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Gamer by choice for enjoyment and loves VGM music...cant help it as it comes with playing so many games all of these years. The Sonic series being one of my favs grwoing up and still is part of my collections. Been here for a while, but haven't really been that competitive until lately. Been mostly behind the scenes and not very active in the community, but thats changing since this place is so great. Started heavy on Sonic Adventure: DX when mostly everyone had it and most of its secrets were being revealed. Over time I got into SA2 which I had before SA:DX had come out for the cube, but it was out of my league. Then Heroes came about and I started TAing again. Around half way through I strted doing a FAQ for the game and haven't TA'ed for it in a while. Later on I figured I would have a go at it again and gotten some records. After a long away fromt his lpace, I find a bunch of changes with the additions of other sonic games (which had already happened), but now with other categories. Me being a Score nut as well from my time being at SMB Elite as well as TAing (at the time not so much on TAing), I thought this would be a good chance for me to get some records again. This went for SA:DX, SA2, and Heroes. Stopped playing SA:DX and SA2 and just focused on Heroes.

After awhile I stopped there too and haven't came back here in some time. When I did come back I found the site shut down for the time being. Every couple of dsays then weeks I would chec back on this place to see it gradually get back up. Then finally it had. I went back to playing Heroes for scores and downloading vids from other sonic games. I stopped with Heroes once more around October while waiting for Shadow The Hedgehog to come out.

Then Heroes was pissing me off too much and I stopped altogether with it. Shadow had come out and I had a blast with it playing through everything and getting everything first before I started TAing. And now here I am...the current Champ of Shadow The Hedghehog...but I dont know how long that will last as these things dont always stay forever. There will always be someone better than you.

Update....everything said so far is way old...just check my member page.

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