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« Reply #30 on: December 21, 2008, 08:53:39 pm »
ITT Paraxade epic fails. Game sucked, but check out that last day:

Paraxade: disg
ruggedDILF: i'm stalker
ruggedDILF: i stalk
ruggedDILF: Ga;;os
Paraxade: ok
Paraxade: molefan, you here?
Paraxade: >_>
molefan1981 turned into a vegetable!


After investigations, you suspect that Brainy is sided with the village.
You learned that BigGayGallis is a cop!
Brainy, the villager, has died a bloody death.
BigGayGallis has suicided!
Spinballwizard: sigh
dominator: sighhhhhhh
Quartz: Oh come on...
Paraxade: now cue suicides >_>
Quartz: ...wait, the COP?
dominator has suicided! Bomb.
Paraxade: cop and lawyer suicided
Spinballwizard: quartz there was a kick
Quartz: I know there was.
Paraxade: and now the bomb...
Spinballwizard: lawyer got kix'd
fedora: lame
Quartz: I know.
Quartz: And then people became idiots.
Paraxade: anyone else going to suicide?
Paraxade: or can we try to finish this game?
Quartz: I like the second option.
fedora: ok
Quartz: Now we're down to lylo.
fedora: let us proceed!
fedora: Who done it?
Quartz: And someone may be disguised.
Spinballwizard: Not I, said the dire troll mauler!
Paraxade: not me either
fedora: ok, spin isn't disguised.
Spinballwizard: lol
ruggedDILF has suicided! Stalker
Paraxade: well, now it's mylo
Quartz: Stop being ridiculous!
Paraxade: and not lylo
Paraxade: nl?
Spinballwizard: nl
Quartz: Might as well.

RESULT: No lynch.

N2 I die, D2 town nl's

Paraxade kills and disguises as Quartz
Quartz saves Paraxade


Paraxade has stolen your identity!
You are now disguised as Quartz!
Paraxade, the doctor, has died a bloody death.
fedora: oh right. there was a doc
Spinballwizard: Quartz, what does zeph always tell you to do?
Quartz: Okay, NOW he's disguised.
Quartz: SBW, that is a HORRIBLE question!

Quartz: Eat my vegetables.
Spinballwizard: ...
Spinballwizard: you aren't quartz are you
Quartz: I am too Quartz.
Spinballwizard: Then what does zeph always tell you to do in chat?
fedora: ...
Spinballwizard: Exact quote
Quartz: Zeph doesn't tell me to do things in chat.
Spinballwizard: fedora it's ok I can test him
Spinballwizard: PAY ATTENTION, QUARTZ! >_>
Quartz: ok fine I'm not quartz
fedora: Disguised?
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<Tails> also "GET BLUE SPHERES" on a black-and-white TV remains the best special stage of all time

<Achlys> wat ave you done!
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« Reply #31 on: December 21, 2008, 10:33:49 pm »
ummm... pretending to be spy to trick killer is kinda the agent's job...

that, and working with spy to out cult
Year 33 — The Malkavians claim that their greatest practical joke happened during this year, when they perform a bit of graverobbing  in Jerusalem.
-- Vampire: The Masquerade

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« Reply #32 on: December 22, 2008, 03:48:12 am »
SBW, that game was only two days and nights.  You should change that and get rid of "N2 I die, D2 town nl's"

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« Reply #33 on: December 27, 2008, 03:03:58 pm »
Every now and then, you play a game that rocks your faith in humanity.

Setup: blue/doc/tracker/two bp's/shrink/hunter/two yaks

Night One

Mafiakiller3: hey
danimullens: hola
danimullens: still new
danimullens: so sorry LMAO
Mafiakiller3: haha np just follow me
Mafiakiller3: lets take out tek
danimullens: *dances*

Shrink (shellinatorr)-Mafiakiller
Doctor (Teksura)-No one
Tracker (MrZep)-Tayvi3
Mafia (Mafiakiller3, danimullens)-Teksura
Yakuza (Mafiakiller3)-No one
Yakuza (danimullens)-RiiSSa

Day One
You followed Tayvi3 throughout the night. Tayvi3 visited no one.
Teksura, the doctor, has died a bloody death.
danimullens, the yakuza, has died a bloody death.

Tayvi3: grr
Mafiakiller3: nice
shellinatorr: oh
genus: nl, unless the tracker can id a yak
Mafiakiller3: thats good
Mafiakiller3: 1 mafia down
Teksura: who did you yak and who is the other yak?
genus: (no, it's not-the doc may have docsaved the other)
Mafiakiller3: tracker?
danimullens: Rii
Mafiakiller3: any tracker claim?
genus: no
genus: the tracker should only claim with a guilty
genus: because the doc is dead
MrZep: too few things discovered... NL..
danimullens: idk im so bloody confused still trying to pick up the roles
Teksura: new?
Teksura: i see. You'll get the hang of it  
danimullens: yeahhh.. i play fb mafia lots.. but all the good players moved to epic
danimullens: like haymon
danimullens: and pia
danimullens: and alex hutchinson lmao
Teksura: i generally prefer playing on forums
danimullens: ahh :)

Result-All vote to no lynch.

Night two
Teksura: interesting
Mafiakiller3: hey
RiiSSa: hi
Mafiakiller3: lets take out haymon
RiiSSa: k
Teksura: interesting. no yaking
danimullens: i like this game more though.. uses more brains

Mafia (RiiSSa, Mafiakiller3)-Haymon
Shrink (shellinatorr)-shellinatorr
Tracker (MrZep)-Mafiakiller3
Yakuza (Mafikiller3)-No one

Day two (brace yourself for this painful sequence of events)
You followed Mafiakiller3 throughout the night. Mafiakiller3 visited Haymon.
A bullet hits your vest! You cannot survive another hit!

Mafiakiller3: no death?
genus: hits?
Tayvi3: ...
Mafiakiller3: tracker?
genus: nl
Haymon: A bullet hits your vest! You cannot survive another hit!
Mafiakiller3: k
Haymon: sorry, I was lagging
genus: (haymon is probably faking)
genus: anyways, nl
Mafiakiller3: BG should protect haymon
Haymon: Knew that was coming
RiiSSa: cud b
genus: 1) the doc is dead
MrZep: why that?
Mafiakiller3: why do you think hes faking?
genus: 2) no.
danimullens: this game cracks me laugh :)
danimullens: ok so why do you yak someone??

MrZep: who's haymon, sorry?
Mafiakiller3: he could be a bulletproof
danimullens: what's the piont behind it?
Teksura: Zep has a guilty...

genus: yak needs somewhere to hide, doesn't he?
genus: nl  
Teksura: oh
Teksura: basically

genus: we're not lynching today anyways
genus: we're forcing the mafia to kill and the yak to yak
MrZep: is haymon BP or not?
Mafiakiller3: ok nl
MrZep: He's not, right?
Teksura: as a yak, yes, you die. but that its pretty much a second nightkill
Teksura: sort of

Haymon: people don't yak me anymore genus, I get tracked and such too much
Haymon: I am
MrZep: yes NL anywaw
danimullens: hmm.. weird
genus: he's probably a yak (or yakked) but we're not lynching him anyways in case we have a terrible mafia
Teksura: and it gives the new recruit a fake claim
Teksura: and plausable deniability
danimullens: i seeeeeee
Haymon: Genus is most likely the last yak, trying to setup tomorrow's vote
genus: and we're not claiming until the yak yaks
Mafiakiller3: tracker should follow him
Mafiakiller3: tonight
Haymon: go ahead
Teksura: so, with 4 people, and the scum is a yak, they can win by killing and recruiting
Mafiakiller3: just to be sure
genus: he'll probably no-yak/nk
Mafiakiller3: no offense  
Mafiakiller3: thats good
Haymon: genus is the last yak
genus: assuming we even have a tracker
Mafiakiller3: then a townie doesnt die
Teksura: because by morning, 2 deaths and there is 1 scum

Result-All vote no one.

Night three
Mafiakiller3: good day for us
RiiSSa: again?
Mafiakiller3: no
Mafiakiller3: now everyone thinks hes mafia
Mafiakiller3: leave it that way
RiiSSa: k
Teksura: can't believe zep didn;'t report the guilty
Mafiakiller3: hang on
Mafiakiller3: gotta re read
danimullens: lolz
Mafiakiller3: we will hit genus
Mafiakiller3: since he was against haymon saying he was mafia
RiiSSa: kill mr zep
Mafiakiller3: it will make it look like haymon hit him
Mafiakiller3: trust me
RiiSSa: k

Mafia (RiiSSa, Mafiakiller3)-genus
Shrink (shellinator)-Haymon
Tracker (MrZepp)-shellinatorr
Yakuza (Mafiakiller3)-No one

Day 3 (this is where the game becomes a *major* failure, everything up until this point is tame)
You followed shellinatorr throughout the night. shellinatorr visited Haymon.
A bullet hits your vest! You cannot survive another hit!

genus: A bullet hits your vest! You cannot survive another hit!
Tayvi3: A bullet hits your vest! You cannot survive another hit!
Haymon: weak
genus: ...lol
Haymon: one is lying
Haymon: and I guarantee you it's genus
Mafiakiller3: how could two be hit?
genus: that'd be tayvi
Mafiakiller3: lets hear them out
genus: now that we have a cc, tracker/shrink should claim
genus: actually
genus: just the tracker
MrZep: Wait
genus: tayvi may be a yak
Haymon: he didn't kill, because he knew I knew he was thelast yak
Mafiakiller3: tracker?'
shellinatorr: theres 2 BP
Haymon: Im the other BP
Haymon: one of those two is lying
Tayvi3: I'm Bp 2
Mafiakiller3: if genus was hit then hes not mafia
Haymon: and I highly doubt it's tayvi
genus: so Haymon's saying that I'm nk'ing because I'm a yak
Mafiakiller3: which would mean haymon is
genus: but that implies that he's mafia
Mafiakiller3: and since haymon was against him he couldve tried to hit him
genus: because if we believe haymon, there was a hit yesterday
Haymon: why would I kill genus?
genus: because I'm fos'ing you?
Mafiakiller3: because he called you out
Haymon: Nahh, that would implicate me
genus: tracker needs to claim now, tayvi is probably just a yak
Mafiakiller3: true true
Haymon: Im actually very good at this you see
genus: Haymon: no
genus: you could claim that you were framed
Mafiakiller3: haymon u from glb?
Haymon: what is glb?
Tayvi3: glb?
genus: you can do anything in mafia without there being inherent suspicion
Mafiakiller3: nvm
RiiSSa: i dont believe genus
Haymon: we have a ML
genus: why am -I- getting voted over the ultimate lurker?
Mafiakiller3: well, i guess genus it is
genus: and why has the tracker not claimed?
genus: and, most importantly, why is Mafiakiller voting me when he just explained why Haymon is obviously guilty for hitting me?
Haymon: trust me, genus is yak, or was yakked night 1
Mafiakiller3: hope you guys are right cause we cant afford to keep losing townies
genus: seriously, you're all such saps for not thinking this through
shellinatorr: why genius i dont get it
genus: more points does not imply that I am guilty
MrZep: wait, don't vote
genus: also
MrZep: and explain yourself properly
Haymon: Well, I doubt very highly that Tayvi would fake a hit  
Mafiakiller3: im voting NL
genus: we do -not- have a mislynch
Haymon: newbs dont fake reports
Mafiakiller3: i have no proof genus: with a yak around
genus: Haymon, they do if prompted to by better players (though I don't think mafia would know to fake a hit report here)  Tayvi3: Asshole ,,!,,
genus: think the math through
Haymon: =D
genus: if we mislynch today, I die
 genus: mafia can kill
genus: two deaths
genus: yak can yak, three deaths
genus: 7-3=4
Haymon: good thing you're mafia then
genus: of which, two are mafia
Tayvi3: Ohh burn
genus: I'm not mafia
genus: someone unvote, we should nl tayvi unvotes
genus: look, my cc just unvoted to let me speak because he's not keeping track of *town* events tayvi votes for me again
genus: ...aaaaand just revoted when I pointed out how suspicious it was for him to unvote.
Haymon: if I'm wrong, I apologize, but Im not wrong
genus: you're wrong
genus: you're really misguided
genus: look at the numbers, it's mylo
genus: someone unvote
genus: what has Tayvi said?
genus: why am I guilty?
RiiSSa: its still kik tyme
genus: because I have more points?
Mafiakiller3: wait
RiiSSa: come on
genus: honestly
RiiSSa: hammer
genus: it's -mylo-
Mafiakiller3: dont kick
genus: the tracker hasn't even claimed
RiiSSa: i dont believe u and neither do the majority of us
genus: and we're lynching me because Haymon says so
genus: yeah, because you're listening to Haymon. for no reason.
Haymon: It's my avatar, mao can be quite persuasive
RiiSSa: u jus been too defensive
genus: honestly
genus: -mylo-
Haymon: especially in a santa hat
genus: mylo means that if you mislynch?
genus: you lose.
MrZep: wait wait
RiiSSa: and against haymon and tay
genus: we're best off nl'ing
RiiSSa: its like u trying to lynch both
genus: just don't lynch the hit for having more points
Tayvi3: Yes I'm JigglyPuff and I'll sing to you and kill while sleep.
Haymon: No, NLing gets me killed, and genus will just yak tonight
genus: no
genus: 1) I am not a yak
genus: 2) it is mylo.  
genus: 3) we have a shrink anyways
genus: 4) if it's that obvious that I'm a yak, track me tonight
genus: and 5) the tracker still has not reported
genus: how many times do I have to say
shellinatorr: omg were still going on about this..
genus: that it's mylo
Mafiakiller3: ok i see haymons point voting genus
RiiSSa: one more vote and ur kiked
genus: screw it, I can't deal with being town sided
genus: apparently insight and the capacity for reasoning makes me guilty
genus: though hey
genus: since the townies lack these abilities
genus: I guess there is some strange logic in labeling them mafia qualities
genus: good game (though one of the worst I've played in a while)

Result-all vote to lynch me, excepting shell and myself who nl

Night 4 (another blunder's in the wind)

RiiSSa: lol
Mafiakiller3: haha
genus: idiots
genus: ...
genus: tayvi isn't even mafia?
genus: are you serious?

Mafiakiller3: good job
Mafiakiller3: now lets hit haymon
Mafiakiller3: hes only got 1 hit left
Mafiakiller3: and hes dead
Teksura: Tayvi3 isn't even bp
RiiSSa: wheres tracker?
Mafiakiller3: hasnt claimed yet
RiiSSa: cuz now he's the most suspicious
Mafiakiller3: they wont be on us tho
Mafiakiller3: theyll be on haymon
RiiSSa: haymon is the most suspicious tho
RiiSSa: they may lynch him
Mafiakiller3: we need to hit him before tracker finds out that hes innocent
RiiSSa: ok
Teksura: and Zep had a guilty nights ago
Teksura: and killer could win now by yaking

Mafia (RiiSSa, Mafiakiller3)-Haymon
Shrink (shellinatorr)-shellinatorr
Tracker (MrZepp)-RiiSSa
Yakuza (Mafiakiller3)-No one (highlighted for brilliance)

Day 4
You followed RiiSSa throughout the night. RiiSSa visited Haymon.
Haymon, the bulletproof, has died a bloody death.

Mafiakiller3: wow
genus: this game sucks
MrZep: ok tracker claim
MrZep: Its me
genus: tayvi isn't even mafia
Tayvi3: lol
Mafiakiller3: the two most suspicious guys down
genus: the tracker had a guilty
MrZep: You followed RiiSSa throughout the night. RiiSSa visited Haymon.
genus: the yaks didn't yak
Haymon: tayvi is an idiot

MrZep: let's be quick on RiSSa
Mafiakiller3: any cc?
Haymon: you can see my logic I hope, genus
genus: no, I can't

Mafiakiller3: ok rissa it is
Haymon: newbs don't fake that often
genus: except that that's bad reasoning

MrZep: I did not talk earlier cause there were few evidence in anything
RiiSSa: i just want to tell my partner
RiiSSa: .......
RiiSSa: i told u so
genus: he could have been someone's alt
genus: a better player could have coached him
genus: and more importantly, you were ignoring subtler signs
Teksura: now would be a good time for zep to show his night 2 results where he found the other scum

Result: all vote to lynch RiiSSa

Night 5 (guess what the yak does here?)

Teksura: sigh
Teksura: morons
Teksura: MORONS
Haymon: tayvi is an idiot
genus: ...no yak?

Shrink (shellinatorr)-MrZep
Tracker (MrZep)-Tayvi3
Mafia (Mafiakiller3)-MrZep
Yakuza (Mafiakiller3)-No one (go mafia)

Day 5 (when there shouldn't been been a day 4)
You followed Tayvi3 throughout the night. Tayvi3 visited no one.
MrZep, the tracker, has died a bloody death.
Teksura: zep

Mafiakiller3: saw that coming
MrZep: oh shoot
genus: so is killer
genus: so is zep
genus: this is the worst game that I've played in a while

Mafiakiller3: well 2 town and 1 mafia left
Teksura: why the hell didn't you report your night 2 guilty as well?
genus: tayvi'd better be the hunter
RiiSSa: my partner is an idiot

Tayvi3: No shit but why didnt the Yak Yak>
Mafiakiller3: tayvi you obviously lied about being a BP
Mafiakiller3: because haymon and genus were
Tayvi3: Oo really?
shellinatorr: whats left!?
Mafiakiller3: which makes me suspicious of you
Mafiakiller3: shel
Mafiakiller3: i believe tayvi is yak
MrZep: I was about to tell it... My mistake was to vote earlier...
shellinatorr: what are you
Mafiakiller3: because he falsely claimed BP
Tayvi3: I dont think Shell wouldnt yak. Tayvi votes for himself
shellinatorr: shell didnt yak i did some good stuff this game
Mafiakiller3: why are you voting me tayvi?
genus: so I've said this before
genus: but I'll say it again
genus: this is the worst game ever

shellinatorr: mafia what are you?
Tayvi3: Because you're playing the noob card.
shellinatorr: hunter?
Mafiakiller3: shell im telling you that tavyi is the yak
Mafiakiller3: no
shellinatorr: well then what are u
Tayvi3: Oo then you're just a noob?
Mafiakiller3: ive played this game before just not on this site
Mafiakiller3: shel
Mafiakiller3: look at day 3
shellinatorr: i wanna win
shellinatorr: ok brb
Mafiakiller3: tayvi claimed BP
Tayvi3: Then vote Mafia
shellinatorr: ughh
shellinatorr: ok
Mafiakiller3: see
shellinatorr: sorry if i lose this lmao

Result-All vote to lynch Tayvi3, except for Tayvi himself who voteshifts to shellinator for some reason. He's a blue, and we lose.

...or at least, that's what I expected with the way this game had been going. He actually shot Mafiakiller3.

That game made me facepalm ten times.
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« Reply #34 on: December 29, 2008, 01:01:01 am »
genus that is epic fail lol

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« Reply #35 on: December 29, 2008, 02:57:56 pm »
Yeah, what flyby said with more emphasis on the fail.
The moon is so red. Looks like it's going to be a fun night.

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« Reply #36 on: December 29, 2008, 05:48:28 pm »
Yeah, what flyby said with more emphasis on the fail.


like that?
Year 33 — The Malkavians claim that their greatest practical joke happened during this year, when they perform a bit of graverobbing  in Jerusalem.
-- Vampire: The Masquerade

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« Reply #37 on: January 11, 2009, 11:19:20 pm »
This thread is full of epic fail. In my opinion, it could use some epic win.

