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Wikkity! / Re: I BROKE SONIC RUSH!
« on: February 16, 2015, 05:16:50 am »
From what i can see, it seems you've avoided hitting a Foreground to Background point, leaving you with no place to land on except possibly loops. If you are able to recreate this, try and film every bit. My guess is this happened after you went through a loop.

Competition Central / Re: Sonic Generations 3DS Charts
« on: August 04, 2014, 03:23:07 pm »
Here is a list of all 100 missions that can be unlocked. Someone has to take the list i've linked and cut down every single redundant mission so that you actually have a chart that isn't just the same thing X number of times. I won't be doing it because i have no need or want to do so.

News and Updates / Re: New rules regarding emulators
« on: April 08, 2014, 07:24:03 pm »
The trust system is dead; People lie and this site needs to accomodate that we have integrity to uphold above all else.
We're not trying to stop "fake" or unobtainable stats here (Though that is always nice to do so). We're trying to catch goofs with inaccurate emulation (in the case of Wii), and prevent TASing in many forms (on the Genesis-era games).

This has to be the most misunderstood point about all this. It is the sole reason why this rule is being implemented and some people can't seem to understand that. As far as I'm concerned, that's a step in the right direction. The next step would be requiring proof on every platform, which would make this site uniformly valid. The issue that comes up with that is 10+ years of stats don't have proof. So we either start again, grandfather them in or reuqest proof else nuking. However that's a discussion for a later date when that issue becomes more pertinent.

Emulation Banning i'd be for as well since every mother and their pets can play the old Sonic games anywhere through the various reports. Obviously some games can't, but you can't win everything.

News and Updates / Re: New rules regarding emulators
« on: April 04, 2014, 12:57:37 am »
If you don't want to discuss console proof now than why did you bring it up in the first place?

I barely put it on the floor for discussion. I acknowledged the point and said it's something we should do at a later date. Nothing more to add to it.

The discussion contained all of the points I referenced in my post, emulators and non-emulators. I know that there was more to Twin Galaxies than the proof system, and I didn't mean for their problems to be taken only as proof problems.

I personally would not like there to be proof required for all stats or even all stats at a certain level. It is too rigorous and will be harder to keep up in the long term. Twin Galaxies had a system like that (even if it was video proof only) and now it seems they are in a tough spot financially/running the company.

You directly related it, which is the step above implying. If you were making two unrelated statements, you should learn to write/type properly; Two different points shouldn't be in the same sentence unless you are trying to say that they are related.

I'm not assuming this website has a dedicated team to develop at all, I said that some features should be integrated. If GerbilSoft can't/doesn't want to do it, than perhaps the site should find more help to get the site advanced more and continue the site's progress. If you need help, then ask people outside of the site if they are interested in developing. How else will the site grow?

Well i seemed to have found out a moment ago that GS is okay with redesigning TSC. Though obviously 1 person can't design it all on their own without being able to dedicate incredible amounts of time towards it. If the administrators want someone to help design a new site, they will seek it out. Otherwise their apathy towards obtaining said help will mean that this site will not change much at all. So you are correct on this point.

The discussion was about emulators and I answered that question, and yes, I did read every post that was made before I posted.

This thread should not have blown out beyond what it was. All people needed was a clarification on what constitutes as a movie file, which is either an input file (w/ save state if it's not from boot) or a video capture that can show frame rates/lag. That's it. All this unecassary discussion was because of one person not realising this discussion happened months ago. 2 people against it, one of them thinking this rule change is out of the blue. (The other whose reasons I don't know, but that's because i haven't read that other clusterfuck of a thread in depth. I suppose he has his own valid reasons *shrug*)

News and Updates / Re: New rules regarding emulators
« on: April 04, 2014, 12:25:13 am »
Now that the subject of proof being required for consoles and emulators is brought up, I'd like to say that if TSC goes in that direction video proof should be required for the emulators as picture proof can't distinguish enough information, and picture proof at least should be required for consoles, if proof were required for each submission. There should be a system in place that lets you choose which platform you used. As said before, people can say they played on the wrong system, but no security system or rules system is perfect. The goal is to limit the damage as much as possible.

I'd also agree that a certain place on the chart should be required for proof if that type of system was implemented, as people said, all people should be free to use this site without too many restrictions, and the less competitive player may not want to prove every stat, but that could also lead to problems too. I agree that a proof system should be implemented as soon as possible, regardless of what type of rules are established.

