack with a charged recoil rod or double jump. All four switches are on the bottom level of the stage with two switches before and after the mid boss. Your primary obstacle in this mission is time and that spiked wall.
2. W.R. Factory: Your objective this time is not very obvious but quite easy. All you need to do is destroy the security cameras. There should be four of them.
3. Submerged Library: Collect the four data disks without entering rooms without disks. Each mistake costs 2 mission points. Of the 24 doors, only 8 will ever have the potential to have data disks. Four of these doors are chosen at random. Don't worry, this randomization is NOT as agonizing as the treasure hunting stages from 3D Sonic games, thus you won't have to resort to constantly restarting the game due to Zero's speed causing this variable to have a very slight impact on times at worst.
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