Night One
Xerinth: huh.
Kalium: Hi o/
Xerinth: gonna yak, or no?
Kalium: I'm going to yakk genus
Xerinth: kk.
Kalium: Yakk brandon
Xerinth: who will we kill?
Xerinth: i'm not yak.
Kalium: Kill Alice
Xerinth: kk
Xerinth: and frame?
Xerinth: we'll frame brandon.
Kalium: ok

Mafia (Xerinth, Kalium)-Alice
Framer (Xerinth)-Brandon
Yakuza (Kalium-genus
Doctor (Alice)-GrubberLang
Cop (GrubberLang)-Alice
Watcher (iamnotwuggles)-PublicKillar
Shrink (tramez14)-PublicKillar

Day One
You watched PublicKillar throughout the night. tramez14 has visited PublicKillar.
After investigations, you suspect that Alice is sided with the village.
Alice, the doctor, has died a bloody death.
Kalium, the yakuza, has died a bloody death.

genus: lame
Brandon: kalium =~~~~~~~~
Alice: omgwtf
GrubberLang: shit
genus: cop whisper your innocent
GrubberLang: no claims
Xerinth: mhm
Xerinth: hopefully shrink shrunk self
genus: actually
iamnotwuggles: publickiller, anythin happen to you?
genus: the cop could whisper their innocent
GrubberLang: public was probably yakked
genus: then claim in the open for watching, with the inno as a liason
genus: but...
genus: not so great an idea, actually
genus: because the watcher may have been yakked
GrubberLang: inno could be dead
iamnotwuggles: public killer.. please claim
genus: that's possible too
tramez14: PB?
iamnotwuggles: You watched PublicKillar throughout the night. tramez14 has visited PublicKillar.
tramez14: where you at?
iamnotwuggles: You watched PublicKillar throughout the night. tramez14 has visited PublicKillar.
iamnotwuggles: You watched PublicKillar throughout the night. tramez14 has visited PublicKillar.
iamnotwuggles: You watched PublicKillar throughout the night. tramez14 has visited PublicKillar.
genus: we see it
Brandon: fuck spam
iamnotwuggles: i kno
tramez14: lol
Xerinth: lol
genus: but that's a dumb thing to post
iamnotwuggles: haha
PublicKillar: ok im back
Xerinth: retarded
genus: you just outed a pr
PublicKillar: oh
tramez14: right
Xerinth: yea
GrubberLang: wug, wtf?
Xerinth: tramez would have died if he was yak
iamnotwuggles: publickilla... anything happen to u?
PublicKillar: what is tramez claiming
PublicKillar: could be framer
iamnotwuggles: ask him
genus: could be framer
genus: or shrink
genus: or cop
Xerinth: oh, true, i guess
iamnotwuggles: he could only be framer
genus: let's not out all claim
PublicKillar: No
iamnotwuggles: else he woulda claim
genus: no
PublicKillar: he could be watcher
Kalium: Alice, who did you saved?
genus: just drop it
iamnotwuggles: he woulda claim
PublicKillar: i mean cop
iamnotwuggles: if he was anythin but fremer
genus: or shrink
tramez14: I did visit PB
PublicKillar: ok.
tramez14: I'm shrink
iamnotwuggles: and wat are u then?
PublicKillar: aaa
PublicKillar: noo
iamnotwuggles: any ccs?
genus: dude
PublicKillar: just nl. 
genus: wuggles
genus: :/
GrubberLang: nl guys if we have no info
GrubberLang: cop?
PublicKillar: No.
genus: you just sacrificed yourself to out the shrink
PublicKillar: well.
PublicKillar: should cop just claim now.
GrubberLang: bizaare choice
PublicKillar: watcher on cop
PublicKillar: doc on watcher
genus: no sense in that
iamnotwuggles: think cop should claim
genus: there's no doctor
genus: no
GrubberLang: doc is dead dude
PublicKillar: idk watcher is outed for no reason.
PublicKillar: oh
genus: -no-
genus: the cop should not claim
PublicKillar: sorry
PublicKillar: i was afk 2 long
iamnotwuggles: yea u waz
PublicKillar: didnt notice doc death
PublicKillar: hammering

Result-All vote to nl

Night Two
Xerinth: sup.
genus: I was a blue
genus: but whatever
Xerinth: damn.
genus: we know pr's
Xerinth: well, you can keep claiming it.
genus: kill wuggles
genus: frame...hm
Xerinth: kk
genus: public
Xerinth: heh, why not

Mafia (genus, Xerinth)-iamnotwuggles
Framer (Xerinth)-PublicKillar
Cop (GrubberLang)-Xerinth
Watcher (iamnotwuggles)
Shrink (tramez14)-GrubberLang

Day two
You watched PublicKillar throughout the night. Xerinth has visited PublicKillar.
After investigations, you suspect that Xerinth is sided with the mafia.
iamnotwuggles, the watcher, has died a bloody death.

PublicKillar: ok.
PublicKillar: im clear.
tramez14: damn!
Alice: 'Sup.
Brandon: :(
genus: how are you clear?
PublicKillar: shrink..
GrubberLang whispers to  tramez14: cop here
iamnotwuggles: nothin really
PublicKillar: shrunk me.
genus: you could still be the framer
Xerinth: shrink means nothing n2.
GrubberLang whispers to  tramez14: After investigations, you suspect that Xerinth is sided with the mafia.
Xerinth: and that.
PublicKillar: n1
iamnotwuggles: who kill me btw?
PublicKillar: he claimed shrink yesterday
genus: you can't be yakked
PublicKillar: hes either
PublicKillar: framer
PublicKillar: or shrink.
genus: but you can still be the framer
PublicKillar: me?
genus: yeah
PublicKillar: true.
Xerinth: does cop have a report we can use?
PublicKillar: but eh
genus: nobody is cleared
PublicKillar: im not yakked.
genus: well
PublicKillar: im "most" clear.
genus: the cop really should whisper their innocent
Xerinth: true.
PublicKillar: cop should whiper d2 inno
PublicKillar: and tell him both reports
GrubberLang: ok
GrubberLang: I have this
genus: their day one report is also reliable
PublicKillar: d1 inno is useless.
GrubberLang: tramez and xer are maf
GrubberLang: I am cop
PublicKillar: well no
genus: how is it useless?
GrubberLang: I whispered to tram
PublicKillar: d1 report should go to d2 suspect
PublicKillar: cause d1 suspect
PublicKillar: could be yakked.
PublicKillar: d2 suspect is clear.
genus: investigations go after conversion
PublicKillar: d1 is not.
GrubberLang: he hasn't spoken
genus: really?
Xerinth: got any reports?
GrubberLang: After investigations, you suspect that Xerinth is sided with the mafia.
PublicKillar: ya
genus: oh
PublicKillar: ok other report.
GrubberLang: and I whispered to tram
genus: guess I'm wrong
GrubberLang: he hasn't backed me up
GrubberLang: he's lurking with key ino
GrubberLang: info
PublicKillar: other reprot?
PublicKillar: report.
PublicKillar: oh nvr mind.
GrubberLang: After investigations, you suspect that Alice is sided with the village. Alice, the doctor, has died a bloody death. Kalium, t
PublicKillar: ok.
PublicKillar: sounds faire.
Brandon: ok (:
PublicKillar: now.
GrubberLang: watcher on me
PublicKillar: theres 3 things bothering me
genus: hm
GrubberLang: ?
PublicKillar: either cop is yakked.
PublicKillar: either framer framed.
PublicKillar: and i forgot last XD
PublicKillar: but
GrubberLang: lol
Xerinth: :P
PublicKillar: would framer frame Xeri?
genus: lol
GrubberLang: i don't think framer would
PublicKillar: normally, i think theyd frame me or genus.
Xerinth: yea
PublicKillar: normally.
Xerinth: i've been framed
PublicKillar: lets talk some more.
Xerinth: quite often
PublicKillar: and then nl
genus: I'm inclined to think that either pk, tramez, or myself would be framed
Xerinth: but i don't play framer games often
Xerinth: so idk.
GrubberLang: what about tram?
GrubberLang: where's he gone?
PublicKillar: idk, i dont think tram would be yakked.
genus: but tram would be the logical target
PublicKillar: yes.
PublicKillar: if hes actually shrink, im clear.
genus: maybe he wouldn't get yakked
PublicKillar: so im thinking genus, but eh
genus: public, unless you're the framer
PublicKillar: maybe yak tried to yak me.
PublicKillar: i kno
genus: you can't be yakked
PublicKillar: im saying from my PoV
genus: you're only cleared if we lynch the framer
GrubberLang: can we lynch xer
GrubberLang: ?
GrubberLang: I have a guilty
PublicKillar: from my PoV genus.
PublicKillar: thats what im thinknig.
genus: oh, ok
GrubberLang: and if framer is on him that is very lucky
PublicKillar: hrm.
iamnotwuggles: wow game taking rel long
PublicKillar: ok lets talk for 2 mins
PublicKillar: and nl.
GrubberLang: why nl?
PublicKillar: mylo.
GrubberLang: i guess it's mylo
GrubberLang: sorry
GrubberLang: but watcher on me tonight
PublicKillar: in my mind
PublicKillar: i think theres one mafia.
GrubberLang: wuggles?
GrubberLang: you got that?
PublicKillar: Tramez you there??
Xerinth: you think yak got shrinked?
GrubberLang: oops, wug is dead
GrubberLang: my bad
PublicKillar: lol grubber
PublicKillar: i was wondering what you were doing.
PublicKillar: Tramez is afk
PublicKillar: we need him to talk.
genus: back
GrubberLang: tramez!!!!!!!
PublicKillar: well, anyone cc shrink?
PublicKillar: cause if theres no cc.
PublicKillar: hes real shrink
PublicKillar: yakked or not
PublicKillar: meaning im clear.
PublicKillar: there it is.
PublicKillar: in my PoV
PublicKillar: again.
PublicKillar: and btw genus
PublicKillar: the chances i was framer.
PublicKillar: are pretty slim.
genus: mafia isn't a game of probabilities
PublicKillar: 1/9
PublicKillar: :/
PublicKillar: its not, im just telling you
PublicKillar: you should be inclined to believing me.
genus: it's about logic, the odds of anyone winding up with -any- role are slim
genus: so tramez isn't here
PublicKillar: true true.
tramez14: I'm here
PublicKillar: but you still need to use numbers
PublicKillar: wtf why didnt you talk all day???
tramez14: I'm on this and facebook
tramez14: sorry
PublicKillar: wow..
genus: numbers form the framework of the reasoning
PublicKillar: yes.
tramez14: lol
PublicKillar: dont kick.
PublicKillar: plz
genus: they do not divine process
genus: anyways
Xerinth: quick question
PublicKillar: in my mind
PublicKillar: genus and Brandon are mafia
Xerinth: does the (3) in inactive players
PublicKillar: but i may be wrong
Xerinth: mean there's 3 inactives?
genus: no
PublicKillar: no
Xerinth: or that we need 3 kick votes?
GrubberLang: what about my cop report?
PublicKillar: 3 need to kick
Brandon: no
genus: that means that 3 people need to vote to kick for the kick to go through
Xerinth: ah, kk
Brandon: hahahaha
Brandon: i'm not maf
PublicKillar: grubber nl
PublicKillar: brandon is mafia for sure.
genus: honestly, I doubt that xerinth would be framed
PublicKillar: nice arguement.
Brandon: ok lynch me if i'm maf
GrubberLang: I die tonight so mass claim to me
PublicKillar: first 2 lines you spoke today
genus: but if we want to nl
GrubberLang: and I whisper to tram?
genus: I'm fine with that, too
PublicKillar: nl.
genus: since we'll have more time to talk tomorrow
PublicKillar: grubbers at least
PublicKillar: we will know
genus: without the spectre of kicking
PublicKillar: your real.
PublicKillar: cause if you didnt die, we would know your yakked.
PublicKillar: so nl is usefull
GrubberLang: claims please
GrubberLang: ?
GrubberLang: hurry up peeps
Brandon whispers to  GrubberLang: hunter
Alice: So.
PublicKillar: hunter
Alice: How is everyone.
PublicKillar: is only one
PublicKillar: that didnt claim
genus: yep
PublicKillar: other prs are dead.
GrubberLang: kk
iamnotwuggles: i good i guess
GrubberLang: got it
PublicKillar: not very helpful..
iamnotwuggles: just waiting for them to done game
GrubberLang: remember xer has a guilty
PublicKillar: Genus/Brandon or both my PoV

Result-All vote to nl.

Night 3
genus: ok
Xerinth: heh
genus: want to be epic and leave the cop alive?
Xerinth: sorry if i'm not talking much
Xerinth: calc hw
genus: or conventional
genus: and pop him?
Xerinth: hehe
Xerinth: dunno
Xerinth: do you wanna feel epic?
genus: well
genus: I do...
Xerinth: then go for it.
genus: allright
genus: frame public
genus: again
genus: this will be fun
Xerinth: why not brandon?
genus: well, Public's going to be the swing vote here
genus: and he seemed most in tune to the possibility of a yakked cop
genus: so it's better if our cop thinks he's mafia
genus: but whatever
genus: frame brandon
genus: kill tramez
genus: this should be fun
Xerinth: kk
Xerinth: vote

Mafia (genus, Xerinth)-tramez14
Framer (Xerinth)-Brandon
Cop (GrubberLang)-genus
Shrink (tramez14)-Xerinth

Day 3
After investigations, you suspect that genus is sided with the mafia.
tramez14, the shrink, has died a bloody death.

PublicKillar: ok,
PublicKillar: lol
Brandon: :(
PublicKillar: Grubber is mafia. Public and I both vote for Grubber, Brandon follows.
GrubberLang: After investigations, you suspect that genus is sided with the mafia.
GrubberLang: whoa whoa
GrubberLang: that is wifom
PublicKillar: grubber is mafia, i repeat.
genus: late, and not dead
PublicKillar: well actually.
GrubberLang: THAT IS WIFOM
PublicKillar: hrmm
genus: there is such a thing as wifom
PublicKillar: this could be mafia
PublicKillar: playing tricks We both unvote
PublicKillar: hrm
genus: I might have been framed
genus: if she is real
genus: but I doubt mafia would keep the cop alive
PublicKillar: I dont think Cop should be alive
PublicKillar: but what if mafia intended that
GrubberLang: it's mylo
genus: no matter how confusing it would be
PublicKillar: then we are screwed
GrubberLang: cop shouldn't survivi
genus: it's lylo
Xerinth: true
GrubberLang: therefore clever maf
PublicKillar: hrrm.
GrubberLang: lylo sorry
genus: alternatively, grubber was yakked
PublicKillar: ok.
PublicKillar: now
GrubberLang: I have guilties on xer and genus
PublicKillar: i think its Brandon and Grubber
genus: I'm thinking grubber/brandon Note: we said this at the same time, it was not an obvious tell
GrubberLang: tram, I need your help on this
PublicKillar: lol
genus: lol
Brandon: ¬¬
PublicKillar: Genus,
Xerinth: brandon/grubber here too.
Brandon: so, lynch me
PublicKillar: im leaning on Brandon though
genus: well
PublicKillar: idk
genus: I base my suspicion on brandon
GrubberLang: I think genus
Brandon: u.u
PublicKillar: same.
genus: under the assumption that grubber was, indeed, yakked
genus: since he wouldn't fake a guilty on his partner in that situation
GrubberLang: I'm not yakked
PublicKillar: Btw, good ass setup.
GrubberLang: but it's wifom
Xerinth: haha, true.
PublicKillar: Xerinth.
PublicKillar: what do you think.
Xerinth: seems like it'd be town sided, but no.
genus: well
genus: it could be wifom, yes
Xerinth: i think it's Brandon and Grubber
Xerinth: apparently, like most people here
PublicKillar: hrmm
GrubberLang: it is clear wifom
genus: but I just can't overlook the obvious situation
GrubberLang: maf didn't kill me to set me up as yakked
GrubberLang: it's good play on their part
Xerinth: but, there is heavy wifom, and i'm half doing hw
Xerinth: so go with other pplz opinions more, i'd say.
PublicKillar: hrmm
GrubberLang: guys, I give my word I'm not yakked
PublicKillar: urg
PublicKillar: id rather vote brandon. He changes his vote to Brandon
genus: words don't mean anything in mafia...
Alice: Your word means crap in mafia.
GrubberLang: my word is as strong as oak
PublicKillar: Framer can live with cop alive.
PublicKillar: thats why i cant say grubbers is for sure mafia.
genus: *cop can live with framer alive?
PublicKillar: ye mb
GrubberLang: it's genus or xer for sure
PublicKillar: it doesnt matter if cop is dead
GrubberLang: with my guilties
PublicKillar: why for sure
genus: as mafia, it would be a huge risk to predict the cop's target
PublicKillar: theres a Framer
genus: and try to frame them
PublicKillar: true.
GrubberLang: be so lucky to frame correct twice
PublicKillar: eh.
Xerinth: mm.
Xerinth: dunno.
genus: unless you were yakked, grubber
GrubberLang: so it's xer or gen
Xerinth: sometimes gets easy to predict when you play with the same people over and over.
Alice: OR BOTH.
Alice: :X

GrubberLang: I'm quite new tho
Xerinth: and of course, yakked cop would want to get guilties on others.
GrubberLang: hard to predict I think
GrubberLang: well that's the issue, am I yakked?
genus: public, why start with Brandon?
GrubberLang: would kalium yak me?
Xerinth: i dunno.
Xerinth: i dunno Kalium at all.
PublicKillar: idk, genus
Xerinth: or any of the dead people, actually.
PublicKillar: looking for bites. Public unvotes
GrubberLang: why vote brandon?
genus: if we're going to lynch based on the reasoning that Grubber is yakked
GrubberLang: it's gen or xer
PublicKillar: ok.
genus: we should get grubber himself
GrubberLang: or me If i'm yakked
PublicKillar: im voting grubber,
Brandon: its gen or public
PublicKillar: eh, this is tough.
PublicKillar: hrmm
PublicKillar: dont say its me
PublicKillar: i should be last to be suspected
GrubberLang: gen xer or me tonight
genus: I thought it was you
PublicKillar: we are looking for a yakked.
genus: but there are factions here Voting spread at the moment: Brandon votes PK, PK votes Grubber with me, Grubber/Xerinth haven't voted
GrubberLang: it's more likely that pk was yakked than me imho
Brandon: come on, lynch me if i'm maf
PublicKillar: yes it is.
PublicKillar: but if i were yakked
Brandon: so, vote me
PublicKillar: shrink shrunk me
PublicKillar: so..
PublicKillar: one mafia is alive
genus: brandon, if you're trying to get lynched because you're the hunter
genus: it's 5 person lylo
PublicKillar: meaning, if you believe im yakked, we have an ml
genus: so you would lose anyway
PublicKillar: so thats not good reasoning
genus: seriously.
PublicKillar: wait
Alice: This is taking ridiculously long.
PublicKillar: should hunter claim?
GrubberLang: no
PublicKillar: eh..
GrubberLang: I know the hunter anyway
PublicKillar: hrrmm
genus: the hunter will just die
PublicKillar: i know.
genus: if they claim
PublicKillar: i know.
PublicKillar: eh xerinth is gettin scummy.
GrubberLang: wait, that's why I'm not yakked
PublicKillar: dont kick
GrubberLang: hunter whispered to me yet didn't die
PublicKillar: seriously.
Xerinth: hw, sorry.
Xerinth: lots of it.
Xerinth: but just yell at me and i'll respond.
GrubberLang: listen, hunter claimed to me and he's still alive
PublicKillar: true..
GrubberLang: so I'm not yakked
genus: hm
GrubberLang: at least one of you knows this
genus: mafia wasn't aiming for the hunter, though...
PublicKillar: kk
genus: tramez claimed shrink yesterday
PublicKillar: shrink was more important.
PublicKillar: xerinth vote.
GrubberLang: why was shrink iportant?
PublicKillar: i dont trust you.
GrubberLang: important
Xerinth: hm.
PublicKillar: i still say kill brandon.
PublicKillar: but eh.
GrubberLang: no, it has to be me xer or gen
genus: I still disagree with that sentiment
GrubberLang: those are the suspects
Xerinth: i don't think it's Public. Xerinth votes Grubber
GrubberLang: but the hunter knows I'm clean
genus: again
genus: if we want to lynch Brandon because of his connection to grubber
GrubberLang: look at gen and xer on me
genus: it makes more sense to lynch grubber first
PublicKillar: genus..
GrubberLang: but it's mylo
Xerinth: look at everyone but your partner on you.
GrubberLang: no!!!!!!!!!
GrubberLang: it's mylo ffs
PublicKillar: vote
Brandon: hammer There were 3 votes on Grubber with one on Public
GrubberLang: there is no lynch first
genus: *lylo
PublicKillar: weve talked alot.
genus: yeah
GrubberLang: yeah, but if you mislynch we all lose
PublicKillar: genus for mafia!
GrubberLang: you know that genus
genus: it all adds up to you as mafia
GrubberLang: why say that
PublicKillar: hrm
GrubberLang: thank you pk
genus: you survived
GrubberLang: by logic
genus: and you have two guilties
GrubberLang: and your scumtell
PublicKillar: sigh.
GrubberLang: you knew a mislynch would lead to a loss for town
genus: my scumtells are towntells Public voteshifts to me with Brandon still voting for public. 2-1-1, if my partner shifted to Public we could have stealth lynched...I didn't want to risk it, though, in case I was slow to respond because we'd both be outed.
genus: public :/
PublicKillar: :(
GrubberLang: yet you wanted to lynch me "first"
PublicKillar: Brandon is partners with grubber
genus: lag
Brandon: yes
PublicKillar: i dont think so.
PublicKillar: brandon yelled at him to vote.
genus: grubber
PublicKillar: hrm
GrubberLang: look at my reasoning
GrubberLang: genus wanted to lynch now
PublicKillar: so i dont think they are partners
GrubberLang: yet he KNEW it would be a loss
iamnotwuggles: they still at it?
PublicKillar: as grubbers isnt partners with genus.
GrubberLang: for town
PublicKillar: now.
genus: I wanted to lynch you over brandon
iamnotwuggles: i went, bathe, come back, and they still playing
PublicKillar: Cerinth.
PublicKillar: Xerinth
PublicKillar: could be a partner.
genus: because the only reason we would want to lynch you
GrubberLang: brandon
PublicKillar: but 2 who
GrubberLang: get on xer
Brandon: yes?
genus: would be because of the contents of your report
GrubberLang: or gen
GrubberLang: please vote gen
GrubberLang: town needs to be unanimous Brandon changes his vote to me, Xerinth lags behind and follows.
Alice: Oh wow.
genus: um
GrubberLang: hammer genus
PublicKillar: hrm
genus: how did this shift to me?
genus: xerinth just bandwagonned
genus: if you didn't see
Xerinth: wait, what?
PublicKillar: bandwagon..
genus: no explanation
Alice: This shit is LONG. xD
PublicKillar: Xerinth for da mafia.
Xerinth: yea, i'm doing hw, not really reading
genus: brandon/xerinth both pounced on the voteshift
Xerinth: why we voting genus now?
GrubberLang: gen and xer
GrubberLang: have guilties
genus: one of them is partners with grubber
genus: so can we please pull off of me?
PublicKillar: eh,
PublicKillar: this is real tough
Xerinth: dunno.
genus: seriously Xerinth unvotes, votes for Grubber
GrubberLang: shit, we had genus, I was too slow
Xerinth: still think it's brandon and grubber.
PublicKillar: Xerinth or Brandon for partner
GrubberLang: so now another load of wifom
genus: xerinth just unvoted
PublicKillar: Genus or grubber for mafia.
Xerinth: i unvoted right as i voted
genus: when I pointed out how suspicious that was
PublicKillar: i still stay on genus.
Xerinth: sheesh
Xerinth: :P
genus: that's so shady
genus: come on man
genus: think this through
genus: look at the voting patterns
PublicKillar: me?
genus: yes
GrubberLang: look back at genus claiming to lynch me "first" Public puts a vote on Grubber
genus: you, brandon I try to hammer, Public unvotes
Brandon: ? Public votes for Grubber
GrubberLang: there is no first
GrubberLang: in lylo

Result-GrubberLang is lynched by Xerinth, PublicKillar, and me. Grubber/Brandon vote for me instead.

