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Competition Central / Re: Scrap Brain 2
« on: February 14, 2017, 09:11:52 am »
OK, it is possible on the Saturn. I won´t delete the topic so it can act as a reference. In the Saturn version you don´t press anything once you start rolling and you need to aim at the corner that touches the floor, about a pixel up from the ground (so you are in the air) and then press right once you are in the wall.

Unfortunately it caught me by surprise since I had reached a point where I had given it up as impossible on Saturn, and pressed left by accident once I went through the wall. At least now it´s possible so will keep on trying til I get it.

However if anyone can advise when to switch from right to left, that would be a great help to shave time off when I do succeed (again). The scrolling SEEMS to slow down a fraction on the TeeNTee vid when the camera passes the swinging ball so I assume it is there, but any further advice would be grand.

Competition Central / Scrap Brain 2
« on: February 13, 2017, 09:12:30 am »
Is there any kind of guidance to pull off the wrap in SB2? I´m trying to follow the TeeNTee vid but not sure of whether the speed just need to exceed a certain value, or whether it has to be within a set range. Also, what are the button inputs?

Currently I jump onto the wheel and press down (and release), wait until my position and speedseems about right and then just tap A. Not sure if I need to hold right (at least until I enter the wall).

There is a vid Naegleria has on his channel, but he doesn´t actually pull it off .... and he uses the wheel at the top to fling himself at the starting position. Completely different to the TeeNTee method. I prefer the latter due to how near it is to the start, but I still can´t pull it off!

I´m doing this on the Saturn so hopefully it´s possible. There are a couple of tricks in the series that don´t seem to work on the Saturn version, but most do so fingers crossed!

General Sonic / Potentially stupid question about Sonic 1
« on: February 09, 2017, 04:01:56 am »
Hey guys, I´m new to Sonic running and I use the Saturn version (ie, Sonic Jam). One thing I have found is that looking up takes a long time, meaning that I can´t use the Marble 1/3 tricks (although the backup strat on 3 is good enough). The delay between looking and the camera moving takes way longer than in the vids on here.

Am I doing something wrong? Cheers!

Hiya Folks / Hiya, new Sonic runner here
« on: February 07, 2017, 09:43:39 am »
Hey guys,

I´m new to the forums and to sonic speedrunning. I have started running after picking up Sonic Jam on the Saturn, which can record IL records. The great time trial setup on Jam has made me want to learn the speedrunning strats and try my best for some decent times.

I have done a bunch of stuff so far that you can see. They´re not great, but after I do every level I will work on squeezing more out of the other levels. Here is a playlist of stuff:

Unfortunately the Saturn version is not just a port, so some things don´t seem to be possible (like the Carnival Night bug, which works, but it doesn´t seem possible to do the wrap), and it introduces other bugs, which slow you down (if you try and hit the lightning box in HP, you get stuck between the box and the wall instead).

Either way, I hope this community will be pretty useful. Sonic running is pretty fun, so will probably end up running it as one of my main games eventually.

Well, hope to see you guys around!

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