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Submitted by Groudon199

These tricks apply to every stage: At the beginning, perform a jump dash (the exact timing for the dash itself varies for each stage, but try to land as close to the first orb[s] as you can). Boost as soon as you collect the first orb(s) or land from a jump. Jump dash over any obstacles you can't run past. Avoid springs and rainbow rings, as they'll slow you down. Dash panels keep you at boosting speed for a few seconds and prevent your boost gauge from emptying.

For special stage 6, jump dash ASAP, then collect the orbs on the left. When you boost, make sure you collect enough of the first orbs so that your boost doesn't run out. Shortly after, there's a group of spikes along the bottom half and 2 sets of rainbow rings to launch you across. It's faster to run along the top half, but you'll run out of boost shortly before reaching the next orbs. Instead, jump dash over the spikes.
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