Go mindgames!


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« Reply #38 on: January 11, 2009, 11:57:05 pm »
I do love the taste of WIFOM.

So I just checked the one game where I was granny and everyone died. Unfortunately only the SK shot me n2, elsewhere vigs were lucky bastards.
<Tails> also "GET BLUE SPHERES" on a black-and-white TV remains the best special stage of all time

<Achlys> wat ave you done!
<Spinballwizard> apparently killed your h key

Offline Firstkirbyever

« Reply #39 on: January 13, 2009, 01:51:49 am »
Man this game had so much failure in it

Night 1

RickyTickyToc: jan here
RickyTickyToc: again
Firstkirbyever: YEAH! MAFIA!
leety: yay!
leety: disg here
Firstkirbyever: *headdesk*
Firstkirbyever: better then Disg
Firstkirbyever: i suck as dis :(
Firstkirbyever: *disg
Firstkirbyever: so disg nk
Firstkirbyever: and who should we kill?
RickyTickyToc: Cheese?
Firstkirbyever: sure
leety: shouldn't i wait disguising?
Firstkirbyever: yes...
Firstkirbyever: Disg nk and no disg
RickyTickyToc: u dont disg till later in the game
leety: nk`??
RickyTickyToc: leety vote no one
Firstkirbyever: No kill

Tracker meeting
Votes STOREtun

Mafia meeting
votes no one

vote no one

Votes no one

Disguiser meeting
votes no one

Janitor meeting
Votes no one

Watcher meeting
votes Firstkirbyever

Bodyguard meeting
Votes no one

Day 1

You watched Firstkirbyever throughout the night. No one has visited Firstkirbyever.
You followed STOREtun throughout the night. STOREtun visited BigGayAl.
While cleaning up the mess, you learned that Cheeeese was a villager.
Cheeeese is missing!

STOREtun: ofc..
Prime2049: i are tracker
Prime2049: i have PR
STOREtun: report?
RickyTickyToc: k
Firstkirbyever: no cheeeese!
algebrax: hmm
Betty: Prime2049: make a sentence
Prime2049: watcher n BG on me
Firstkirbyever: we have no cheese!
Betty: Prime2049: make a sentence
Firstkirbyever: :(
RickyTickyToc: who did the pr visit?
Prime2049: yea??/
Betty: Prime2049: make a sentence
Prime2049: it was from gewga
Betty: ohhhh
Prime2049: lolz
STOREtun: NL ?
Prime2049: im goin to track u now
algebrax: yeah who did the PR visit?
STOREtun: bg on tracker 
Firstkirbyever: so bg on tracker and nl
Prime2049: i kno who the PR Is
Betty: Gorgeous ewes wink gingerly at (Prime)
Prime2049: its nl
Prime2049: O.ooo
Prime2049: betty
Prime2049: bg/watcher on em
Prime2049: nl
Betty: XD
Prime2049: lets go big gay
algebrax: Bigal?
algebrax: are you there?
BigGayAl: sorry sorry sorry
Prime2049: fuck how do i turn of this fuckin timer sound
BigGayAl: was making breakfast

Result: NL

Night 2

Firstkirbyever: ?
Firstkirbyever: who was it
Firstkirbyever: *what
RickyTickyToc: blue
RickyTickyToc: :(
Firstkirbyever: dang
Firstkirbyever: always blues
Firstkirbyever: why not reds for once
RickyTickyToc: look if i have to claim watcher, u'r my bg ok?
Firstkirbyever: me?
RickyTickyToc: ya 
Firstkirbyever: but he already knows bg
RickyTickyToc: y not?
RickyTickyToc: ya
RickyTickyToc: we make it look like tracker's janned
Firstkirbyever: ah ok
Firstkirbyever: i'll try :(
RickyTickyToc: only if i hv to claim
Firstkirbyever: k
Firstkirbyever: so
RickyTickyToc: kill who?
Firstkirbyever: disg nk again
RickyTickyToc: ur pick
leety: ok :)
Firstkirbyever: Store?
RickyTickyToc: k

Tracker meeting
Votes Firstkirbyever

Mafia meeting
votes no one

vote STOREfun

Votes STOREfun

Disguiser meeting
votes no one

Watcher meeting
votes Prime2049

Bodyguard meeting
Votes Prime2049

Day 2

You watched Prime2049 throughout the night. STOREtun has visited Prime2049.
You followed Firstkirbyever throughout the night. Firstkirbyever visited STOREtun.
STOREtun, the bodyguard, has died a bloody death.

Prime2049: You followed Firstkirbyever throughout the night. Firstkirbyever visited STOREtun.
BigGayAl: your PR?
BigGayAl: post post post
algebrax: ok
Prime2049: You followed STOREtun throughout the night. STOREtun visited BigGayAl.
leety: CC any?
Cheeeese: why hello there BG
RickyTickyToc: aw...
BigGayAl: Tak Asger ;D <3
Firstkirbyever: Lies!
Prime2049: watcher on me
Firstkirbyever: Tracker must have been janned
algebrax: same lies same lies
BigGayAl: BTW
Storetun, you were really obvious
BigGayAl: STOREtun: bg on tracker 
Prime2049: lets go plz
Betty: or u must be maf
Firstkirbyever: you are letting him have an easy win!
STOREtun: hello xD
Betty: either or
BigGayAl: It just shouts out "IM BG"
Prime2049: shutup kirby
Prime2049: hammer
Prime2049: watcher on me
Result: Town Lynches me

Night 2

Firstkirbyever, the mafia, has died a bloody death.
Cheeeese: Lolz shaame

leety: ok! 
leety: what to do now? :)
RickyTickyToc: k
RickyTickyToc: here's the deal
RickyTickyToc: we kill tracker
RickyTickyToc: and i fake a watcher
Firstkirbyever: i was thinking about claiming watc...
Firstkirbyever: lol what are they doing?

leety: sure?
Cheeeese: youd ahve to do reports tho
Firstkirbyever: they are making town win easy

leety: gl with that1 :)
Firstkirbyever: yeah
Cheeeese: lol
Firstkirbyever: i know

RickyTickyToc: ya
Firstkirbyever: and watcher will have both mafia
RickyTickyToc: here are my reps btw
Cheeeese: yep
RickyTickyToc: just check em
leety: ok
RickyTickyToc: You watched Betty throughout the night. No one has visited Betty.
RickyTickyToc: You watched Prime2049 throughout the night. STOREtun has visited Prime2049.
RickyTickyToc: You watched Prime2049 throughout the night. Betty has visited Prime2049.
RickyTickyToc: nah
leety: sure..
RickyTickyToc: You watched Prime2049 throughout the night. BigGayAl has visited Prime2049.
leety: ok,.
leety: but it's risky

Tracker meeting
votes Betty

Mafia meeting
votes Prime2049

votes Prime2049

Disguiser meeting
Votes no one

Watcher meeting
votes pime2049

Day 3

You watched Prime2049 throughout the night. leety has visited Prime2049.
You followed Betty throughout the night. Betty visited no one.
Prime2049, the tracker, has died a bloody death.

leety: predictiblt
RickyTickyToc: You watched Prime2049 throughout the night. BigGayAl has visited Prime2049. Prime2049, the tracker, has died a bloody death. 
algebrax: You watched Prime2049 throughout the night. leety has visited Prime2049.
leety: e*
Betty: i predict fake watcher reports
Prime2049: oh fuck
BigGayAl: So ricky and leety
Betty: and of course
BigGayAl: :P
RickyTickyToc: bga and algeb lol
Cheeeese: shiit
leety: lol???
algebrax: nope
RickyTickyToc: two hits in one shot
leety: two watchers??? go down algebrax -.-
BigGayAl: BTW, Tomato soup with linses for breakfast <333
Betty: ok i am now the clear here
Betty: so lemme reread
Betty: and yall can crossvote
algebrax: yeah please
Prime2049: ricky is real eh
Prime2049: alge and biggay are mafia

BigGayAl: algebrax: yeah who did the PR visit?
RickyTickyToc: kay..
Betty: meetings please
Betty: now
Prime2049: am i right?
BigGayAl: seems like something a PR would say
Cheeeese: Other way round
Prime2049: fuck

algebrax: yeah
RickyTickyToc: i asked that first
BigGayAl: post your other reports
algebrax: I wanted to know if he tracked me
BigGayAl: please
Cheeeese: Ricky and Leety are
BigGayAl: with context
Betty: meetings, reports, the works
BigGayAl: nauu
leety: we know biggayal as maf... prob alge aswell.. considering the wierd move :S
algebrax: You watched Firstkirbyever throughout the night. No one has visited Firstkirbyever.
algebrax: You watched Prime2049 throughout the night. STOREtun has visited Prime2049.
RickyTickyToc: You watched Betty throughout the night. No one has visited Betty. Cheeeese is missing!
STOREtun: ofc.. Prime2049: i are trac
BigGayAl: ffs I'd trust ricky if that wouldn't make me mafia
RickyTickyToc: You watched Prime2049 throughout the night. STOREtun has visited Prime2049. STOREtun, the bodyguard, has died a bloody death.
RickyTickyToc: You watched Prime2049 throughout the night. BigGayAl has visited Prime2049.Prime2049, the tracker, has died a bloody death. l
Prime2049: HE FUCKE DUP
Prime2049: HE FUCKED UP
Prime2049: he chagned his report
Cheeeese: lol yep
Prime2049: visited Prime2049. Prime2049, th
Prime2049: Prime2049.Prime2049, the tr
Prime2049: forgot sapce
Prime2049: FUCK BETTY
Prime2049: COME ON

Betty: cross votes please
RickyTickyToc: same thing

Result: Town Lynches algebrax
    it was a cross vote and betty picked algebrax
algebrax, the watcher, has died a bloody death.


Mafia wins!
leety gained 50 points!
Firstkirbyever gained 65 points!
RickyTickyToc gained 55 points!
This game was ranked

Prime2049: WOW BETTY
algebrax: nice
Firstkirbyever: lol
leety: YAY! :D
Firstkirbyever: <_<
BigGayAl: would've voted the same
Betty: DAMN IT
RickyTickyToc: haha
Firstkirbyever: WTF?
Cheeeese: BERTTY
Prime2049: LOOK
Firstkirbyever: we won?
Prime2049: Prime2049. STOREtun, the
Cheeeese: Lol
Betty: where???
RickyTickyToc: lol
RickyTickyToc: yup
Prime2049: ed Prime2049.Prime2049
leety: GJ Ricky ;)
Prime2049: NO SPACE
Prime2049: HOLY SHIT
Prime2049: second time he posted
RickyTickyToc: lol
RickyTickyToc: haha
Betty: i didn't read second time
Betty: i was reading back
Prime2049: wowo...
Prime2049: betty
"Don't like sea-food? Well there is GROUND beef!"

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1. Borked n1 meetings are borked >_>
2. lol

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Quick because I have to sleep.


Benjerman: spy
bubblekiller13: spy
Benjerman: :P
Benjerman: there are only two roles
Benjerman: so I know what you are
Benjerman: lol
bubblekiller13: hahahaha
bubblekiller13: habit
bubblekiller13: sorry
Benjerman: yeah i know
Benjerman: lol
bubblekiller13: k
Benjerman: kill laurie?
bubblekiller13: stalk frozzted
Benjerman: k

DOCTOR sdemon99 votes Benjerman
MAFIA bubblekiller13 and Benjerman vote LaurieRose
COP chicken5187 votes LaurieRose
FOOL frozzted votes bubblekiller13
WATCHER Jazza votes sdemon99
STALKER Benjermen votes frozzted


Notable spy messages will be noted, obviously I don't know what everything is.
You watched sdemon99 throughout the night. No one has visited sdemon99.
After investigations, you suspect that LaurieRose is sided with the village.
You learned that frozzted is a fool!
LaurieRose, the villager, has died a bloody death.
sdemon99: k not bad
sdemon99: cop can whisp inno
udubb2012: cop whipser inno
frozzted: go cop go!
Benjerman whispers to frozzted: want to joint?
Spinballwizard: careful on visits though, could be fool
Spinballwizard: er
Benjerman whispers to frozzted: I know who you are
Spinballwizard: innos
Jazza: mm go!
You received a message: are you inno
You received a message: don't you wanna joint with maf?
Spinballwizard: (and spy's probably contacted by now)
You received a message: give me a <3 so I can know how you are
sdemon99: actually cop can claim out loud since there's doc
Spinballwizard: hm indeed
frozzted: did the cop msg someone yet?
sdemon99: so cop claim w/ report
udubb2012: doc watcher... cop claim
Spinballwizard: I have nothing.
frozzted: go cop <3
You received a message: there won't be a doctor for long
sdemon99: Spin you're cop?
Spinballwizard: no
Spinballwizard: I have no whisper lol
sdemon99: Cop claim out loud!
Benjerman: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Rc5dsEtdP0
Benjerman: don't watch that
You received a message: you're dead next To blues. :o
chicken5187: claim
udubb2012: lol
udubb2012: spy try and kill me
You received a message: ahh frozzted you're fool?
Jazza: lulz
Spinballwizard: o rly?
udubb2012: You received a message: you're dead next No... outting a blue!?
sdemon99: Cop claim!
frozzted: hah
sdemon99: where are you cop
udubb2012: give it your best shot
sdemon99: ?
Spinballwizard: COP DONT BE A NOOB
chicken5187: After investigations, you suspect that LaurieRose is sided with the village.
Benjerman: ouch
You received a message: take off your clothes
sdemon99: THANKS
Spinballwizard: :/
sdemon99: bad but thanks
udubb2012: doc watcher on chicked
udubb2012: nl
sdemon99: okay doc on chicken
sdemon99: oh yeah watcher too

TOWN votes no lynch


Benjerman: frozz is fool
Benjerman: :\
bubblekiller13: frozzted fool
bubblekiller13: spy contact
Benjerman: I saw him
bubblekiller13: k kill jazza
Benjerman: lol
Benjerman: mmk
bubblekiller13: stalk demon
Benjerman: wait
Benjerman: was is udubb?
bubblekiller13: idk my bff jill
Benjerman: *what is
Benjerman: lol
Benjerman: I say that sometimes too
Benjerman: :\

DOCTOR sdemon99 votes chicken5187
MAFIA bubblekiller13 and Benjerman vote Jazza
COP chicken5187 votes sdemon99
FOOL frozzted votes bubblekiller13
WATCHER Jazza votes chicken5187
STALKER Benjerman votes sdemon99


You watched chicken5187 throughout the night. sdemon99 has visited chicken5187.
After investigations, you suspect that sdemon99 is sided with the village.
You learned that sdemon99 is a doctor!
Jazza, the watcher, has died a bloody death.
Spinballwizard: :/
udubb2012: we fail
You received a message: okay watcher, then you, but you're next Blues again
udubb2012: cop post report
Benjerman: crap
frozzted: yes plz cop.
udubb2012: haha maf you are terrible
bubblekiller13: we still have a doc
chicken5187: After investigations, you suspect that sdemon99 is sided with the village. Jazza, the watcher, has died a bloody death.
udubb2012: bad shot
udubb2012: missed me!!!
sdemon99: okay same procedure
sdemon99: wait
sdemon99: lylo
sdemon99: fool joint
udubb2012: lylo for joint
Spinballwizard: yeah
frozzted: yeah 4 vs 2 vs 1
udubb2012: i think ben
sdemon99: yuck
Benjerman: lol
bubblekiller13: ben are you eroo?
udubb2012: i think he is the one that keeps messaging me
Benjerman: ....
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: so why would spy contact blues? I gamble on udubb not being spy
frozzted: is he eroo? wha
Spinballwizard: lol
Benjerman: I wish I was spy
chicken5187: i think im confused
You received a message: except it's not ben
Benjerman: if I was spy, I wouldn't be bored
Benjerman: lol
sdemon99: lol
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: to figure out PR's
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: i shouldn't have said anythign when i did And yet we now have two clears!
bubblekiller13: jessiesgirl frozzted
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: You received a message: except it's not ben A bit of wifom for the day, mostly proves both of us
bubblekiller13: eroo
Benjerman: I've yet to ever be spie
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: wifom much?
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: You received a message: except it's not ben
Benjerman: &spy
Benjerman: lol
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: lol
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: yeah i got it too
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: lol
Benjerman: wtf @ spie
You received a message: don't you like talking to me
frozzted: i suck at being spy and agent
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: You received a message: don't you like talking to me
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: not ben Narrowing spy, at least
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: that was at the same time
sdemon99: I lub spy
Benjerman: lol
You received a message: how come you never respond to me
Benjerman: wait
Benjerman: jessie is in here?
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: hm
frozzted: no
frozzted: lol
Benjerman: or are people randomly saying eroo?
bubblekiller13: ugh no
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: no frozted either
frozzted: bubbles loves jessie
bubblekiller13: I thought you might be an alt of jessies
sdemon99: nah bubble is just -eroo'ing for fun
frozzted: tho
bubblekiller13: eroo
sdemon99: but now I'll eroo-eroo
Benjerman: bubbles
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: i think bubble or chicked
Benjerman: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yavx9yxTrsw&feature=channel
sdemon99: because of bubble-eroo
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: so chicken, you, me, and likely but not definitely sdemon are clear
Benjerman: jessie loves that video
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: chicken is cop duh
Benjerman: so you should watch it
Benjerman: lol
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: i think bubble
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: everyone else would've claimed
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: has never said anything withini 5 lines before or after i get a message
bubblekiller13: fool is just gonna get double crossed by maf, they shouldn't joint
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: seems safe enough I think
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: either bubble demon or you
sdemon99: leak
frozzted: partial leak
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: lol got it narrowed down
Benjerman: what was it?
bubblekiller13: :P
frozzted: for me
Benjerman: I wanna see it
udubb2012: mine?
Benjerman: copy and paste please?
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: lol
bubblekiller13: it's a secret ben
Benjerman: :(
Benjerman: lol
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: i say we lynch bubble or demon
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: I'll laugh if you're spy trying to do this the hard way
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: haha nah
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: sdemon is inno doy
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: def not
frozzted: yes yours, udubb
chicken5187 whispers to chicken5187: hi
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: he is?
frozzted: fyi
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: today's report
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: oh
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: okay then im thinking bubble
udubb2012: figured
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: it's bubble, frozz, or ben
udubb2012: just told who i thought was maf
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: couldn't be ben
bubblekiller13: dubb was telling who he wants to take to prom
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: i got a message and he posted the same exact time
Benjerman whispers to udubb2012: what was the message?
Benjerman whispers to udubb2012: :\
bubblekiller13: shoot
Benjerman whispers to udubb2012: lol
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: oh right
bubblekiller13: hello
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: could still be stalker
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: but
udubb2012 whispers to Benjerman: whos spy
udubb2012 whispers to Benjerman: but its a seret
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: that's what tomorrow's for
bubblekiller13: hello
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: exactly
Benjerman whispers to udubb2012: ugh, why does everyone else get to see the leak?
frozzted: yeah he wants to take you ... for the after prom party
udubb2012 whispers to Benjerman: maf can't see town leaks lol if true
udubb2012 whispers to Benjerman: dont' know why though
chicken5187: after party woooot wooot
Benjerman whispers to udubb2012: lol
Spinballwizard: ...
sdemon99: lol
bubblekiller13: so, come on....lag lag lag...ugh
sdemon99: but anyways we've gotta figure out what we're doing
frozzted: ? bubbles
udubb2012 whispers to Benjerman: so have you stalked me yet/?
frozzted: can you hear us?
sdemon99: maf should kill fewl imo
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: advocate a massclaim?
frozzted: what is bubbles doin
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: idk
Spinballwizard: no idea
Spinballwizard: she gets my omgus fos though
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: we should get claims to demon ro someone
frozzted: i think she is having problems
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: or cop
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: but i dk how good he would do at getting claims
sdemon99: yeah it appears that way
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: well
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: doc claiming outloud would be bad
sdemon99: bubble are you with us/
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: we could try to lead a lynch as semiunclears
sdemon99: *?
frozzted: well her messages get through
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: yeah
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: idk
Spinballwizard: Ben we can't nl
frozzted: maybe she can't see us?
Benjerman: I know
udubb2012 whispers to chicken5187: hav eyou gotten the doc claim yet?
Benjerman: placeholder vote
Benjerman: because sometimes people kick for no reason
Spinballwizard: Actually I've been talking though
chicken5187 whispers to someone: no i havent
udubb2012: doc claim to cop
sdemon99: leak again
udubb2012: oh well
frozzted: aww i'm not special enough
sdemon99: I think we have to policy lynch bubble
sdemon99 whispers to chicken5187: doc/blue/watcher/fool
sdemon99 whispers to chicken5187: 1
bubblekiller13: hello?
udubb2012: doc claim to cop first
bubblekiller13: don't kill me
Spinballwizard: Let's just say there's a thought process to this hehe
bubblekiller13: I can't see chat to argue
udubb2012: lol
udubb2012: oh well
bubblekiller13 turned into a vegetable!

