Ever wondered how...

Speed - Ever wondered how...

Submitted by mike89

...to get 16 seconds for Moon Zone? Well lucky you is about to find out!

First, set your options to Normal difficulty if you want your time to count. For Easy, the record is 14:87 (also held by me).

OK, at the start, Warning! will flash on the screen. Robotnik appears at about 4 seconds - don't try and hit him, he's too high, and he stops, costing you time. Stay slightly off the right hand side of the screen, and then just before he appears (practise the timing for this, it's around 6 seconds) jump and attack, then jump and attack again before his hands go up. Wait for him to drop his first hand, then jump - yes, you can just hit him at this stage - and attack above the hand for hit 3.

The next two (or possibly 3, I suppose) are the hardest to get for speed. When he raises his second arm, you can actually sneak under it and grab a hit - so long as you don't hit the hand itself. It is very possible to grab 2 hits here, making 5. However, hit 5 is very hard, as you have to contend with a ball that captures you. Hit 4 should be made dropping right in front of the hand that has already been lowered, however, when you go for hit 5, pull back to your left to avoid the ball.

If you manage to land hits 4/5 successfully, and without hitting one of the hands on the way, grab hits 6, 7 and 8 before you're obstructed - if you don't get them quick enough there'll be far too many rocks in your way to hit him quickly.

That should get you something under 17 seconds. Go for 16! ^_^

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