Keep in mind that requiring proof for every stat or every stat at a certain level will weed out cheaters and turn off honest players alike, whether it be 1 person for each category, 5, or any number of people. You have to make the rules well developed but also determine what your target audience is. If you make a system where people can choose what stats they think are false and ask for proof, then you ask for the appropriate proof, which could be an alternative to requiring proof for every submission. The goal of the site should lean toward making competition as fun as possible, making it as easy as possible for players to compete/upholding the rules, and making the site a haven for the best Sonic video gamers in the world.

I personally would not like there to be proof required for all stats or even all stats at a certain level. It is too rigorous and will be harder to keep up in the long term. Twin Galaxies had a system like that (even if it was video proof only) and now it seems they are in a tough spot financially/running the company. You don't need to go all out in making new rules about proof, a well-integrated system where people can ask for a specific type of proof and choose the stats they think are false works well because they can pick stats that are most likely false, and leave the lesser ones alone. Even if those lesser stats are false, you can't win them all. Pick your battles and limit the number of false stats as much as you can. They can choose lesser stats if they want, and those stats should be investigated accordingly. A team of people should be assembled to work on that process if it were to be implemented.

The site should try to not go overboard and overthink this process. Banning emulators is not good because they are a popular platform, and TSC has made the decision to allow them in the past, so they should still be supported. The people that will leave because of new rules for emulators would leave even faster if emulators were banned. New rules for proof that I mentioned earlier and a new integrated system for both consoles and emulators would work well, to help the site gain some more stability, as that is what it seems the staff is after. The majority of TSC seems to want the site to change, and you have to make a change if you want the site to evolve and grow.

Did you even read the fucking thread? This is supposed to be about requiring proof for emulators. I brought up console proof because that the direction this site should be headed. Now is not the time to discuss is as it. It's also not for every bloody stat, just the ones obtained on emulators. Not everyone uses emulators for all games and stats.

Further the proof system at TG wasn't the problem. It was the airheaded, arbitrary dissection of records/categories; pretty much an issue Cosmo addressed when trying to brainstorm ideas for SRL leaderboards. It caused people to avoid it because they were banning things that detracted from the core of speedrunning: Going fast with nothing but the controller. You're also assuming that this website has a dedicated team to develop. We have one 'developer' or the site's source code and he seems to be apathetic in updating the site. Furthermore the only people interested in working on the site's code have no coding knowledge.

News and Updates / Re: New rules regarding emulators
« on: April 03, 2014, 10:32:26 pm »

I'm not sure why people are against this idea. This stamps out most forms of any emulator faults or Tool-Assisted runs. I'm not even sure why we didn't require emulator proof from the outset when i joined.

Now for something i want answered.

Of the people posting against the rule in this thread, Who is now unable to compete because of this rule change?

I wont go as far to say im suspicious but it really is actually making me kinda nervous the attacks against this; with all the misinformation that is being spewed out about this im still optimistic that most people are for this if they knew the exact facts. it seems like a common sense solution. you brought up TASer though, which would be a legit bser. which cannot be stopped without enacting rules that REALLY would make everyone mad. we are still on the honor system

I brought up TASing because it's still a relevant point. Especially when some people still feel off about Chaos_Control's S1 Rings. People need to read things thoroughly when a rule change comes up because many misunderstandings can occur. I'm not entirely sure why people are even up in arms about it all. I still haven't read an excuse. Most of Don's points are all to do with video/non-input captures, and as such are a little moot because of this:

When someone is called out for BSing, and the only proof they provide is a YouTube video that was done on an emulator, it adds an extra layer of confusion since we not only have to verify the video itself is legitimate, we also have to figure out whether it was done using emulator functions or not. Having more data (input files) should help to alleviate this somewhat and make cheating significantly more difficult.

The only reasonable thing to discuss is this:

Forcing proof onto people NOW and saying "we're not going to look at the already posted stats" is competetive distortion. Maybe just to me, but it definitely is unfair.