TOWN votes lynch bubblekiller13, kicklynch.


DOCTOR sdemon99 votes chicken5187
MAFIA Benjerman votes sdemon99
COP chicken5187 votes Spinballwizard
FOOL frozzted votes udubb2012
STALKER Benjerman votes chicken5187 lolwut


After investigations, you suspect that Spinballwizard is sided with the village.
You learned that chicken5187 is a cop!
sdemon99, the doctor, has died a bloody death.
sdemon99: ahiohgiowshbufa
Spinballwizard: report
sdemon99: noooooooooooooooo
udubb2012: dang
udubb2012: report
udubb2012: oh and i was righ!!
udubb2012: lol
Spinballwizard: lol yeah
frozzted: nothing cop?
udubb2012: report?
udubb2012: an i think its ben fyi
udubb2012: lol
udubb2012: COP?!?
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: who'd you tell him to inv?
sdemon99: chicken post your f'in report!!!
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: or didn't you?
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: no one
frozzted: lol imagine if it glitched for chicken
Benjerman: cop even here?
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: just told him to find doc first
frozzted: well the night went through, so he obv investigated someone
Spinballwizard: yup
udubb2012: yeah
udubb2012: mass claim
udubb2012: wait
udubb2012: its either ben or frozz
Spinballwizard: everyone's blue lol
Spinballwizard: yeah
udubb2012: one is fool other is stalker
Spinballwizard: hopefully one of them was investigated
udubb2012: i thought spin may have been spy messing with me
Spinballwizard: hey I thought the same about you
udubb2012: yeah if chicken investigated one of them then we win
udubb2012: lol
frozzted: chickennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn?
frozzted: gah.
chicken5187: huh?
Spinballwizard: report, now
chicken5187: how the hecks do i do that? lols You did it first two days. >_>
frozzted: ya down wit O-P-P yeah you know chicken.
chicken5187: lols
Spinballwizard: copy and paste your investigation? >_>
udubb2012: copy and paste the report
frozzted: chicken you had a report on day 3
frozzted: day 2
frozzted: i mean
chicken5187: what if i dont want to!
Spinballwizard: DO IT
udubb2012: then thats no fun
frozzted: wtf luls
chicken5187: never!
sdemon99: JUST DO IT
Spinballwizard: FOR THE SAKE OF THE TOWN
udubb2012: lol
sdemon99: I WANT MY 10K POINTS!!!
chicken5187: After investigations, you suspect that Spinballwizard is sided with the village.
udubb2012: gosh
Spinballwizard: -_-
chicken5187: is that what i was supposed to do?
Spinballwizard: yes
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: who you think it is?
frozzted: yes the same thing you did on day 2 :D
chicken5187: than why the face?
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: im thinking ben
chicken5187: lols
udubb2012 whispers to Benjerman: lets try and push a lynch on frozz then joint
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: right now we have nowhere else to go :/
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: going back to look for scumtells
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: kk
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: one thing i noticed
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: i don't know if its true
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: but when im maf i can't see the leaks from the PR's
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: and ben didn't see any of my leaks
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: don't know if thats just bad luck or what though
frozzted: hello? Lots of town silence here, this takes a while.
chicken5187: hola
udubb2012 whispers to Benjerman: k?
chicken5187: sooo... this takes awhile lols
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: yeah that's rough
sdemon99: chicken what are you doing???
Spinballwizard: I was reading back
chicken5187 whispers to chicken5187: hi cchicken your so awesome
Benjerman whispers to chicken5187: lynch udubb
udubb2012 whispers to Benjerman: You learned Benjerman is a fool! Plan comes together, but this is fake.
sdemon99: CHICKEN
Benjerman whispers to chicken5187: he's mafia
udubb2012 whispers to Benjerman: lets joint!?
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: bubble could've beenw ifoming with that whole "it's not ben"
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: You learned that frozzted is a fool1
chicken5187 whispers to Benjerman: u lynchem
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: is that right?
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: well
Benjerman whispers to udubb2012: you're stalker?
udubb2012 whispers to Benjerman: yeah
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: You learned that frozzted is a fool!
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: is right
udubb2012 whispers to Benjerman: lets try and lynch frozz and joint tomorrow
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: a typo probably wouldn't work right
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: didn't know if *that* was in there or not
Benjerman whispers to chicken5187: copying and pasting what he said.... "Benjerman whispers to udubb2012: you're stalker? udubb2012 whispers to Benjerman: yeah
udubb2012 whispers to Benjerman: k?
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: checking wiki
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: just to be sure
udubb2012 whispers to frozzted: lets try and lynch ben and joint tomorrow?!
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: yeah there's a that
udubb2012 whispers to frozzted: You learned that frozzted is a fool!
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: You learned that (playerA) is a (role)!
udubb2012 whispers to frozzted: want to or not?
frozzted whispers to udubb2012: what the heck are you talking about?
udubb2012 whispers to frozzted: wanna work with me
udubb2012 whispers to frozzted: push a lynch on ben
udubb2012 whispers to someone: and joint tomorrow
frozzted whispers to someone: why would you claim stalker to me?
udubb2012 whispers to frozzted: cuz your fool
udubb2012 whispers to frozzted: we can joint
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: leak :(
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: double duty
frozzted: udubb2012 whispers to frozzted: You learned that frozzted is a fool!
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: sh!
frozzted: wtf guys.
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: i did that too both
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: lol
Benjerman: Benjerman whispers to udubb2012: you're stalker? udubb2012 whispers to Benjerman: yeah
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: ben just asked so your the stalker?
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: so im thinking froz
Benjerman: he even admitted to being mafia
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: ben seems eager to lynch though
udubb2012: and yet both of you have fool reports!!! lol!!!
udubb2012: lol
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: idk
Spinballwizard: lol
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: just pick
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: ill follow
frozzted: lol
Spinballwizard whispers to udubb2012: let's try ben, I still think it's him
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: me 2
Benjerman: lol
udubb2012 whispers to Spinballwizard: froz didn't quick hammer

Frozzted votes self (Hammer), Benjerman votes udubb, everyone else lynches Benjerman.

Benjerman, the stalker, has died a bloody death.

Villager wins!
sdemon99 gained 55 points!
LaurieRose gained 65 points!
chicken5187 gained 55 points!
frozzted gained 10 points!
Jazza gained 55 points!
Spinballwizard gained 65 points!
udubb2012 gained 65 points!
This game was ranked.
chicken5187: cmon frozzy
Spinballwizard: man
udubb2012: lol
sdemon99: THANK YOU
Benjerman: what?
Spinballwizard: that was sweet
udubb2012: gg
sdemon99: Chicken next time post your report!!
chicken5187: lols
frozzted: sorry ben :(
udubb2012: lol
udubb2012: yeah for real
chicken5187: dude i dont know how to play x]
udubb2012: lol
chicken5187: haha my bad
Benjerman: I didn't see any of those votes go up
Benjerman: :\
Benjerman: I guess I lagged
chicken5187: i thought it was supposed to be secret
udubb2012: lol
chicken5187: so no one would kill u guys
udubb2012: in certain setups
udubb2012: it is
frozzted: chicken i was confused because you posted your report on day 2, so i thought you knew :P
udubb2012: others you claim
udubb2012: frozz.... lol
chicken5187: lols i just did bcuz people said to haha
udubb2012: why did you do that to me
udubb2012: not cool!
frozzted: i was trying to get a bandwagon vote
frozzted: on you
<Tails> also "GET BLUE SPHERES" on a black-and-white TV remains the best special stage of all time

<Achlys> wat ave you done!
<Spinballwizard> apparently killed your h key

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« Reply #42 on: January 23, 2009, 04:01:52 am »
EPIC VICTORY for the TSC mafia on the most overplayed setup evar.

DarkCoffeeJazz: ok
Firstkirbyever: NO!
DarkCoffeeJazz: hi gues
Firstkirbyever: disg
Spinballwizard: ok I won't fail as janitor
DarkCoffeeJazz: guys*
DarkCoffeeJazz: i'm normal
Spinballwizard: also tsc mafia :D
Firstkirbyever: i fail at disg :(
Firstkirbyever: :D
Firstkirbyever: wait wut
DarkCoffeeJazz: disguiser, vote no one this time
Spinballwizard: fke then don't disguise
Firstkirbyever: i never do
DarkCoffeeJazz: and vote no one for disguising as well
DarkCoffeeJazz: that way they can't track you
Spinballwizard: how about we go to udubb
Spinballwizard: I'll hammer it
Firstkirbyever: er
Firstkirbyever: yeah
Firstkirbyever: i already clicked No one for Disg XD
Spinballwizard: if caught, blah=watcher, great=blue, meh=bg
Spinballwizard: will claim tracker of course
DarkCoffeeJazz: wait what
Spinballwizard: I'm going to put a guilty on the goon if he is tracker
Spinballwizard: that's code
Spinballwizard: so you know who's janned
DarkCoffeeJazz: oh ok
Spinballwizard: You followed DarkCoffeeJazz throughout the night. DarkCoffeeJazz visited Bettie.
DarkCoffeeJazz: i say bettie
Spinballwizard: hammering
Spinballwizard: using that just in case I get tracker
DarkCoffeeJazz: kk

TRACKER Bettie votes FKE
MAFIA Dark and I vote Bettie, FKE votes no one.
JANITOR I choose Bettie
DISGUISER FKE chooses no one.
BODYGUARD beast chooses Spinballwizard
WATCHER xxKELVIN votes PresidentObama


You watched PresidentObama throughout the night. No one has visited PresidentObama.
You followed Firstkirbyever throughout the night. Firstkirbyever visited no one.
While cleaning up the mess, you learned that Bettie was a tracker.
Bettie is missing!
Bettie: damn
Spinballwizard: You followed DarkCoffeeJazz throughout the night. DarkCoffeeJazz visited Bettie.
udubb2012: awww bettie...
DarkCoffeeJazz: wut
PresidentObama: bye bye DarkCoffeeJizz
beast: check make?
beast: mate*
DarkCoffeeJazz: he's lying, obviously

TOWN all vote DarkCoffeeJazz, the Mafia.


DarkCoffeeJazz, the mafia, has died a bloody death.
Firstkirbyever: Nice
Firstkirbyever: <_<
DarkCoffeeJazz: lol
Firstkirbyever: this is in the bag heh
DarkCoffeeJazz: now win this dammit
Bettie: lol damn you!!

Firstkirbyever: as long...
DarkCoffeeJazz: sorry
Firstkirbyever: as we don't kill BG
Bettie: i was tracker :(
DarkCoffeeJazz: lulz
DarkCoffeeJazz: wow really?
DarkCoffeeJazz: lucky guess then

Spinballwizard: Not necessarily
DarkCoffeeJazz: the plan was to get me lynched
Bettie: You followed Firstkirbyever throughout the night. Firstkirbyever visited no one. Bettie is missing!

Spinballwizard: I can still bus you
DarkCoffeeJazz: lol
Firstkirbyever: hm
Firstkirbyever: true
DarkCoffeeJazz: that's why i told disguiser to vote no one
DarkCoffeeJazz: just in case

Firstkirbyever: so
Firstkirbyever: who to kill?
Spinballwizard: I'm thinking about doing it for lulz
Bettie: :(
Bettie: u guys have this won

Firstkirbyever: <_<
DarkCoffeeJazz: crap
Spinballwizard: hey
DarkCoffeeJazz: tehy got their eyes on spinball
Spinballwizard: they'll believe me lol
Firstkirbyever: i know
Firstkirbyever: but
DarkCoffeeJazz: but spin can pull it off methinks
Bettie: they're watching him and bging him

Spinballwizard: I just need some luck
Bettie: cuz they think he's tracker
DarkCoffeeJazz: yah

Firstkirbyever: if you post Mafia report on inno
DarkCoffeeJazz: true
Firstkirbyever: we are doomed Xd
Spinballwizard: I'll get an inno today
Firstkirbyever: k
Firstkirbyever: now who to kill?
Spinballwizard: let's get kelvin
Firstkirbyever: k
DarkCoffeeJazz: lol poor kelving
DarkCoffeeJazz: kelvin

Firstkirbyever: hammering
DarkCoffeeJazz: he's watcher
Firstkirbyever: don't talk

DISGUISER FKE chooses no one.
BODYGUARD beast chooses Spinballwizard
WATCHER xxKELVIN votes Spinballwizard


You watched Spinballwizard throughout the night. beast has visited Spinballwizard.
xxKELVIN, the watcher, has died a bloody death.
udubb2012: that sucks
DarkCoffeeJazz: lolz
DarkCoffeeJazz: bettie was tracfker

Stephen: hrmmm
Spinballwizard: Bah inno today
DarkCoffeeJazz: tracker*
udubb2012: report
udubb2012: k nl
Bettie: yea, spin is jan :(
DarkCoffeeJazz: lol

Spinballwizard: Not outting since disguiser's about

TOWN votes no lynch, except for beast who votes udubb2012 which I didn't catch

Firstkirbyever: hm
Spinballwizard: sweet, watcher can't prove me now
DarkCoffeeJazz: woot
Firstkirbyever: heh
DarkCoffeeJazz: go spin go
DarkCoffeeJazz: and beast is still fooled

Firstkirbyever: we are down to luck now :(
Spinballwizard: bussing you today methinks
Firstkirbyever: ok
Firstkirbyever: well
Firstkirbyever: what if we hit BG?
DarkCoffeeJazz: maybe they should wait a phase for that?
Firstkirbyever: that would be fail >_>
Spinballwizard: even better I'd say >_>
Firstkirbyever: <_<
Spinballwizard: because then I can't botch the report
Firstkirbyever: ugh
Firstkirbyever: fine
Bettie: no, they bus him, it improves his credibility
DarkCoffeeJazz: so long as he doesn't slip up anyway

Firstkirbyever: who to kill then?
Spinballwizard: We'll go udubb or beast?
Firstkirbyever: hm
DarkCoffeeJazz: beast
DarkCoffeeJazz: beast
DarkCoffeeJazz: beast

Firstkirbyever: udubb
DarkCoffeeJazz: damn
DarkCoffeeJazz: tehy should deadlock it between teh two lulz

Firstkirbyever: hello?
DarkCoffeeJazz: uh oh is spin there? I had to fake my report >_>
Firstkirbyever: <_<

MAFIA FKE and I vote udubb2012
DISGUISER FKE chooses no one.
BODYGUARD beast chooses Spinballwizard


udubb2012, the villager, has died a bloody death.
Spinballwizard: You followed Firstkirbyever throughout the night. Firstkirbyever visited udubb2012.
Firstkirbyever: what
Firstkirbyever: LIES I TELL YOU
Firstkirbyever: LIES!!!!!!
Spinballwizard: Reports don't lie.
DarkCoffeeJazz: don't be TOO DRAMATIC, first
DarkCoffeeJazz: lulz

TOWN votes Firstkirbyever
And my credibility is proven!

Firstkirbyever, the disguiser, has died a bloody death.
DarkCoffeeJazz: lol
DarkCoffeeJazz: high five
Firstkirbyever: :D
DarkCoffeeJazz: but a lil overdramatic
DarkCoffeeJazz: XD
Firstkirbyever: i do that all the time
Firstkirbyever: <_<
Firstkirbyever: heh
Firstkirbyever: i was right
DarkCoffeeJazz: it's fun to be dramatic though
Firstkirbyever: i was thinking beast was BG
DarkCoffeeJazz: you should've deadlocked it for da lulz
DarkCoffeeJazz: then it's be decided randomly

MAFIA I vote PresidentObama
BODYGUARD beast chooses Spinballwizard


PresidentObama, the villager, has died a bloody death.
beast: IM BG
beast: game OVER
DarkCoffeeJazz: of course, i mean deadlock the night hit
DarkCoffeeJazz: lulz
DarkCoffeeJazz: yes beeast, game over

udubb2012: shoulda waited
DarkCoffeeJazz: beast*

Spinballwizard: You followed Stephen throughout the night. Stephen visited PresidentObama.
beast: vote bro..
beast: we got this..
beast: gg
Firstkirbyever: lol
Firstkirbyever: so they think
DarkCoffeeJazz: GG INDEED
Firstkirbyever: <_<

Stephen: Spinballwizard: You followed Stephen throughout the night. Stephen visited PresidentObama.
Stephen: seriously?
Spinballwizard: Seriously.
Stephen: you faked this
beast: he is been out as tracker ...
beast: i saved him every night
Spinballwizard: What, are you "last blue"?
beast: IM BG
Stephen: lol
Stephen: yes
Firstkirbyever: lol
beast: stephen cannot be blue..mY ASSS
Stephen: k....you see

TOWN votes Stephen

Mafia wins!
Spinballwizard gained 55 points!
DarkCoffeeJazz gained 65 points!
Firstkirbyever gained 50 points!
This game was ranked.
Firstkirbyever: lol
Stephen: see
DarkCoffeeJazz: GG BEAST
Firstkirbyever: <_<
DarkCoffeeJazz: THX
Bettie: sigh
Spinballwizard: Epic bussing ftw
Bettie: GJ BEAST
beast: FUCK ME!!
DarkCoffeeJazz: bettie was tracker
Bettie: *PAT ON BACK*
PresidentObama: nice
DarkCoffeeJazz: the whole time
beast: :(((
beast: i got RAPED
Spinballwizard: I'm sorry but that was great
DarkCoffeeJazz: and stephen was beast
Bettie: lol
DarkCoffeeJazz: he was blue
Bettie: yea u did
DarkCoffeeJazz: if you were BG
DarkCoffeeJazz: and he was Tracker
DarkCoffeeJazz: and only one blue was left
Spinballwizard: Especially since my last report was my only fake
DarkCoffeeJazz: ... where would taht leave the mafioso
beast: well played spinball
DarkCoffeeJazz: gj spin


Don't know why FKE thought it was so bad to kill the bg, but hey. EPIC BUSSING FTW.
<Tails> also "GET BLUE SPHERES" on a black-and-white TV remains the best special stage of all time

<Achlys> wat ave you done!
<Spinballwizard> apparently killed your h key

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« Reply #43 on: January 23, 2009, 10:47:48 am »
^WTF IS THAT BIG BLACK RECTANGLE? Use Chaos Angel skin to see it.

