SDA presents Awesome Games Done Quick 2012!


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SDA presents Awesome Games Done Quick 2012!
« on: December 28, 2011, 09:22:01 pm »
Well, you guys must be used to this from me by now but in just a few days time my buddies at Speed Demos Archive are, once again, bringing in the New Year in style, with speedruns!

Awesome Games Done Quick 2012 will, as always, be streamed on SDA's front page. It's going to extend from the 4th of January through to the 9th, and feature over 100 speedruns, including a few from some familiar faces!

Most relevantly to you guys, Thursday night is going to feature plenty of Sonic action, where I'll be running Sonic 2 and 3, followed by a race between yoshifan and Psyknux on Sonic Adventure 2! I'm also going to be running Pokemon Red or Blue on Sunday morning, and yoshifan will be running Mario Galaxy on Sunday night.

During the event we'll be collecting donations for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, a nonprofit organization that saves lives through cancer research, education and community outreach. By donating as little as $5 you can get yourself in the running to win some really awesome prizes, such as hand-knitted plushes, perlers, artwork, games, and other great stuff like a Sonic comic collection and Super Meat Boy-themed meat tenderizer!

See you there, starting January 4!

<3 Thorn.


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