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ITT We talk War Hammer 40k
« on: January 22, 2008, 03:45:11 pm »
For those who don't know, War Hammer 40k is a table top strategy game set in the distant (and horribly violent) future. You assemble/ paint models, prepare army lists and try to kick some ass. There are various races such as Space Marine, Chaos, Orks, Imperial Guard, Tau, Tyranids, so on. I collect an Imperial Guard army. IG is basically a typical modern human army. Pros: Large numbers, can point in the most points worth of heavy and special weapons in the game, best tanks in the game, best defense skills in the game. Cons: Fragile, low leadership, las gun is horrible, their armor will block practically no long range weapons. With the new epic game rules, I plan on building the ultimate "tread head" army, with 2 Bane Blades (very first epic game only model to get the plastic treatment and is the biggest all plastic model ever made by Games Workshop) as the center pieces.
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