Edit: It seems it disappeared when I posted this message. <_<
You still can see it for a moment if you click here. Again, use Chaos Angel skin to see it. >_>
« Last Edit: January 23, 2009, 11:02:14 am by Zeupar »
Fail collection: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
:o - :O - X) - :D

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« Reply #44 on: February 02, 2009, 08:58:27 pm »
ITT I completely pwn everyone as spy.

Setup: 2 blues, 1 vanilla maf, doc, cop, agent, fool, spy (that's me)

Night 1:
Emerl: YES
Guitar: coo
Guitar: nk?
Emerl: KILL Abo
Guitar: u sure?
Emerl: Yeah
Emerl: No point nking
Guitar: yes
Guitar: so we don't get copped
Emerl: That's tracker

Result: Agent dies, Cop gets an inno on a blue.

Day 1:

After investigations, you suspect that MrDucky is sided with the village.
AboObama, the agent, has died a bloody death.

Emerl: ...
Emerl: BAD
Player5: there goes the agent.
Guitar: Thomas?
You received a message: Aw, you died.
Thristhart: Hey charlie.
Guitar: Phale
You received a message: What a pity.
MrDucky: right
Guitar: Thought you didn't play anymore
MrDucky: cop claim for protection and info?
JackMcPhee: cop please have something good
Thristhart: Ducky. sorry for the nessecity of targeting you last game
MrDucky: rofl
Emerl: lol
MrDucky: no worries man, you did good
Player5: probably got an inno, nl
Thristhart: I imagine I annoyed you intensely
You received a message: Go the mafia
MrDucky: hehe, i said as much
MrDucky: xD
MrDucky: cop claim for protection??
Thunder: didnt player claim
You received a message: Start your next line with f tomorrow so that I know you
Player5: i said probably got an inno
Player5: wasn't a claim.
Thunder: ok
MrDucky: doc needs to be on a claimed cop??
MrDucky: otherwise cop might just die and we'll be boned..
Emerl: Yeah :/
Thunder: claim it cop
Player5: then should we fake reports?
MrDucky: ????
MrDucky: what?
Player5: everyone puts a fake report
Player5: if cop dies, we'll check d1
Emerl: ...
Player5: see whos inno
MrDucky: hey that's kinda cool
Emerl: That doesn't really work :/
MrDucky: i like it
MrDucky: it's clever though
Emerl: Doc won't know who to go on
MrDucky: yeah
Player5: doesn't matter
MrDucky: also maf will know because they know who they are
Guitar: HAMMER
MrDucky: cop please claim
Player5: we all make fake reports

Result: No Lynch

Night 2:

Emerl: YAY
Guitar: alright
Guitar: cop sucks
Guitar: that's a plus
Emerl: Now we kill and joint with fool (hopefully)
Guitar: if i was the fool i would be awesome
Emerl: Ok, new plan:
Emerl: DEATH TO THE AVATARS (Please don't ask)
Guitar: ok

Result: Said blue from cop report dies, whilst cop gets guilty on me.

Day 2:
(This is where it gets good)

After investigations, you suspect that Emerl is sided with the mafia.
MrDucky, the villager, has died a bloody death.
MrDucky: lol

Emerl: ...
Thristhart: Goddamnit
Player5: poor ducky
You received a message: DOOM TIME
Thunder: oh no
You received a message: VOTE YOURSELF
Thunder: =x
JackMcPhee: cop come out with reports
MrDucky: no cop no
Thristhart: When I afk you make a plan that nessicitates an inability for me to claim
Thristhart: After investigations, you suspect that Emerl is sided with the mafia.
You received a message: Actually, don't
Thristhart: That is NOt fake
Thristhart: fyi.
Emerl: ...
Player5: any cc?
Emerl: FAKE
Thristhart: NOT*
Emerl: I'm the cop
Guitar: No
JackMcPhee: and the other ones
Guitar: Emerl no you're not
Thristhart: D1:After investigations, you suspect that MrDucky is sided with the village.
MrDucky: ace
JackMcPhee: emeral yor reports please
Emerl: After investigations, you suspect that Guitar is sided with the village.
Emerl: That was d1
Emerl: d2 was After investigations, you suspect that Thunder is sided with the village.
Player5: and your night report?
Player5: er d2.
Thristhart: Right.
Thristhart: Now then
Thristhart: Why didn't you claim yesterday?
Thristhart: I was afk
Thristhart: .....
Player5: hmm..
Player5: guess i gotta go with the town.

Result: Cop dies, I ROFL

Night 3:

Thristhart, the cop, has died a bloody death.
Thristhart: Don't jump to votes yet guys

Emerl: OWNED
Thristhart: motherfuck.
MrDucky: town are real retards

Emerl: And we win
Guitar: you shouldn't of cc'd the cops
Emerl: That was mylo
Thristhart: They didn't even stop too discuss it!
MrDucky: you claim, give a guilty on him and then they kill you?
MrDucky: how bloody stupid
Thristhart: to*
MrDucky: OMG

Guitar: be careful next time
Guitar: claim blue
MrDucky: HE IS ACTUALLY SAVING THAT GUY (In endgame, this was said to be a misclick)
Emerl: No
Guitar: and don't bus me like that lol
Thristhart: LOL!
Emerl: Someone had to cc
Emerl: Otherwise I would have been lynched
Emerl: Anyways, gg
Guitar: yeah i guess so
Emerl: >:D
Guitar: but i should have been the one
Emerl: XD (I said this because we simultaneously voted different people, and then switched 3 times before agreeing)

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« Reply #45 on: February 03, 2009, 01:05:58 am »
ITT noobs fail at jointing

ps: all nights were silent o_O

MissLynch: hey
OrdinaryMiracle: Hey .
sdemon99: ffs point farm games it is
ansky: one mo
MissLynch: 1 moreeeeeee
ammizny: i knowwwwwwww
kthxCLD: >_>

Day 1 (it's a day start game)
You feel very irritated by epgmm.
MissLynch: nl?
Sondow: this would be my first mafia game in a looong time
ansky: of course
ammizny: i guess so
kthxCLD: I think we NL

All vote NL

Night 2

Doctor meetingMissLynch choose kthxCLD
Mafia meetingammizny votes epgmm
Yakuza meetingammizny choose no one
Shrink meetingepgmm choose epgmm
Fool meetingkthxCLD choose epgmm

Day 2

epgmm, the shrink, has died a bloody death.
 Sondow: oshi
kthxCLD: no yakking?
MissLynch: yak didnt yak lol
ansky: either that or doc saved him
ammizny: that's kind of weird
kthxCLD: doc can save yak from a self-ko?
Sondow: well either way, the yak doesn't have to worry about shrink now
MissLynch: prolly
ansky: yup
kthxCLD: o_O Need to remember that for next time
MissLynch: well now doc has to worry about getting yakked
kthxCLD: yah
Sondow: unless doc wants to be yakked
Sondow: I've seen it happen
MissLynch: true...
kthxCLD: Hmm...
MissLynch: if yak picks granny would granny shoot?
MissLynch: lol
Sondow: yeah she would
Sondow: but she would be yakked nonetheless
kthxCLD: I'd love to know the answer to that
ammizny: i think granny can be yakked
Sondow whispers to  MissLynch: you're being a tad obvious
kthxCLD: Good to know.
MissLynch: she'll shoot yak even though yak is killing himself
MissLynch whispers to  Sondow: what's my role then?
MissLynch: shall we rl?
Sondow whispers to  MissLynch: you're acting like a granny Turns out I was wrong
kthxCLD: So what do we do today?
ansky: no rl with fool and lyncher in play
Sondow: RL is tricky due to fool and lyncher
kthxCLD: Yah...
ansky: that's a 40% chance
ansky: nl to be safe
MissLynch: nl then
ammizny: let's nl

All NL, MissLynch was a bit slow on it but I guess that meant nothing

Night 3

Doctor meetingMissLynchchoose kthxCLD
Mafia meetingammiznyvotes Sondow
Yakuza meetingammiznychoose MissLynch
Fool meetingkthxCLDchoose no one

Day 3 This is where it's pathetic, I mean seriously. 3-man waiting for joint takes this long?

Sondow, the lyncher, has died a bloody death.
ammizny, the yakuza, has died a bloody death.
Sondow: boo
ansky: nice
kthxCLD: wait what
ansky: only fool to worry about
Sondow: amm was that your idea
kthxCLD: how'd the lyncher die?
ammizny: was what my idea?
kthxCLD: oh wait
Sondow: killing me
kthxCLD: Silly me
ammizny: yeah, of course
kthxCLD: nevermind.
MissLynch: how?
Sondow: any reason, or just rk?
MissLynch: i dont get it
ammizny: fool/maf joint win
Sondow: also these guys are pathetic
Sondow: oh heh
Sondow: who's fool?

MissLynch: anyone?
kthxCLD: yak killed lyncher and yakked either fool, doc, or granny.
MissLynch: ohhh
ammizny: you'll see :)
Sondow: fine then
Sondow: er what if these two are too busy being noobs to figure out the joint >_>

kthxCLD: >_>
MissLynch whispers to  kthxCLD: joint win?
kthxCLD whispers to  MissLynch: you're maf?
Sondow: oh there we go
MissLynch whispers to  kthxCLD: i know for a fact u are fool
MissLynch whispers to  kthxCLD: i healed u twice when i was doc
MissLynch whispers to  kthxCLD: im yakked
kthxCLD whispers to  MissLynch: alright
kthxCLD: we have to lynch today, right?
MissLynch: yes...im going to read back
Sondow: um
Sondow: if you two are going to joint just vote each other

kthxCLD: I just have a kinda feeling.
Sondow: er
MissLynch: fos kthx
Sondow: just both vote fool
MissLynch: just my opinion
kthxCLD: uhm, no.
MissLynch: ansky...your thoughts?
ammizny: omg just joint already
Sondow: talk about doing it wrong

MissLynch: ello??
ammizny: ansky is granny, so he knows what they both are
kthxCLD: ?
Sondow: I'm saving this in my friend's "fail maf games" topic for sure And here it is >_>
ammizny: rofl

MissLynch whispers to  kthxCLD: oh fuck the granny is afk
kthxCLD whispers to  MissLynch: lol
Sondow: pun intended
MissLynch whispers to  kthxCLD: we obvs cant kick lynch him
MissLynch whispers to  kthxCLD: *sigh
MissLynch: ...
kthxCLD: :/
ammizny: if they both lynch fool, it's joint win
Sondow: Exactly
Sondow: I don't see what they're waiting for

ansky: whoops, my b
ansky: I was away
ansky: I'm granny
MissLynch: we know
MissLynch: oh
MissLynch: well i suspect kthnx based on my reread
ansky: I honestly don't know
ammizny: EPIC FAIL
MissLynch: i didnt vote so time didnt run out before u got back
MissLynch: so...vote
ansky: I dunno, but you seem surere tahn I do a
ansky: *than

And then they finally got the godforsaken joint.


Mafia wins!
Fool wins!
MissLynch gained 33 points!
ammizny gained 25 points!
kthxCLD gained 40 points!
This game was ranked.
 MissLynch: YAY
Sondow: You guys took far too long on that
ansky: I was cooked either way
Sondow: I mean really
MissLynch: we waited for the afk
Sondow: If you're going to joint, just vote the fool
MissLynch: we know
Sondow: There's not that much to it
MissLynch: i didnt want time to run out
MissLynch: sheesh

Hell, I'm never doing this pasting thing again. Took FAR too long.
The moon is so red. Looks like it's going to be a fun night.

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« Reply #46 on: February 05, 2009, 09:51:16 am »
That's not as fail as a game I was in the other day.

Don't have the log, but here's the gist:

1. I'm yakked with one other, stalker reports the one remaining fool. Consensus is to joint. First they want to NK. I say that this is fail because we can't joint unless we kill.

2. We hit granny, I die. Thankfully, vig was an idiot and shot (again). So we're still good to joint. They ask fool to joint.

3. They NL. I cry, but figure I'll get full points.

4. They shoot the fool instead of the obvious vig. (Remaining is Mafia, Stalker, Fool, Vig, and Granny.) Vig shoots a yakked. Stalker fails and town wins where they shouldn't.
<Tails> also "GET BLUE SPHERES" on a black-and-white TV remains the best special stage of all time

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« Reply #47 on: March 12, 2009, 01:05:48 pm »
Necromancy and double posting are sins, but I think this screenshot is epic enough by itself:

<Tails> also "GET BLUE SPHERES" on a black-and-white TV remains the best special stage of all time

<Achlys> wat ave you done!
<Spinballwizard> apparently killed your h key

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« Reply #48 on: March 20, 2009, 10:53:41 pm »
Not every game we post should be a remarkable victory or loss.

Night 1
GoodAtMafia: can we nk and can i fake bp :O
 GoodAtMafia: lol
 GoodAtMafia: aha, wouldnt it be funny if you faked shrink
 GoodAtMafia: and i faked tracker
 GoodAtMafia: and everyone believed us
 GoodAtMafia: lol
 GoodAtMafia: hey.. wanna try?
 GoodAtMafia: just for fun.
 GoodAtMafia: :)
 GoodAtMafia: invisime?
 invisime: sorry.
 GoodAtMafia: lol
 invisime: bathroom break there.
 GoodAtMafia: can one of us
 GoodAtMafia: fake bp
 GoodAtMafia: and the other fake tracker :O
 invisime: which of us is yakking?
 GoodAtMafia: lol
 GoodAtMafia: you can
 GoodAtMafia: or me
 GoodAtMafia: whatever you want
 invisime: we should 1-yak.
 GoodAtMafia: A bullet hits your vest! You cannot survive another hit!
 invisime: I want genus.
 GoodAtMafia: xD
 invisime: but we should also kill.
 GoodAtMafia: I'll be bp then
 GoodAtMafia: hmm
 GoodAtMafia: fine
 GoodAtMafia: i'll take the risk :O
 GoodAtMafia: wait
 GoodAtMafia: just wondering
 GoodAtMafia: do you think i should outright claim tracker?
 invisime: I'm yakking genus.
 GoodAtMafia: and make a fake mafia
 GoodAtMafia: and get them lynched
 GoodAtMafia: then yak next turn?
 GoodAtMafia: xD
 GoodAtMafia: It might work
 GoodAtMafia: who're we killing
 invisime: nah. time's too late.
 invisime: just kill lightwolf.
 GoodAtMafia: xD

Shrink (guny)-gameslayer001
Tracker (gameslayer0001)- GoodAtMafia
Doctor (TheMayor)-gameslayer001
Mafia (invisime, GoodAtMafia)-Lightwolf
Yakuza meeting (invisime)-genus
Yakuza meeting (GoodAtMafia)-no one

Day 1
You followed GoodAtMafia throughout the night. GoodAtMafia visited Lightwolf.
A bullet hits your vest! You cannot survive another hit!
invisime, the yakuza, has died a bloody death.

 genus: the yak is dead!
 guny4: o.o
 gameslayer001: tracker here
 genus: go bg!
 GoodAtMafia: invisime, the yakuza, has died a bloody death.
 guny4: hit?
 GoodAtMafia: that's so stupid
 GoodAtMafia: why
 TheMayor: eeep
 Lightwolf: A bullet hits your vest! You cannot survive another hit! invisime, the yakuza, has died a bloody death.
 GoodAtMafia: do they do that
 genus: nl our stuff
 PizzaHut: Who was hit?
 GoodAtMafia: it's so mean
 PizzaHut: Okay.
 guny4: why the hell wud u claim
 guny4: ......
 gameslayer001: You followed GoodAtMafia throughout the night. GoodAtMafia visited Lightwolf.
 GoodAtMafia: guny
 gameslayer001: oh
 gameslayer001: lol
 TheMayor: not meh
 guny4: GG NO RE
 guny4: ROFL
 gameslayer001: forgot to post that
 genus: ...
 gameslayer001: thought GAM was doc
 genus: oh
 gameslayer001: first
 guny4: wait
 genus: wait
 guny4: that can be doc
 GoodAtMafia: D:
 guny4: .....
 GoodAtMafia: Shrink
 gameslayer001: i know
 genus: good, what are you?
 GoodAtMafia: Shrink
 gameslayer001: he just posed his BP hit
 genus: oh
 gameslayer001: psoted
 guny4: oh
 gameslayer001: posted
 guny4: ROFLMAO
 gameslayer001: (
 gameslayer001: ;p
 TheMayor: are we cc'ing
 GoodAtMafia: Shrink meetingYouchoose Lightwolf
 gameslayer001: fail
 genus: not if he didn't yak
 Lightwolf: any shrink cc?
 guny4: yea........
 GoodAtMafia: and just wondering
 gameslayer001: ug
 genus: but there's no cc
 GoodAtMafia: why wouldnt i yak if i was yak?
 gameslayer001: o.o
 genus: so I believe him
 TheMayor: should doc claim?
 guny4: i cc shrink
 guny4: >_>
 GoodAtMafia: Why wouldn't I yak if i was yak?
 guny4: i shrinked gameslayer
 GoodAtMafia: that was pretty late guny.
 guny4: lol
 genus: oh dear
 gameslayer001: LOL
 genus: *shrank
 GoodAtMafia: lol
 guny4: i didn't want them to make me claim
 guny4: >_>
 gameslayer001: :P
 genus: I'd rather nl myself
 gameslayer001: dang
 guny4: it's so fucking obv
 Lightwolf: ok so we got a cc
 PizzaHut: Are there any Doc CC's??
 guny4: they want me to claim
 GoodAtMafia: ..
 GoodAtMafia: I'm shrink
 GoodAtMafia: T_T
 gameslayer001: who cares
 genus: it's too dangerous to lynch someone who may be the shrink
 TheMayor: is it safe for docs?
 guny4: Shrink meeting You choose gameslayer
 guny4: sry
 gameslayer001: ;o
 genus: nobody cares?
 gameslayer001: :)
 guny4: didn't highlight it right
 PizzaHut: Yeah...
 PizzaHut: NL guys
 guny4: NO
 guny4: FUCK NO
 gameslayer001: pizza for mafia
 GoodAtMafia: IF YOU DONT NL
 gameslayer001: lol
 genus: someone else nl
 guny4: !
 PizzaHut: Track him again
 genus: no, ignore guny
 genus: guny doesn't yak here
 guny4: HELL NO
 gameslayer001: how bout we track you
 GoodAtMafia: if you vote me
 gameslayer001: HAMMER
 guny4: !
 genus: ...
 GoodAtMafia: then gameslayer is maf next turn
 GoodAtMafia: ...
 gameslayer001: HAMMER
 gameslayer001: HAMMER HAMMER
 gameslayer001: HAMMER
 gameslayer001: HAMMER HAMMER
 gameslayer001: HAMMER
 gameslayer001: HAMMER HAMMER
 gameslayer001: HAMMER
 gameslayer001: HAMMER
 GoodAtMafia: woah spam

Result: All vote to lynch GoodAtMafia except for PizzaHut, GoodAtMafia, and me. I'm screwed.

Night Two
GoodAtMafia: *sigh*
 GoodAtMafia: unlucky
 invisime: yep.
 invisime: at least you didn't yak thouhg.
 GoodAtMafia: lol
 invisime: then they would know you AND your target.
 invisime: dammit, and doc's alive

Shrink (guny4)-gameslayer001
Tracker (gameslayer001)-PizzaHut
Doctor (TheMayor)-gameslayer001
Mafia (genus)-PizzaHut

Day 2
You followed PizzaHut throughout the night. PizzaHut visited no one.
A bullet hits your vest! You cannot survive another hit!
 invisime: sucks.