At which point if people are trying to stop it because of that you have 2 choices:
  • Continue using this site and being unable to prove stats thanks to emulators being able to enable cheaters more (and accidental advantages from lag, etc)
  • Abolish all stats and start fresh with the new rules

And since i'm kinda going on a reading frenzy now, i'm going to address a misconception:

the one thing i took away from what i've heard about this emulator requiring proof/banning/whatever is that i feel it ultimately doesn't even solve the problem that it's trying to solve and is tackling the wrong issue. i believe people are trying to solve the issue of people bullshitting stats, which i understand on a competetive site completely and think it should be adressed. requiring proof from emulators doesn't solve that issue, bullshitters will just say that they're using console and get around the rule.

What's that? You used a console? Okay, please show us a screenshot of the saved stat on the game.

Limiting what ranks people should be able to submit stats is also extremely stupid. You can't make this a grey area. Proof or no proof. People who want to avoid giving proof will slow down to be under the threshold and be sub par, which isn't being competitive, it's being stupid and undermining the point of us being a goddamn competition site.

I for one would probably stop competing here, just because the rule is not part of my personal mentality.

If it's not affecting you, like you said, but you are physically/mentally disturbed by it, you can leave and make sure the door doesn't hit you on the way out.

Ok, show me a change that has had drastic, sitewide effects then.

What makes you think this is drastic? This is something that needed to be done and was put off for so long that people have become rooted into a bad system and don't want it to change. Competition evolves and so does technology. If we want to maintain integrity, we have to keep up to date and stamp out issues involving emulators being inconsistent and incorrect in replicating their console (and official) counterparts.

What bothers me more than anything about these proposed rules is how logic seems to be warped for consoles, in comparison to emulators. This feels like an all-or-nothing rule, if it goes into effect in any caliber. Targeting only emulators is what strikes me as silly about the whole thing.

We really should be enforcing proof for all stats. But one step at a time seems to be what's happening here. It'll come in time i hope.

By extension, (requiring proof for emulator play) might discourage newcomers.

Newcomers are more likely to be playing on console if anything.

I honestly think that all this hubbub is over nothing and caused by a minority of players. We've been the longest standing site that hasn't required proof for quite some time, and that honestly needs to change, especially when people are going to choosing emulating over the actual console. When you look down to it, emulators are meant to be a way for people to compete while not having access to the game (example: i don't own a Mega Drive/Genesis, so i use emulator to play the original generation of games). Asking for proof for all these means that we can disallow runs and emulators that aren't running like the original console/game, just like our rules were requiring so previously

News and Updates / Re: New rules regarding emulators
« on: April 03, 2014, 08:57:08 pm »
Two options to play a game:

Play on Console. If BS is called, provide pictures of the save file times (if applicable/newer games) or strat (older consoles/before times saved), like how we've always done.

Play on (Unofficial) Emulator & Record your input file at the very least. If BS is called, proof exists to quash said BS call before it happens.

I'm not sure why people are against this idea. This stamps out most forms of any emulator faults or Tool-Assisted runs. I'm not even sure why we didn't require emulator proof from the outset when i joined.

Now for something i want answered.

Of the people posting against the rule in this thread, Who is now unable to compete because of this rule change?

How does recording an input file affect your emulation? It's minimal strain as far as i know, and should not be a problem, especially considering we've had many special events/challenges on the site that required input files.

Beef / Re: ATTN: Parax and Thorn.
« on: January 30, 2014, 03:07:45 pm »
Cya nerd.

Wikkity! / Re: The Matrix ranks.
« on: January 08, 2014, 08:08:32 pm »
....but I am going to change this year.  I promise.


Gaming and Grazing / ITT: POKEMON X AND Y
« on: January 08, 2014, 10:18:12 am »
Why the hell isn't there a thread on this? I know of 4 people who own this game and half of them at least understand the competitive side of it.

So fuck it, ITT: Friend Codes, Trades, Game Stories, Possible Speedrunning if you want, Battles, whatever.

To kick something off, I have $5,870,484 without much effort, and 474:29 in gameplay time. Anyone topped those numbers yet?

Wikkity! / Re: Predictions for 2014!!!
« on: December 22, 2013, 09:09:00 am »
I predict i will start to become more annoyed at BSers and Lingering BSers who are just annoying. Possibly rant off at them? Something like that.

Leaderboard Disputes / Re: ATTN: Minato30
« on: December 22, 2013, 08:54:06 am »
I figured as much. Just make sure you read the rules for each game for the future. It's likely you won't be let off this easily. For Sonic Rush in particular, use Time Attack Mode as well, it saves effort and you don't need more than a photo of your best times for proof. Please fix up all your boss times so that they conform to Normal mode w/ Time Attack/Boss Attack.