 Lightwolf: hit?
 gameslayer001: bp hit?
 genus: who claims hit?
 PizzaHut: A bullet hits your vest! You cannot survive another hit!
 gameslayer001: pizza if u claim hit its pizza
 gameslayer001: LOL
 Lightwolf: also guny games and me are clear
 gameslayer001: pizza nked
 PizzaHut: It's not me, for realz.
 gameslayer001: and is faking
 gameslayer001: easy
 genus: seriously though
 guny4: ........
 genus: that was so fail
 PizzaHut: Fuck it.
 guny4: tracekr report
 gameslayer001: we can afford a miss lynch anyways
 PizzaHut: It's not me.
 genus: oh
 gameslayer001: lose
 genus: he admits it
 genus: ...er
 genus: he doesn't admit it
 Lightwolf: well there is only one mafia
 Lightwolf: so we have a ml
 gameslayer001: yeppers
 TheMayor: pizza wants out
 genus: I don't think we should use it on him
 PizzaHut: Wait.
 gameslayer001: i think we should
 genus: he seems genuinely upset
 PizzaHut: Lynch the hunter.
 PizzaHut: Have the hunter shoot me.
 Lightwolf: and we had a ml yesterday too
 TheMayor: whos hunter
 gameslayer001: even if he isnt mafia it narrows things down
 gameslayer001: makes it better, anyway
 genus: that doesn't make sense
 gameslayer001: it does
 gameslayer001: lol
 gameslayer001: vot
 Lightwolf: who claims what?
 gameslayer001: vote
 gameslayer001: vote
 gameslayer001: vote
 gameslayer001: vote
 gameslayer001: HAMMER
 gameslayer001: :)
 PizzaHut: Stop spamming, gameslayer.
 genus: I can't stand gameslayer
 gameslayer001: tracka fo shizzle
 guny4: how about no pizza
 PizzaHut: I'll report you.
 guny4: >_>
 gameslayer001: good
 genus: seriously
 gameslayer001: report me
 gameslayer001: first lose
 guny4: WAIT
 PizzaHut: I'm sick of retards.
 gameslayer001: WUT
 genus: why are we lynching pizza?
 genus: he's not mafia
 genus: he just doesn't want to deal with you
 guny4: that makes perfect sense
 gameslayer001: he could of Nked and pretended to be a BP
 guny4: hunter claim
 Lightwolf: how do you know that he isn't
 genus: obviously
  GoodAtMafia: lol
 TheMayor: whats pizzas cc
 gameslayer001: why would be waste hunter over this shit
  GoodAtMafia: this is workingo ut well
 PizzaHut: Because genus has some brains.
 Lightwolf: anyone can be mafia bar me, guny or games
 gameslayer001: no mafia is gonna say hes hunter
 PizzaHut: Right.
 gameslayer001: just vote pizza
 gameslayer001: wow ppl
 PizzaHut: So who is CCing bps.
 Lightwolf: no one
 PizzaHut: You know what?
 genus: right but he's so tired of this game
 PizzaHut: I'm sick of your idiocy.
 genus: I'd believe him
 Lightwolf: as only a yakked guy is left
 gameslayer001: lets just NL
 gameslayer001: doc on me, ill track pizza again
 genus: sighroll
 gameslayer001: cmon
 Lightwolf: he is voting the tracker>_>
 genus: you'll find out he's innocent
 guny4: NOW
 PizzaHut: Was the shrink on gameslayer?
 genus: I guarantee you
 gameslayer001: lol
 gameslayer001: :)
 gameslayer001: dunno
 PizzaHut: If not, then gameslayer is yakked.
 gameslayer001: yea im yakked
 gameslayer001: omfggg
 gameslayer001: u got me
 gameslayer001: stfu
 gameslayer001: HAMMER
 gameslayer001: :)
 gameslayer001: (:
 gameslayer001: :)
 PizzaHut: Well if you weren't being a retard...
  GoodAtMafia: oh my toe
 Lightwolf: the shrink was on him
 PizzaHut: I'd be inclined to think otherwise.
  GoodAtMafia: lol
 PizzaHut: Goltemis <3
  GoodAtMafia: i'm going to say that
 Lightwolf: it was stated
  GoodAtMafia: instaed of oh my god
 GoodAtMafia: oh my toe

 gameslayer001: yep yep
 gameslayer001: ditsy hamma
  GoodAtMafia: Gameslayer is so retarded.

Result: 4-3, a no lynch. I hammered the nl...which seems strange. I had an idea, though.

Night 3
No dialog tonight, but I think some context is important. My only shot at this point was to kill the tracker. Otherwise, there would be too many cleareds. I figured that either the doc would screw up, I would get tracked and seem the doc, or gameslayer would assume PizzaHut nk'd. My only move, really, though I see a loss inevitable at this point. There were too many cleareds: guny got good lynched day one, the hunter was around for lynching, the doctor could just claim without anyone doubting them, everyone trusted the tracker, and PizzaHut would get cleared if I tried to kill anyone. No options, period, this game is sealed and shut even if I somehow luck a kill on the tracker. Which I don't.
Shrink (guny4)-guny4
Tracker (gameslayer001)-PizzaHut
Doctor (TheMayor)-gameslayer001
Mafia (genus)-gameslayer001

Day 3
You followed PizzaHut throughout the night. PizzaHut visited no one.
 gameslayer001: LOL
 gameslayer001: LOL
  GoodAtMafia: hmm
 gameslayer001: LOL
 guny4: ?
  GoodAtMafia: that might've been a good idea
 Lightwolf: idle mafia>_y
  GoodAtMafia: on genus' part
 genus: what?
 PizzaHut: *sighs*
 gameslayer001: lets nl again
  GoodAtMafia: invisime
 gameslayer001: just for fun
 Lightwolf: now then can we lynch????
  GoodAtMafia: I think it's better to do this
 GoodAtMafia: Have one maf yak

 gameslayer001: nono
 gameslayer001: this is fun
  GoodAtMafia: but we nk
 gameslayer001: NL
 gameslayer001: ;)
  GoodAtMafia: then the other yak claims bp hit or something
 Lightwolf: no we have a ml so lets lynch
  GoodAtMafia: then we yak NEXT turn
 Lightwolf: oh come on???
 PizzaHut: We have an ML
  GoodAtMafia: or
 Lightwolf: wehy are you not lynching
  GoodAtMafia: if you dont have to
 gameslayer001: yea pizza
 gameslayer001: ur right
 PizzaHut: Just to get his stupidity outta here.
  GoodAtMafia: like yakking next turn is only if you have to
 gameslayer001: lets use it on you
  GoodAtMafia: lol
 gameslayer001: sound good?
 PizzaHut: Let's lynch Game.
 PizzaHut: :)
 gameslayer001: LOL
 gameslayer001: everyone on pizza
 genus: lol
 Lightwolf: games is clear
 guny4: i shirnked him
 gameslayer001: yep
 gameslayer001: :)

Result: everyone lynches PizzaHut, but for some reason guny tries to nl?

Night 4
  GoodAtMafia: lol
 GoodAtMafia: games
 GoodAtMafia: is so retarded
 GoodAtMafia: SOmetimes he's cool
 GoodAtMafia: but i dunno
 PizzaHut: He's stupid.
 GoodAtMafia: this time he's acting so retarded
 GoodAtMafia: he's been good like once xD
 GoodAtMafia: OMG
 GoodAtMafia: GENUS
 GoodAtMafia: PLEASE
 GoodAtMafia: PLEASE

Shrink (guny4)-guny4
Tracker (gameslayer001)-genus
Doctor (TheMayor)-Lightwolf
Mafia (genus)-gameslayer001

Yeah, I killed the tracker. And I still had no shot. Also, there was a lot of back-and-forth spamming in the graveyard the next day that I chose to omit. It basically made the game unreadable.

Day 4
You followed genus throughout the night. genus visited gameslayer001.
gameslayer001, the tracker, has died a bloody death.
 GoodAtMafia: AHAHA
 GoodAtMafia: YES

 guny4: >_>
  GoodAtMafia: lol
 gameslayer001: ahahha
 gameslayer001: this is funny
 GoodAtMafia: that worked well

 TheMayor: damn
 guny4: wow
  GoodAtMafia: he shot you
 guny4: doc
  GoodAtMafia: knowing the doc on you
 GoodAtMafia: then

 Lightwolf: oh so doc hates us or was yakked
 TheMayor: i cc doc
 guny4: wtf is wit you
  PizzaHut: You're a dumbfuck.
 genus: yakked doc?
  GoodAtMafia: when you lynched bp
 GoodAtMafia: then the doc
 gameslayer001: ur a dumbfuck
 GoodAtMafia: would go on someone else
 gameslayer001: any mafia could fake that

 guny4: yea
 guny4: alright
 guny4: i'm cleared
 Lightwolf: Mayor claims doc?
 genus: does anyone want to claim doc?
 guny4: who else is cleared
  GoodAtMafia: Gameslayer, you're being a stupid fucking idiot.
 PizzaHut: I'm not a dumbfuck.
 GoodAtMafia: lol

 TheMayor: i protected lightwolf
  GoodAtMafia: Just saying.
 gameslayer001: LOL
 gameslayer001: NAW
 gameslayer001: whos mafia?

 Lightwolf: :S why?
  PizzaHut: <---- Goltemis :)
 TheMayor: i cc doc
 genus: tickle me a flavor of skeptical
  gameslayer001: dun care
 PizzaHut: Genus is mafia.
 gameslayer001: whos mafia

 guny4: i'm lynching you
  gameslayer001: k
 guny4: for being a dumbshit
 TheMayor: i protected games twice
  gameslayer001: stupid doc
 gameslayer001: wtf

 genus: we have the mislynch if you're legit
  GoodAtMafia: lol
 TheMayor: in a row
  GoodAtMafia: Game, you know why?
 gameslayer001: why

 guny4: AND
 genus: but I don't think you are
 Lightwolf: then why did you not stop doing that?
  GoodAtMafia: cause
 GoodAtMafia: the bp got lynched

  GoodAtMafia: so he thought you might be maf tryin to do that
 gameslayer001: :P

 TheMayor: idk
  GoodAtMafia: then he protected the other clear
 GoodAtMafia: lightwolf

 genus: either way I'd rather not wind up in 2 vs. 1 with you if you are innocent and dumb
  GoodAtMafia: Genus did that all on purpose i think
 guny4: if u are real doc
 guny4: u suck
 TheMayor: i thought he was safe
 genus: because I can not overlook your stupidity
 genus: seriously
  PizzaHut: Genus is smart.
 genus: if you weren't yakked
 DitsyChick: tis me
 genus: you're a moron
 Lightwolf: I have the feeling he is real
  GoodAtMafia: lol
 GoodAtMafia: i think

 guny4: HUNTER
 genus: a total moron
 guny4: IT"S U
 guny4: ?!?!?!
  GoodAtMafia: genus might've done it by luck
 GoodAtMafia: if he did it on purpose

 guny4: ?!?!?
  GoodAtMafia: then he's really good
 Lightwolf: yeah who is hunter?
 genus: she just claimed hunter
  PizzaHut: Yeah.
 GoodAtMafia: my best games were as mafia
 GoodAtMafia: :(

 guny4: why didnt u claim yester
  GoodAtMafia: I've never had great games as town
 PizzaHut: Gameslayer sucks though.
 gameslayer001: no
 GoodAtMafia: I was yakked tracker
 GoodAtMafia: i outed my partner
 gameslayer001: its a possibility you were mafia
 gameslayer001: u were too scummy

 DitsyChick: didnt think it was necessary
  GoodAtMafia: then i kept outing pr's
 gameslayer001: i was going by gut
 GoodAtMafia: because i knew them by elimination
 GoodAtMafia: lol
 gameslayer001: i dont really like u anyways

 guny4: ....
 guny4: lynch hunter
  GoodAtMafia: then in the end
 gameslayer001: :)

 guny4: hunter shoot doc
 TheMayor: why is genus so eager to vote doc off
  GoodAtMafia: the hunter shot the doc
 guny4: lol
 genus: why?
 guny4: genus wat are u
  GoodAtMafia: then i won xD
 genus: blue
 genus: save the hunter for tomorrow
  PizzaHut: Your gut reeks of indigestion and food poisoning :)
 guny4: hm
 Lightwolf: I say we stick to lynching the doc claim
 genus: it's ditsy or mayor
  gameslayer001: guts arent right all the time, ya know
 guny4: i say lynch the hunter
  GoodAtMafia: Gameslayer
 TheMayor: i bet blue was yakked
  GoodAtMafia: dont spam
 PizzaHut: I know.
 GoodAtMafia: that's what annoys me

 guny4: IF I DIE
 gameslayer001: if our gut was right all the time, we would get 100's on tests
 TheMayor: genus is lying
 Lightwolf: no guny if we are wrong we lose
 genus: twinge of panic
 guny4: IF I DIE
  gameslayer001: get all As in school
 TheMayor: i got guny
 GoodAtMafia: i'm going to spam
 guny4: IT"S MAYOR
Massive spamming here from gameslayer and goodatmafia.

 guny4: OR A BP CLAIM

 TheMayor: guny is safe

 genus: what?

 guny4: but wateever

 Lightwolf: how could the Doc protect you if we lynch him?

 TheMayor: yall are goonna regret it

 genus: you say this

 Lightwolf: blame yourself for not doing your work

 DitsyChick: probably

 TheMayor: genus is faking

 guny4: if i die

 guny4: lynch hunter

 TheMayor: yall are screwed

 TheMayor: yall are screwed

GoodAtMafia: i havent played in forever xD
 GoodAtMafia: well not like the way i do for a trophy run
 GoodAtMafia: :)

 TheMayor: are yall sure about this
  GoodAtMafia: but i'll do a trophy run maybe next NEXT trophy run
 GoodAtMafia: :)

 guny4: hammar
  gameslayer001: we win this

Result: everyone lynches TheMayor, except for TheMayor who nl's. Obviously he's the doctor.

Night 5
This was a difficult night for me. I was surprised that I survived to three person, but the jig was up. Either I could kill guny and have hunter/day one hit alive, the hunter for the day one hit/effectively confirmed shrink, or the day one hit for the hunter/effectively confirmed shrink. Ditsy wasn't really paying attention, and guny didn't seem like he would argue well, so I picked arsenic over cyanide or ammonia.

Shrink (guny4)-guny4
Mafia (genus)-Lightwolf

Day 5
lightwolf, the bulletproof, has died a bloody death.
 gameslayer001: yea we won
 GoodAtMafia: bah
 Lightwolf: what damn why kill me
 GoodAtMafia: shoulda shot
 GoodAtMafia: guny

 genus: lynch ditsy, then
  GoodAtMafia: shoulda shot guny
 guny4: i didn't die because
  GoodAtMafia: then you could get lightwolf on your side
 GoodAtMafia: so easy

 guny4: ....?
  gameslayer001: hunter is alive :)
 Lightwolf: no if he does not shoot me then mafia loses
 GoodAtMafia: lol

 genus: it's guny?
  gameslayer001: win win situation
 GoodAtMafia: shoot guny

 guny4: ok
There's a pause. Obviously she's the hunter. I'm screwed
 genus: what?
 guny4: shoot genus
  TheMayor: i knew genus was fake
 Lightwolf: I was clear

 guny4: I"M CLEARED
 genus: you cc'd shrink
 genus: no you aren't
 genus: you seriously cc'd shrink
 guny4: ROFL
 genus: when you were yakked?
 genus: that is fail
  TheMayor: this is yalls fault for lynching me
 guny4: NO U DUMB SHIT
 guny4: ROFL
 guny4: ROFL
 guny4: GG NO RE
 genus: ditsy shoot guny
  GoodAtMafia: lol
 genus: he was yakked and didn't see

Result: the lynched hunter shoots guny, and I win. Was it major fail from the town, or major win for me exploiting it? Reality is a series of staggered planes in constant, random rotation.


Offline Parax

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TSC returns to mafia with a game of epic coincidences and fail (by RR of course). Game 244508 with doc, tracker, vig, granny, two masons, fool, amn, yak, janitor. Players: RingRush, fuzzerd, Saavedro, flyby, Bertin, Paraxade, MbMEtheReal, stefan, FoxRedXiii, moliver. Graveyard, mafia, masons, comments.

Night 1
RingRush: Masonry is a valiant profession
flyby: no mason n1
flyby: do you want to claim or want me to

Paraxade: i'm gonna yak stefan
RingRush: That is a wise decision
RingRush: your choice

moliver: ack, i fucked that up.
RingRush: are you good at claiming
Paraxade: ?
moliver: misclicked and now i can't get the drop down list back..
RingRush: though actually, you will be yakked >_>
moliver: apparently i am janitoring fox
Paraxade: not like it makes much of a difference, we're guessing anyway
Paraxade: oh <_<
moliver: yeah...
flyby: i dont feel like claiming
flyby: too much thinking
RingRush: k
flyby: i feel like running free as a bird~

moliver: oh well ............
RingRush: If it comes up I'll claim
RingRush: yeah well I can change you >:O

Paraxade: :/ see if you can stay alive til night 2 then?

N1 Results
Mason meeting - RingRush votes no one
Mason meeting - flyby votes no one
Vigil meeting - Saavedro votes no one
Fool meeting - Bertin choose Paraxade
Mafia meeting - Paraxade votes Saavedro
Mafia meeting - moliver votes Saavedro
Yakuza meeting - Paraxade choose stefan
Amnesiac meeting - MbMEtheReal choose end meeting
Tracker meeting - stefan votes Bertin
Doctor meeting - FoxRedXiii choose Paraxade
Janitor meeting - moliver choose RedFoxXiii

Day 1
You followed Bertin throughout the night. Bertin visited Paraxade. (keep in mind bertin is fool)
Saavedro, the vigilante, has died a bloody death.
fuzzerd: lol
flyby: mason claim
Paraxade: lolwut
RingRush: I claim millerson
MbMEtheReal: Go go Dr. Gadget!
Bertin: what
Paraxade: yak didn't yak?
Bertin: they didnt yak
Saavedro: oh christ
flyby: will the real mason please stand up
flyby: please stand up
RingRush: I'm millerson
moliver: no yaking.
Bertin: *sits down*
moliver: heh.. gross.
RingRush: and yak didn't yak
stefan: that or
fuzzerd: yak yak yak yak yak.
RingRush: so you know I'm legit if no ccs
stefan: yak was doctored
RingRush: fuck
RingRush: that
MbMEtheReal: Seriously>
Paraxade: i claim miller
stefan whispers to Paraxade: let me guess.
RingRush: no I'm miller
RingRush: and mason
MbMEtheReal: Shouldn't doctor come out with saved, then?
RingRush: I did a double major
Paraxade whispers to stefan: lol
Paraxade whispers to stefan: yep
fuzzerd: doc knows not to doc when theres a yak right? :(
stefan whispers to Paraxade: caught the doc
stefan whispers to Paraxade: this is good
moliver: lol. you better hope so fuzz.
MbMEtheReal: Hm.
Paraxade whispers to stefan: tracker?
stefan whispers to Bertin: claim the wrong person
stefan whispers to Bertin: i know you're the doc
RingRush: amn take vig
fuzzerd: also milkyway midnight bars are AMAZING
stefan whispers to Bertin: you will win if you claim you healed someone you didn' heal
RingRush: 2mourow
Bertin whispers to stefan: not really lol
RingRush: also, no claims
stefan whispers to Bertin: and heal the same person again tomorrow
RingRush: or are we too terrified of doctor antics
MbMEtheReal: Interesting.
MbMEtheReal whispers to stefan: That was intentional, correct?
Bertin: maybe the doc healed the yak...
flyby whispers to RingRush: granny
stefan whispers to MbMEtheReal: WHAT!? I LEAKED!?
fuzzerd: are we supposed to be claiming to RR?
Paraxade: iono, it's weird for the yak not to yak
MbMEtheReal: Bertin, where the hell were you?
Bertin: mastur-uh NOTHING
RingRush: I'd be fine with it
moliver: lol
RingRush: but it depends on if you trust me or not
Paraxade: but could be some mindgame crap i guess <_<
RingRush: :(
fuzzerd: you misspelled master bertin
Paraxade: well I may trust RR's claim
RingRush: *masterdss
Paraxade: but i don't trust him not to fail it up D:
MbMEtheReal: Wait, what did he claim?
Paraxade: miller
fuzzerd whispers to RingRush: green
RingRush: you can trust me to fail at failing it up
stefan whispers to Bertin: i'll make it so
RingRush: I have one miller claim
stefan whispers to Bertin: you visited
RingRush: anyone else?
stefan whispers to Bertin: flyby
stefan whispers to Bertin: ok?
Bertin whispers to stefan: thats fine with me
Paraxade whispers to RingRush: i cc miller
RingRush: two miller claims
stefan whispers to Bertin: heal same, win, ok
fuzzerd: wtf? lol
FoxRedXiii whispers to RingRush: doc
RingRush: three miller claims
MbMEtheReal: CC.
MbMEtheReal: I'm so miller.
RingRush: I'
RingRush: ve got 3 millers and the doc
Bertin: 3 millers
stefan whispers to RingRush: i don't want to claim this in the open
fuzzerd: then we lynch 2 of the miller claims at the same time
stefan whispers to RingRush: but I'm miller
RingRush: Four millers and the doc
MbMEtheReal: Are we seriously claiming right now?
Bertin: 4?
RingRush: I've gotten four miller claims and a doc claim
RingRush: so I guess we are
RingRush: though since yak didn't yak it isn't as crucial
RingRush: since amn can't take him
RingRush: but if doc saved yak
stefan: this stucks
RingRush: we dead
stefan: we have no safe claims
Paraxade: so should we just nl?
stefan: tracker can't claim
RingRush: doctor
RingRush: whisper to me who you saved
stefan: because it will just be yakked
stefan whispers to Bertin: say flyby.
Bertin whispers to RingRush: flyby
RingRush: I got a cc for doctor
RingRush: so 2 doctors and 4 millers
fuzzerd: lol
MbMEtheReal: DUN DUN... DUNN!
stefan whispers to Bertin: why are people even claiming to you
moliver: haha, i think some people might be lying
fuzzerd: I guess we lynch one of the docters and 3 of the millers
RingRush: ...really now?
stefan: why are people even claiming to you
RingRush: I'm mason
Paraxade: i think rr is disguised
stefan: you aren't guaranteed to be forever
MbMEtheReal: GO
RingRush: that is correct
RingRush: but I can tell the other mason tonight
Paraxade: yeah but why would you do that
Paraxade: you'll make yourself lose
RingRush: that is only if maf gets me
Paraxade: which they might?
RingRush: which there is a reason why they shouldn't
RingRush: since I'm an easy lynch target
stefan: doesn't matter
stefan: you'd tell mafia who everyone is
stefan: that's kind of a big deal
RingRush: I have 2 doctor claims and 4 millers
RingRush: not particularly useful
RingRush: >_>
stefan: anyway what's the safe play here
stefan: nl?
stefan: since nobody except rr claiming
RingRush: maybe rl?
Paraxade: yeah we should nl i guess
RingRush: who the doctor claimed saved
moliver: nl or rl really.
RingRush: One of the two doctors claimed they saved a certain person
Paraxade: well you have two doctor claims <_<
RingRush: the other didn't
FoxRedXiii whispers to RingRush: i saved paraxade
RingRush: if the yak really is alive, that might be the safest road
stefan: what if that person is the fool
RingRush: okay, both claimed who they saved
stefan: what if we rl fool
FoxRedXiii whispers to RingRush: Doctor meetingYouchoose Paraxade
RingRush: thenw e are really unlucky
RingRush: and second one included context
fuzzerd: wait both docs saved someone?
Paraxade: we've got potential fool
RingRush: which can be faked
fuzzerd: what fail.
Paraxade: two doc saves]
Paraxade: no idea who's been yakked
Paraxade: if anyone
Paraxade: let's just nl <_<
RingRush: lets just rl one of the two people who were claimed as saved
Paraxade: that's stupid
stefan: well, pick one of the two
stefan: -me-?
stefan whispers to Bertin: ok, you're on the winning side
RingRush: ALso, if this ends up being wrong
RingRush: I fail
stefan: if flyby is fool again
RingRush: nothing else new :p
moliver: sorry bro!
stefan: i'm going to shoot someone
flyby: what
fuzzerd: lol that would be epic
flyby: RR!
flyby: you noob
flyby: rr was my mason partner
Paraxade: i don't get this but whatever
stefan: no hammer
flyby: lynch rr!
stefan: so not fool
stefan: phew~

Village meeting
RingRush votes flyby
fuzzerd votes flyby
flyby votes RingRush
Bertin votes flyby
Paraxade votes flyby
MbMEtheReal votes flyby
stefan votes flyby
FoxRedXiii votes flyby
moliver votes flyby

Night 2
flyby, the mason, has died a bloody death.
stefan: You followed Bertin throughout the night. Bertin visited Paraxade.
flyby: what the crap
stefan: i told bertin I found him out
flyby: also i pwn
Paraxade: lol
stefan: got him to fake claim saving flyby
flyby: stefan is whatever
moliver: hah! nice.
Paraxade: nice
stefan: so now we yak bertin
Paraxade: ok
stefan: because it's only fair for playing along
Paraxade: I'm yakking bertin
stefan: and kill rr the mason
stefan: easy
moliver: no reason for me to jan then right?
stefan: nope
moliver: ok. I am new at this so.. thx :)
stefan: nothing to hide
moliver: you think ring will be doctored?
Paraxade: hope not <_<
stefan: i told bertin to doc the same guy he docced last night if he wants to win
moliver: seems too obvious really, but alirght.
stefan: like, two times
moliver: ah, gg stefan. Let's hope that works.
stefan: and he fake claimed saving flyby for me
stefan: so I don't see how this could fail
moliver: right. on.
Paraxade: why the hell would rr lynch his mason partner lol
Paraxade: he KNOWS flyby isn't yak

N2 Results
Mason meeting - RingRush votes no one
Fool meeting - Bertin choose stefan
Mafia meeting - Paraxade votes RingRush
Mafia meeting - stefan votes RingRush
Mafia meeting - moliver votes RingRush
Yakuza meeting - Paraxade choose Bertin
Amnesiac meeting - MbMEtheReal choose no one
Doctor meeting - FoxRedXiii choose RingRush
Janitor meeting - moliver choose no one

Day 2
Paraxade, the yakuza, has died a bloody death.
fuzzerd: wow
fuzzerd: does even rr fail that much?
MbMEtheReal: Ouch.
moliver: oh wow.
RingRush whispers to RingRush: fu parax
Bertin: ...
moliver: well that settles that.
Paraxade: that was fail <_<
RingRush whispers to RingRush: I end the masonry lind, and you don't even yak me
RingRush: let me just say
RingRush: that significantly backfired
RingRush: >_>
stefan whispers to Bertin: srsly man
Paraxade: XD
Bertin: ya think?
MbMEtheReal: Really?
stefan whispers to Bertin: you were supposed to... ugh
RingRush: maf, jan, amn, me
RingRush: we can sway the vote
fuzzerd: I don't understand the point of lynching your fellow mason
RingRush: with an l
stefan: ringrush
RingRush: *nl
stefan: wtf is wrong with you
RingRush: amn take yak
RingRush: and then yak me the next night
RingRush: stefan, in case you didn't realize, I was trying to kill the masons
RingRush: as I expected a yakking
Bertin: ...
Bertin: lol
stefan: RR IS SO A MAFIA
moliver: you're nuts dude!
Bertin: what a plan
moliver: no kidding.
moliver: that's ballsy..
RingRush: it could have worked
RingRush: if it wasn't for you meddling kids
moliver: haha
stefan: lol
fuzzerd: lol
Bertin: and that umbreon
Bertin: ?
stefan: you're obviously already yakked
stefan: you fail
fuzzerd: too bad this causes us to insta-lose

Village meeting
RingRush votes stefan
fuzzerd votes RingRush
Bertin votes RingRush
MbMEtheReal votes RingRush
stefan votes RingRush
FoxRedXiii votes RingRush
moliver votes RingRush

Night 3
RingRush, the mason, has died a bloody death.

Mafia wins!
Bertin gained 33 points!
Paraxade gained 25 points!
stefan gained 33 points!
moliver gained 28 points!
This game was ranked.
This game is uncompetitive. You get half points!

MbMEtheReal: I was going to take the yak.
Paraxade: my god RR
MbMEtheReal: =(
Paraxade: that was such epic fail
Paraxade: XD
moliver: :) yayayayay
stefan: ok
RingRush: that could have worked
RingRush: really well
stefan: n1: paraxade yaks me
Bertin: stefan: I was fool
flyby: rr you turncoat!
Bertin: :|
stefan: bertin visits paraxade
stefan: I assume he's doctor
Bertin: also paraxade
stefan: >_>
Bertin: FU
stefan: wow
stefan: that
stefan: is
stefan: so coincidental
Paraxade: XD
stefan: I catch it
Paraxade: paradae?
stefan: on my tracker meeting
stefan: and I think it means
stefan: contact paraxade...
Paraxade: well.. that explains a lot at least XD]
Bertin: stefan
Bertin: I WAS FOOL
stefan: who happened to, coincidentially, be the yak who yakked me
stefan: i know that now
RingRush: man
stefan: that worked out so crazily
RingRush: if you didn't think bertin was the doctor
RingRush: my plan could have worked :(
stefan: then bertin I told you to fake claim doctor
stefan: and you did
stefan: hahaha
stefan: then we yakked you
stefan: omg
Paraxade: I'm posting that game in the old thread on tsc
stefan: that was insane
Bertin: I was batmanning most of the game
stefan: I conctacted the person who yakked me
Bertin: how did I win?
stefan: like
fuzzerd: batmanning?
RingRush: idling
Paraxade: XD
stefan: i saw my bertin visited paraxade, and assumed paraade was yak, which he was
stefan: that's SO UNLIKELY
Paraxade: geez stefan stop typoing my name <_<
RingRush: paraade
RingRush: /nick paraade
stefan: the coincidences of that game were insane
Paraxade: and then RR epic fails
Bertin: I vistied paradise?
Bertin: huh
flyby: yeah rr failed majorly
Paraxade: first off RR
flyby: and traitor!
Bertin: I guess it was awesome
flyby: TRAITOR!!!!!!
Paraxade: we have no way of knowing that you wanted to side with us <_<
Paraxade: and you are epic fail
RingRush: well, you probably wanted me
RingRush: due to my doctor knowledge
stefan: false
stefan: we didn't want you
stefan: saved yak meant we were pretty much assured victory anyway
Paraxade: so we may have just figured you were being fail
RingRush: since one of them was probably one of you, so the other one must be the real doctor
Bertin: but they wanted me
Bertin: >_>
fuzzerd: except they thought they knew the doc
Paraxade: stefan was saying that we should yak bertin and be nice for playing along
stefan: because
stefan: i thought bertin was doc
stefan: >_>
RingRush: yeah but I didn't know they thought they knew the doc
Paraxade: because he thought bertin was doc XD
RingRush: I thought they thought I knew the doc
stefan: no
stefan: we wouldn't yak you
stefan: you play stupidly
stefan: sacrifice your mason budyd!?
stefan: dum.
flyby: yeah :(
flyby: very dumb :(
RingRush: why
flyby: should have followed my rl!
RingRush: if I had a logic with it
flyby: i was right!
Paraxade: because it makes no sense?
RingRush: and it would have worked had you not known the doc
flyby: because you never betray flyby!
flyby: first rule of mafia!
Bertin: no
stefan: you know what else I thought was hilarious
Bertin: that rule would be FLYBY IS ALWAYS MAFIA
stefan: "LOOK
stefan: when we were already going to win anyway
stefan: >_>

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some epic watching by me <_< http://www.epicmafia.com/game/index/249615

Offline P.P.A.

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Everything went according to plan and I would have won had I not been so stupid as to yak someone and kill myself. :(

My YouTube profile. Lots of Sonic speedruns~

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And I wanna post this game from yesterday because I was awesome. Even though nobody's probably going to read the whole thing.

Game 1348967
Setup: Blue x2, Mafia, Doc, Cop, Vig, Fool, Hooker
Players: Alondite, Firstkirbyever, Umbrii, ipavkex, THEREALCOPPER, Chalk, luckytangle, Sirocco
Graveyard, Quotes

Night 1
Umbrii: hi
Chalk: Hi
Umbrii: I am going to hook alondite
Chalk: Ok
Chalk: Kill Sirocco?
Umbrii: sure

N1 Results
Fool meeting - Firstkirbyever choose Chalk
Mafia meeting - Chalk votes Sirocco
Mafia meeting - Umbrii votes Sirocco
Doctor meeting - ipavkex choose THEREALCOPPER
Vigil meeting - THEREALCOPPER choose no one

Day 1
After investigations, you suspect that Chalk is sided with the mafia.
Sirocco, the cop, died a bloody death!

Alondite: fuck
Umbrii: well fuck
Firstkirbyever: ouch
ipavkex: ouch
ipavkex: hi
Firstkirbyever: NL?
Umbrii: bad luck
Alondite: awesome
Umbrii: huh, any vig ccs?
Alondite: vig claim?
Firstkirbyever: Copper
Firstkirbyever: bs
Firstkirbyever: I am Vig
Alondite: so can get killed by maf and fool can joint...
ipavkex: do we know who killed sirocco?
THEREALCOPPER: first kirby fool/mafia
Firstkirbyever: You're fool/mafia
Alondite: no idea ipav
Firstkirbyever: wait
Umbrii: is fke actually ccing?
Umbrii: or just jokiing
Firstkirbyever: were you fake claimg?
Umbrii: can't tell with you fke
ipavkex: as in, mafia or vigilante?
Firstkirbyever: I'm ccing
THEREALCOPPER: im the vigil
Alondite: ipav: most likely maf
Firstkirbyever: No, I am.
Alondite: no reason for vigil to shoot n1
ipavkex: ok. what's "cc"?
Umbrii: counterclaim
THEREALCOPPER: its underlined
Alondite: see how it is underlined?
Umbrii: yeah
Firstkirbyever: er
ipavkex: yes, but what does it do?
Alondite: just click underlined words to see what they mean
Firstkirbyever: vigil isn't supposed to shoot N1?
Firstkirbyever: Oh
Firstkirbyever: *cough*
Alondite: shoot and get hooked?
Firstkirbyever: nice to know, I assure you
THEREALCOPPER: ^he's acting stupid
Firstkirbyever: Acting?
Firstkirbyever: er I mean
Alondite: lol
Firstkirbyever: You are
THEREALCOPPER: and doesnt know how to plahy vigil
Firstkirbyever: Copper
Firstkirbyever: I'm an oldbie
Firstkirbyever: This is literally like the
Firstkirbyever: 10th game I've had in maybe 2 years
Alondite: claims to you?
Firstkirbyever: Alondite and Umbrii can pretty much confirm
Alondite: yeah that's not scummy or anything
Alondite: considering that you aren't cleared
THEREALCOPPER: because im the real vigil
Umbrii: yeah
Umbrii: you are the cced vigil
Alondite: with a cc
Firstkirbyever: And yet I cc
ipavkex: what does the cc do?
Firstkirbyever: You're acting really scummy
Alondite: and FKE is always like this
Firstkirbyever: Cross Claim
Alondite: so no reason to believe he's scummy or fool
THEREALCOPPER: cross claim what
Umbrii: ipavkex, mafia is a social game
Umbrii: cc is a social thing
Umbrii: there's only one vigilante in the game
Umbrii: there are two people claiming to be the vigilante
Umbrii: one of them is lying
THEREALCOPPER: oh shiet nvm no cop
THEREALCOPPER: kirby is lying
THEREALCOPPER: but we cant lynch him
Alondite: There's no cop TRC
THEREALCOPPER: cuz idk if he's
THEREALCOPPER: if he's mafia yay
THEREALCOPPER: if he's fool we lose
Firstkirbyever: I say we NL?
Firstkirbyever: doc on me
THEREALCOPPER: doc on me please or we lose
Firstkirbyever: I shoot Cooper
THEREALCOPPER: ima shoot kirby
Firstkirbyever: win, win
THEREALCOPPER: and u lynch kirby
THEREALCOPPER: then we lose
Alondite: TRC seems scummy with the hypo idea
Alondite: with a dead cop
Umbrii: lol well
Alondite: because that makes sense
Umbrii: we can just have the real vig shoot the fake vig
Umbrii: problem solved
ipavkex: copper, who should stay alive?
ipavkex: like, how is most important?
ipavkex: *who
Alondite: yeah let's do that. Doc, don't doc either vig.
THEREALCOPPER: the real vigil
Alondite: so TRC and FKE can shoot each other
Firstkirbyever: Yay!
THEREALCOPPER: alondite u have a personal history with this kid
Firstkirbyever: pewpew
Chalk: Sounds good to me
Firstkirbyever: "kid"
THEREALCOPPER: we nl today
Firstkirbyever: funny
Alondite: personal history is irrelevant
Firstkirbyever: I'm probably much older than you
Firstkirbyever: But that's irrelevant
THEREALCOPPER: and i'll shoot kirby
Firstkirbyever: just nl
Alondite: asking for doc whilst uncleared and cc'd is scummy
Firstkirbyever: doc on no one
Firstkirbyever: er
Firstkirbyever: shoot
Firstkirbyever: I didn't realize that either
ipavkex: haha hooker
Alondite: I'm inclined to believe TRC is maf or fool
Firstkirbyever: either way
Umbrii: i cant really tell
THEREALCOPPER: we need claims
ipavkex: so that's why only one person died, because the hooker canceled?
THEREALCOPPER: everyone clai
Alondite: why do we need claims?
Alondite: everything you say is scummy
THEREALCOPPER: how to handle this
Umbrii: ok everyone claim
THEREALCOPPER: let me think
Umbrii: trc and kirby: vig
Umbrii: everyone else: lue
Alondite: blue
Umbrii: *blue
Umbrii: done
luckytangle: blue.
Alondite: that was effective
Umbrii: very
Alondite: well, just hammer and let the vigs duke it out
Alondite: see what happens I suppose
THEREALCOPPER: kirby is mafia
Firstkirbyever: YEAAAAAAa
THEREALCOPPER: he gonna hook me
Firstkirbyever: I wanna duke it out
THEREALCOPPERL: and kill other innocents
Firstkirbyever: pew pew!
Alondite: we'll see

Village meeting
Umbrii votes no one
ipavkex votes no one
THEREALCOPPER votes no one
Firstkirbyever votes no one
Chalk votes no one
luckytangle votes no one
Alondite votes no one

Night 2
Chalk: Ok
Umbrii: so what do you wanna do?
Chalk: So...
Umbrii: if you have an idea of which vig is real we can go after them
Umbrii: or try to find the doc
Chalk: Kill TRC
Chalk: Dunno who to hook
Umbrii: yeah I was leaning towards him being the actual vig
Umbrii: we're wasting a kill if he turns out to be fool though
Umbrii: doctor seems more pressing...
Umbrii: I dunno
Umbrii: I'm just gonna hook alondite again

N2 results
Fool meeting - Firstkirbyever choose THEREALCOPPER
Mafia meeting - Umbrii vote THEREALCOPPER
Mafia meeting - Chalk votes THEREALCOPPER
Hooker meeting - Umbrii choose Alondite
Doctor meeting - ipavkex choose THEREALCOPPER
Vigil meeting - THEREALCOPPER choose Firstkirbyever