Wikkity! / Re: Re: The new way things are going down in LD
« on: December 18, 2013, 11:26:21 am »
Calm down, Parax.  I'll get my shit together.

Likely story. You've been on this site for a month, and in that time, you've managed to lie about your submissions, get caught and promptly banned for those submissions, bump dead threads, post irrelevantly on a regular, fucking basis AND you're trying to just now say you'll pull your own head in?
I don't beleive a fucking word you say/type. You sound like someone who is just trying to lie your way back into being unbanned. You've already managed to fuck up your reputation enough so that no admin here will ever consider it.

You will not be missed.

Ninja EDIT:
EDIT: I won't do it for a while because of Winter Break.

I'd suggest you do when the apocolypse occurs.

Leaderboard Disputes / ATTN: Minato30
« on: December 17, 2013, 05:46:39 am »
We require proof of your following stats:

Mirage Road Boss - Sonic
Huge Crisis Boss - Sonic
Unknown - Sonic
Unknown - Blaze

Screenshots and/or details of the strategy used should suffice as proof.

News and Updates / Re: TSC Twitch Team!
« on: December 09, 2013, 05:57:17 am »

News and Updates / Re: Marathon 2013: Holy Smokes, It's Over!
« on: April 03, 2013, 10:31:25 am »
I have to agree with Cruizer here.
Season 2 episode 4 is the best ep tho


News and Updates / Re: Marathon 2013: Holy Smokes, It's Over!
« on: April 03, 2013, 04:51:28 am »
^You now have to watch the second episode

...and the third.

....and all of them

Marathon Planning / Re: Donation Incentives
« on: March 20, 2013, 05:47:31 am »
Rush Adventure - Boss Difficulty: Normal. Final Boss Character Choice: Sonic/Blaze

Board Games / Re: Ask the Next Person a Question
« on: February 20, 2013, 05:36:21 am »

If you could choose one year from the past 100 that you wish you could have removed from history, which would you pick and why?

Rules Revisions / Re: Concerns on the Sonic 4 Episode 2 iOS submissions
« on: February 20, 2013, 04:50:46 am »
The "iOS section" is the same chart. iOS gets a mild advantage over the console/PC versions as they require less hits. However, i'm more concerned that you beat my time by a whole 6 seconds, while i'm using iOS as well. Are you sure you haven't used Super Sonic in that time?

Marathon Planning / Re: Schedule (Third Draft)
« on: February 19, 2013, 01:41:17 am »
^I could post my fursona, but there's an elephant in the way.

Marathon Planning / Re: Games List and Volunteers
« on: February 01, 2013, 02:42:38 pm »
Bridge 2 Race. Go.

Marathon Planning / Re: Games List and Volunteers
« on: February 01, 2013, 01:54:30 pm »
I'll take up some more games I GUESS

Drift 1 and maybe Rivals 2 if i can get my PSP streaming back online.
I'd do the Winter DS olympic story mode if i had a DS capture device because playing it on emulator properly is just piss hard >_>

Wikkity! / Re: Post your gangsta face!
« on: January 28, 2013, 08:54:22 pm »

General Sonic / Re: Favorite Sonic Level / Zone
« on: January 20, 2013, 04:59:12 am »
Deep Core. Closely followed by Eggmanland.

Marathon Planning / Re: Charity Choice
« on: January 20, 2013, 04:56:41 am »
Cancer and Mental Health & Disabilities as my pick.

General Sonic / Re: Sonic Fan Film
« on: January 15, 2013, 07:05:40 am »
I kinda like how they did Eggman. He was nothing like in the games but he came across almost like a comic book villain straight out of Batman or something, and he seemed like a more menacing/scarier character (in other words, a better villain) for it. Also kinda like Jaleel White's Sonic.

Well since it seemed that their canon was mostly based off comic books (Read: Kintobor), I think it somewhat makes sense.