Day 2
Firstkirbyever: well
ipavkex: did nobody die? o.o
Alondite: well this is great
Firstkirbyever: Either doc protect or...
luckytangle: Umbrii said: THAT WAS USEFUL
Firstkirbyever: Hooker
Firstkirbyever: or both
Umbrii: we learned absolutely nothing
Firstkirbyever: I picked copper
Firstkirbyever: Copper is clearly Mafia
Firstkirbyever: or Fool
ipavkex: quite the contrary
ipavkex: lack of death means the doc is good
Chalk: Are we gonna have to nl again?
THEREALCOPPER: doc whisper save please
Umbrii: doc whisper save is a bad idea
ipavkex: because he guessed correctly
Alondite: doc knows who he saved
THEREALCOPPER: but the innocent preson
Alondite: the one he saved is likely not vig though
THEREALCOPPER: and we have a real freaking clear
Alondite: otherwise would have died
Firstkirbyever: that doesn't mean anything though
THEREALCOPPER: we need a fcking clear
THEREALCOPPER: or town loses
Alondite: depending on what the maf did
Firstkirbyever: he could have easily... you know
THEREALCOPPER: we need to trust soeone
Firstkirbyever: I shoot Copper
ipavkex: the mafia had to kill someone right?
Firstkirbyever: Copper is doced
THEREALCOPPER: yea i shot u and i got hooked
Umbrii: the mafia doesn't have to kill no
Firstkirbyever: hm...
Firstkirbyever: something doesn't add up
ipavkex: ahh
Alondite: if maf and vig visit the same person vig dies
Alondite: correct?
Umbrii: no
Firstkirbyever: yes
Firstkirbyever: er
Umbrii: i don't think so
Firstkirbyever: no
Alondite: even if their target is doc'd?
Firstkirbyever: That's Killer
Chalk: Alondite said: if maf and vig visit the same person vig dies
THEREALCOPPER: according to the thing
Umbrii: oh wait yes they do
Chalk: Alon is right
Alondite: yeah it says under the description
THEREALCOPPER: so u have a plan alon?
THEREALCOPPER: loooks like ur onto somehtig
Alondite: so either real vig was hooked
Alondite: and fake vig was doc'd
ipavkex: haha a cop at this point would be nice =D
Umbrii: also lol if we ended up with the fool being cleared
Alondite: or vig target was doc'd and fake vig was hooked?
Alondite: potentially
Firstkirbyever: so uh...
Umbrii: or mafia could've nked and doc saved the vig target
Firstkirbyever: I'm somewhat lost a bit
Firstkirbyever: :U
Firstkirbyever: What should we do?
THEREALCOPPER: we should have doc
Alondite: nl again and let the doc save someone else?
Firstkirbyever: I don't think NLing will do us anything good
THEREALCOPPER: we need a clear
Firstkirbyever: sure
Umbrii: doc outs
Umbrii: then doc dies tonight
Umbrii: and then we're screwed tomorrow
Alondite: FKE and TRC can shoot each other again
luckytangle: I don't think doc should out
luckytangle: he seems to have an IQ
ipavkex: can we establish how many targets there were this night?
Alondite: maybe both will die and one will be fool, lol
THEREALCOPPER: whats the point?
Firstkirbyever: Wrong
Firstkirbyever: I'm going to get hooked
luckytangle: Firstkirbyever said: I'm going to get hooked
Firstkirbyever: and you're going to go around kill everyone else
luckytangle: Hook me
luckytangle: I'm blue
Umbrii: if the doctor just doesn't save whoever they saved last night
Umbrii: then we find out who the actual vig is
Alondite: TRC is either not vig or very bad at this
luckytangle: Alondite said: TRC is either not vig or very bad at this
THEREALCOPPER: i can just get hooked all day
THEREALCOPPER: and then kirby's gonna say the same thing
THEREALCOPPER: he's gonna get hooked all die
Alondite: I'm leary on lynching him though with fool about
THEREALCOPPER: and he's gonna keep me alive
THEREALCOPPER: you know what
Firstkirbyever: lies
Firstkirbyever: you're just going to say what I say
Firstkirbyever: except...
Firstkirbyever: something
Alondite whispers to Umbrii: any thoughts?
luckytangle: Hooker out please
ipavkex: can the vig kill himself?
luckytangle: sop we can end this
Umbrii whispers to Alondite: nothing I'm not voicing in the main chat
luckytangle: Hooker out
luckytangle: only logical decision
Umbrii: hooker claim
Firstkirbyever: copper is clearly fool
THEREALCOPPER: hooker is not gonna claim
Umbrii: then everyone claim to hooker
luckytangle: ^
luckytangle: this
THEREALCOPPER: because hooker is mafia bro
Alondite: TRC is either a bad fool or obvious maf
Alondite: which in essence makes this more difficult...
luckytangle: im hookers pimp
THEREALCOPPER: im the fcking vig
Umbrii: in any case
luckytangle: dw
Umbrii: we're in the same damn boat we were in yesterday
Umbrii: we may as well just nl again
luckytangle: im voting NL
Alondite: I say we nl and doc saves nobody
Umbrii: and wait until something happens
luckytangle: and getting more water
THEREALCOPPER: its not gonna do anything
Umbrii: so we get more information
THEREALCOPPER: doc is just gonna
luckytangle: or lynch neither
Alondite: doc, don't save
THEREALCOPPER: have another clear
luckytangle: and maybe ML the Hooker
luckytangle: :O
Alondite: otherwise we are in this mess again
Firstkirbyever: ^
THEREALCOPPER: im gonna get hooked
THEREALCOPPER: mafia gonna kill other ppl
luckytangle: ur not a boxer
THEREALCOPPER: how is town supposed to win
luckytangle: only boxers get hooked every night
THEREALCOPPER: if im alive and cant do anything
THEREALCOPPER: we need a clear
THEREALCOPPER: doctor should out today
THEREALCOPPER: so they can lead

Village meeting
luckytangle votes no one
Firstkirbyever votes no one
ipavkex votes no one
Umbrii votes no one
Chalk votes no one
Alondite votes no one

Night 3
Umbrii: ok
Umbrii: kirby's vig, TRC is fool, alondite isn't doc
Umbrii: either luckytangle or ipavkex is doc
Umbrii: I would be ipavkex
Umbrii: no point in killing kirby
Umbrii: I'll just hook him and people will stay confused tomorrow
Chalk: Kill lucky, hook ipav
Chalk: Or hook kirby
Umbrii: hooking the vig is a better idea imo
Umbrii: :P
Umbrii: and then we just go for the doc
Chalk: Ok
Umbrii: ipavkex claimed blue on d1
Umbrii: er
Chalk: Kill Luck, hook Kirby
Umbrii: lucky did
Umbrii: so I'd lean toward ipav
Umbrii: but if it's not ipav it's lucky

N3 results
Mafia meeting - Chalk votes ipavkex
Mafia meeting - Umbrii votes ipavkex
Hooker meeting - Umbrii choose Firstkirbyever
Vigil meeting - THEREALCOPPER choose Firstkirbyever

Day 3
Firstkirbyever, the fool, was found dead and dismembered!
ipavkex, the doctor, was taken out.

Firstkirbyever: ow
THEREALCOPPER: believe me now
ipavkex: haha this is interesting
THEREALCOPPER: claims to me
Umbrii: um
Umbrii: everyone's going to claim blue
Alondite: Well that settles that
ipavkex: im still learning, but this seems fun
Umbrii: at least we know who the vig is now
Alondite: My vote is Umbii
Alondite: he's good at being discreet
Umbrii: my vote is alondite
Umbrii: for jumping to conclusions
THEREALCOPPER: good thing we didnt lynch kirby
Alondite: well, fine then
luckytangle: Im still claiming blue
luckytangle: from d1.
luckytangle: Doctor is dead
Alondite: Let me go back and review the other days to see if anyone else seems suspicious
Umbrii: doctor is dead
luckytangle: u retard
luckytangle: can you actually not read?
Alondite: so I don't jump to conclusions
Umbrii: lol
THEREALCOPPER: this takes the cake
THEREALCOPPER: well let me read
Umbrii: yay, wifom
ipavkex: a clear is someone we know for sure is a villager?
THEREALCOPPER: i'll decide
THEREALCOPPER: u guys follow
THEREALCOPPER: im the only clear atm
Firstkirbyever: yes
Umbrii: ok then
THEREALCOPPER: i have 50% chance
THEREALCOPPER: of hitting maf
luckytangle: I call dibs blue claim
ipavkex: and "blue" im assuming is also villager?
ipavkex: yes nvm
Firstkirbyever: blue is just a villager

Umbrii: i'm red
Firstkirbyever: yeah
Firstkirbyever: hover over the icon on the top
Firstkirbyever: it tells your their roles
ipavkex: wait so if you were fool, does this mean you win now?
ipavkex: or are you with the town?
ipavkex: oh i see, nvm

Chalk: Any ideas as to who's maf, TRC?
Umbrii: i don't really see how he'd have a better idea than any of us
luckytangle: Neither.
Umbrii: i guess we at least know it wouldn't be a maf starting the bandwagon at least
Alondite: We've spent so long finding the real vig that we haven't even thought about maf
Umbrii: I dont think anyone expected to still not know after night 2 lol
THEREALCOPPER: yes i dont have any better tahn you guys
Alondite whispers to THEREALCOPPER: I suspect umbii
THEREALCOPPER whispers to Alondite: how do i know ur clear
Alondite whispers to THEREALCOPPER: he's very good at being nonchalant
THEREALCOPPER: give me your fos'
Alondite whispers to THEREALCOPPER: you don't
Umbrii: so who has any ideas?
Alondite whispers to THEREALCOPPER: I'm just telling you what I think
Umbrii whispers to THEREALCOPPER: well, alondite was pretty quick to accuse me today
Alondite whispers to THEREALCOPPER: if he were maf he's have no tell, no scum
Alondite whispers to THEREALCOPPER: which is why I suspect him
luckytangle: my FoS is on Chalk personally
luckytangle: but thats just my 2 cents.
THEREALCOPPER: who else do u think
THEREALCOPPER: give me another fos
Alondite: I think umbii and luckytang
THEREALCOPPER: chalk are u there
luckytangle: I can safely say i'm blue
luckytangle: and am still waiting a CC
Chalk: Hallos
THEREALCOPPER: who do u think is mafia
Umbrii: alon and lucky wouldnt really surprise me at all
Umbrii: maybe alon and chalk
Alondite: I think chalk is inno
Alondite: and lucky pointed the finger at him
Alondite: and umbii pointed at me
Chalk: I got fos on Lucky
Umbrii: yeah, I'm leaning toward lucky
Alondite: for my suspicion of him
luckytangle: You lynch me you lose.
luckytangle: simple as that.
THEREALCOPPER: alondite who were ur 2
Alondite: and I also suspect that he is fos at lucky to throw me off
Alondite: lucky and umbii
Umbrii: alon it's more just
Umbrii: the second the day started you instantly fos'd me
Alondite: just a hunch
Alondite: I know you wouldn't have a trace of scum if you were maf
Chalk: I'm with Alon on this one
Alondite: because you're too good to screw up
Umbrii: so uh
Umbrii: I don't seem like scum
luckytangle: So
Umbrii: therefore i'm scum?
luckytangle: Alon and Chalk
luckytangle: are FoS
Alondite: and you're squeeky clean and rather impartial
luckytangle: that was easy
Alondite: until now
Alondite: I could be wrong
Alondite: but it's just my suspicion
luckytangle: im putting my vote on Chalk
Chalk: TRC
Umbrii: in any case it's wifom so lets just vote
Chalk: You got any fos?
Alondite: I agree
Umbrii: you start the vote trc
Alondite: TRC who do you think?
THEREALCOPPER: idk man this is hard as fck
Alondite: Yeah TSC you are only clear
Alondite: you start
Umbrii: lol TSC
Alondite: er
Alondite: TRC*
Alondite: >_>
Alondite: knew I would do that at least once haha
THEREALCOPPER: okay if it was between
Umbrii: lol
THEREALCOPPER: lucky and chakl
THEREALCOPPER: who would u lynhc
Umbrii: lucky
Chalk: Lucy
Alondite: I'd back you on lucky
Chalk: *Lucky
luckytangle: I'd lynch Chalk personally.
luckytangle: and Shoot Alon.
THEREALCOPPER: im dead tomorrow
luckytangle: I can guarantee you i'm blue.
Alondite: I wouldn't shoot
luckytangle: you'll be hooked either way
Alondite: but proposing a shooting here seems a bit scummy
luckytangle: if Chalk isnt hooker.
Alondite: because if you shoot wrong it's gg
Umbrii: true
luckytangle: It's gg if you ML a blue too.
luckytangle: think about it.
THEREALCOPPER: u called me scummy alon
Umbrii: yeah I really think it's lucky
THEREALCOPPER: everything people do
Alondite: but you're acting a bit scummy
THEREALCOPPER: you know what
Alondite: TRC: true, but there are some more obvious scumtells
Alondite: and fool is oop
Alondite: I don't think it's chalk...
Umbrii: uhh, chalk?
THEREALCOPPER: dont care vote
Umbrii: i thought everyone suspected lucky
Alondite: TRC and other innos, pay attention to how people vote
Alondite: it could give you the answers
luckytangle: GG.
luckytangle: should have voted Alon.
luckytangle: Can't unvote.
luckytangle: just lost the game villagers
THEREALCOPPER: if ur not mafia you would unvote
luckytangle: Should have trusted me.
luckytangle: I'll vote myself just to end this
Alondite: why unvote TRC?
Umbrii: I really dont see the point
Alondite: not maf would also have hammered
Umbrii: we're all picking at random
THEREALCOPPER: because i think 2 of you
Umbrii: let's just go with the consensus
Alondite: er, nvm only lucky hasn't voted
THEREALCOPPER: 2 out of you 3
Alondite: well there are two maf left
Alondite: so two of us are maf
luckytangle: I'm the only one to claim blue
Alondite: everyone claims blue
Alondite: im blue too
THEREALCOPPER: we get chalk
Alondite: so is umbii
Umbrii: that's because everyone else's blue claims were implied lol
Alondite: ok, I'll follow
Umbrii: oook then

Village meeting
Umbrii votes Chalk
Alondite votes Chalk
luckytangle votes Chalk

Night 4
Chalk, the mafia, will never dance again.

N4 Results
Mafia meeting - Umbrii vote THEREALCOPPER
Hooker meeting - Umbrii choose THEREALCOPPER

Day 4
THEREALCOPPER, the vigil, has kicked the bucket.
luckytangle: Told you.
Umbrii: hm
Alondite: well, Umbii...
luckytangle: How easy was that
Alondite: now this is interesting
Umbrii: I'm actually not sure now
Firstkirbyever: go town
Firstkirbyever waves white flag
THEREALCOPPER: who's mafia
Chalk: Umbi
Firstkirbyever: Umbrii

Alondite: lucky was pointing fos at chalk
Alondite: you were pointing fos at lucky and i
Chalk: xD
Alondite: correct?
luckytangle: Yes.
Alondite: just trying to get everything out so I can think about this
Umbrii: true
Umbrii: I also said it could've been you and chalk
Umbrii: I dunno
Umbrii: it could still be lucky
Alondite: this is tough
Alondite: Both the people I suspected are left, haha
Alondite: one of you is obviously inno
THEREALCOPPER: damn you kirby
Alondite: i need to read back again
Firstkirbyever: Alondite said: one of you is obviously inno
Umbrii: or both of us are... >_>
]THEREALCOPPER: gave me a hella hard time
Firstkirbyever: derp

Alondite: ture, haha
Firstkirbyever: Well, yeah
Alondite: true*
Firstkirbyever: I'm fool
Firstkirbyever: it's my job
Firstkirbyever: Either help the Mafia or Town
THEREALCOPPER: u have to pretend to be

luckytangle: Lemme know when you've decided.
Firstkirbyever: I know how to play fool
Umbrii: what do you think lucky
Umbrii: ?
Firstkirbyever: I pretended to be Vigil thank you very much

luckytangle: Honestly
luckytangle: Between the 2 of you
luckytangle: I don't know
Firstkirbyever: I was expecting Mafia to pick up on my key hints
luckytangle: I almost changed my FoS of Chalk
Alondite: I just always assume you're scummy Umbii because you're usually very good at playing maf haha
luckytangle: to the 2 of you
Firstkirbyever: for a mafia/fool join
Firstkirbyever: t

Umbrii: alondite, that's uh
luckytangle: cute.
Umbrii: not the greatest thing to go off of
Alondite: I know
Chalk: Sorry Kirby
Alondite: But if you were maf you'd have done nothing to give yourself away
Firstkirbyever: :<
Firstkirbyever: It's fine
Chalk: I suck at maf :P

Alondite: so it's hard to find evidence
Umbrii: but if I was town I would've done nothing to give myself away too
Umbrii: so
Alondite: I have to think outside the box a bit
Alondite: exactly
luckytangle: I'm going back to day 1
luckytangle: see you guys in a few mins
Umbrii: meh may as well do the same
Alondite: Yeah I'm going to read back as well
luckytangle: Alondite said: if maf and vig visit the same person vig dies
luckytangle: ipavkex said: can we establish how many targets there were this night?
luckytangle: Alondite said: maybe both will die and one will be fool, lol
luckytangle: Umbrii said: hooker claim
luckytangle: Umbrii said: then everyone claim to hooker
luckytangle: Alondite said: TRC is either a bad fool or obvious maf
luckytangle: Just had to paste those for reference for myself.
Umbrii: meh I kinda have a hunch that it's alondite
luckytangle: Im honestly still on the fence
luckytangle: Maf has played well.
Alondite: I think it's lucky
luckytangle: Kudo's to them
Alondite: something just seems...not quite right
ipavkex: shoot i lagged out for a while

luckytangle: Because i'm actually town.
THEREALCOPPER: i knew it was umbrii
luckytangle: Madness.
THEREALCOPPER: but i never told them
Alondite: probably

luckytangle: wanna lynch me off and yell THIS IS SPARTA?
luckytangle: Cause maf would win if so.
Alondite: not really
Umbrii: lucky for fool confirmed
Alondite: I'm still thinking
Alondite: lol
luckytangle: I'm quite the good fool actually.
Alondite: Umbii has expectedly done very few suspicious things
Umbrii: there's just like
Umbrii: not a whole lot to go off of
Umbrii: nothing much sticks out to me
Umbrii: I just have a hunch
Alondite: same
Alondite: There is one thing that you said that stands out in my mind
luckytangle: times like these I wish i could PM the spectators
Alondite: but that's it
Umbrii: what's that?
luckytangle: go on alon.
Alondite: Umbrii said: or mafia could've nked and doc saved the vig target Alondite: not sure
Umbrii: err what's suspicious about that
Alondite: It just seems like something you might actually do haha
Alondite: nk to fuck with us
Umbrii: I wouldn't have nked there
luckytangle: I thought so too.
luckytangle: which is why the doc died the next night
Alondite: but lucky seems generally more scummy
Alondite: though I expect that anyway
Alondite: so it's no help
Umbrii: I would've killed a random person to try to find the doc
luckytangle: Maybe you did.
luckytangle: and the doc saved.
luckytangle: and the vig got hooked
luckytangle: and obv the fool couldnt do anything.
Umbrii: maybe
Alondite: I also would have pegged ipav as doc
Alondite: And I'm pretty sure you would have as well
Alondite: I could be, and probably am, wrong
Alondite: but there's literally nothing to go on
Umbrii: yeah.. I just think it's alondite
Umbrii: I'm just gonna vote
Umbrii: we're running in circles otherwise
Alondite: well, I think it's you, so I'm just going to vote and leave it up to lucky
luckytangle: I hate this part.
Alondite: lol
Alondite: no pressure
luckytangle: Sorry town if i'm wrong
Alondite: np
luckytangle: I really have nothing to go off of.
Umbrii: hint: it's not me

Village meeting
Umbrii vote Alondite
luckytangle votes Alondite
Alondite votes Umbrii

Game Over!
Mafia wins!
This game was ranked.
This game is uncompetitive. You get half points!
Umbrii gained 90 points!
Chalk gained 90 points!

luckytangle: FU
Umbrii: :3
Alondite: fucking knew it
THEREALCOPPER: i didnt tell u guys
THEREALCOPPER: i was gonna type
THEREALCOPPER: fos umbrii and chakl
luckytangle: Sorry
THEREALCOPPER: i got distracted
Umbrii: that
luckytangle: I really had nothing to go off.
Umbrii: was fun
THEREALCOPPER: i worke dso hard
Alondite: that was a fucking intense game
Umbrii: yes it was lmao
Alondite: awesome
Alondite: Did you actually NK umbii?
Umbrii: no
Umbrii: I wanted to try to find the doc
Umbrii: chalk wanted to kill TRC
Umbrii: so we went with that
Umbrii: then when no one died I thought kirby was the vig lol
Alondite: lol

man, that vig was bad

Offline Alondite

« Reply #53 on: September 09, 2012, 05:34:08 am »
Oh shit I forgot about this topic!

Yeah... TRC was the worst vig I've ever seen, I think. Also I got to thinking that I could have done a better job convincing Lucky you were maf. I never really suspected him when it was down to the three of us. He seemed...harmless, I suppose. We suspected each other, so if he were maf he would have just sided with one of us and that would have been that.

With that in mind, I should have convinced him that you only suspected me because I suspected you first, that if you suspected him you were painting yourself into a corner because you knew I was going to vote you. If you voted him and I voted you, he would then have to vote you or there would be no lynch and maf would win.

I don't think he would have been able to figure out the fairly obvious flaw in that line of reasoning.

Offline Luxray

« Reply #54 on: September 09, 2012, 01:45:14 pm »
Possibly one of the best setups we've found: http://www.epicmafia.com/game/1352060
Sorry, unranked, can't copy paste :<

EDIT: Day 1, Lightkeeper dies, we all go a bit crazy from there.
« Last Edit: September 09, 2012, 01:50:41 pm by Luxray »
<+DsS|away> eat a dick
<+GerbilSoft> actually i could

<Umbreon> sleeping with cruizer is awesome

Offline Luxray

« Reply #55 on: September 12, 2012, 04:23:59 pm »

N1 Town win, try to guess.
<+DsS|away> eat a dick
<+GerbilSoft> actually i could

<Umbreon> sleeping with cruizer is awesome


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