But really, the moment Sonic turned up, i felt somewhat jarred. Frankly it's like watching the '06 opening cutscene, and expecting Final Fantasy or some shit, then "'s Sonic." And there are numerous issues i have with seemingly everything but the individual acting of everyone -but- Sonic. The 3D models had too much reflection and shiny attached to them that they just felt out of place, rather than blending in with the environment. Kinda cool to see the quills/spines actually as what they are, felt so freaking wrong at the same time. Sonic's mouth animation, voice acting which seemed like it was 'first take' and just how they tried to blend all animation into the real world; It all felt off.

robotnik is played by a human

You were expecting something else?

so eggman isn't even eggman? Dafuck.

Blame 1990's localisation and some Americans still thinking that it's his name that was given to him by the developers. He's always been Eggman in Japan, never once referred to as Robotnik, and as such, he still is Eggman.

Competition Central / Re: Reviving the idea of M&S charts
« on: January 13, 2013, 11:20:34 pm »
DS Charts seem feasible. Here are the events and what it saves (if it saves at all):
(dream events in green)

EDIT: Okay. I've properly ordered these events and the division would be "Anyone"

Alpine Skiing GS
Nordic Combined
Cross Country
Speed Skating 500m
Short Track 500m
Snowboard Cross
Ski Cross Racing
Supersonic Downhill
Intense Short Track
Extreme Snowboarding
Blazing Bobsleigh

All times in XX' XX" XXX format


Ski Jumping
Figure Skating (The Nutcracker)
Figure Skating (Carmen)
Figure Skating (Die Fledermaus)
Rocket Ski Jumping
The preceeding have milliscore values (i.e. XXXX.XXX pts)

Ski Shooting
Deluxe Halfpipe
Ultimate Figure Skating (Mario Medley)
Ultimate Figure Skating (Sonic Medley)
Ultimate Figure Skating (Mario & Sonic Medley)
Curling Bowling

The preeding have Positve (and 0) Integer Values (i.e. XXXX pts)

Single Player mode may only be used.
Party Games may not be use to obtain stats.

I beleive these charts would also have to have no totals as times/scores are far from being nearby/proportional. Also it would be foolish to have divisions for every single character. It'll be long and uncared-for charts like SBK if it were, so Anyone would be wise.

Seems like the Summer DS charts i put up were mysteriously removed from history. I'll see if i can't find them before charting anew. Also:

Alright time to get off my lazy ass and hold up my end of the bargain. DS version chart possibilities incoming... dunno about totals.

- Track
100m: Time (XX.XXX sec)
400m: Time (X:XX.XXX sec)
400m Hurdles: Time (X:XX.XXX sec)
- Field
Long Jump: Score (X.XXX m)
Triple Jump: Score (XX.XXX m)
Javelin Throw: Score (XXX.XXX m)
Hammer Throw: Score (XX.XXX m, max 99.999)

100m Freestyle: Time (XX:XX.XXX sec)
10m Platform: Score^ (XX.XX pts, max 30)

Trampoline: Score* (XX.XX pts, maxes at 10)
Vault: Score* (XX.XXX pts, max 10)

Archery: Score* (XXX pts, max 120); Time? (XXX.XXX sec)

Skeet: Score* (XX pts, max 40); Time? (XXX.XXX sec)

Pursuit: Time** (X:XX.XXX sec)

Dream Events
Race: Time** (X:XX.XXX sec)
Basketball: Score?** (XXX pts, max 999)
Shooting: Score?**^ (XXX pts)
Long Jump: Score** (XXXX.XX m)

* = There's no way these can be competed in as there is a simple cap. Granted, archery's isn't quite as easy as the others, but still.
** = These events are versus between you and (an) opponent(s) in differing levels of weirdness. I'm lazy, so Cruizer can explain these in more detail if he wants.
? = Theoretically these could work but it's pretty unlikely.
^ = There's gotta be a cap on this since it isn't even on the WFC rankings, but I dunno what it is.

Any questions GS, ask away.

General Sonic / Re: Does any here stream high level sonic play?
« on: January 13, 2013, 11:01:38 am »
I'm starting to work towards a full game run of both Rush Adventure and Colours DS, and i'm streaming them at when i feel up to it. It's currently emulator before i get my 3DS capture mod, but the quality is roughly the same.

Competition Central / Re: Reviving the idea of M&S charts
« on: January 12, 2013, 05:56:08 am »
Here's the screenshot of the titlescreen  that could be viewed for the Rankings page:

Also could we please have some admin input? Something regarding milliscore possibilities or even regarding the totals issue.

One done from ages ago. Getting Summer DS one next

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