100 Rings, Max Air, and their usefulness (Since that couldn't fit in type)

100 Rings/Max Air & Usefulness - 100 Rings, Max Air, and their usefulness (Since that couldn't fit in type)

Submitted by Quartz

Well, I figured I'd put up this guide for those curious of where these were located. Besides, some might be struggling trying to find or use these in their times.


Metal City:

100 Rings - Make the first long jump to the upper route by holding your jump enough, then jumping while holding forward. A bit farther and one will see it floating in the air. Jump to the arrow sign to the left of the capsule. I find most don't seem to know how to get to this and try to jump for it normally. Sure tricked me.

Max Air - None.

Efficiency - The 100 ring capsule is quite useful here, though you'd need to boost once you land to maintain speed, or start slow again and work your way up. It all depends on how you manage your run.


Splash Canyon:

100 Rings - At the right of the area after the first grind rail. It's behind the second or third small waterfall. You can't miss it if you go out of the way to see it.

Max Air - None

Efficiency - Worthless if you're going for a time run. You're better off turning sharp and jumping up to the upper ledge on the left side after the right turn. The right of the first row of capsules has 30 rings, as well as the left of the second. That's a level 3 without going the long way.


Egg Factory:

100 Rings - To the left of the spinning egg-container-things before the fork that leads to either the automatic path or a u-turn to a similar automatic path. Be careful not to fall off.

Max Air - None

Efficiency - Well, this is an all-or-nothing grab here, so if you feel you can't take the risk, it might be safer not to. It may be what you need for a record time run, though.


Green Cave:

100 Rings - There are two ways to do this. If you can use the flight accelerators in the vine area, press A between the second and third accelerators to land on the highest vine, which will take you to the capsule. If you can't, and you're lucky, try to use turbulence (if it's on the right vine) to your advantage and trick off it.

Max Air - A somewhat skinny vine to the right of the last right turn before the jump to the triple web shortcut. An easier way to see it is if you take the second power shortcut and go a bit right after you leave it.

Efficiency - Not only is the 100 Rings helpful, that same path is the shortest route to the centipedes if taking the flight route. And the max air route also cuts a corner and lines you up for the triple web shortcut.


Sand Ruins:

100 Rings - After the first flight shortcut (which is to the right of the big jump). Another way to get there is by charging a jump and holding back as you jump. For the latter, a pillar falls as it's approached, serving as a ramp. It remains the other two laps.

Max Air - You can jump at the earliest possible moment a bit right of the first power shortcut jump, but you can also get it by going around that shortcut and riding to it. Simply boost over the sand hill to the right of it and rid your way there

Efficiency - I'm not certain about the 100 rings... My time was dependant on it, but I don't have the best time here. The max air's a nice insurance policy of you're running out of air, but it's located behind the biggest jump in the course, which allows for X tricks. But I guess if you stop boosting by the time you grab it, you can boost and try to regain the air by jumping and shave around a second or so.


Babylon Garden:

100 Rings - Simple. After the automatic path/fighter ride, you'll turn then go past a quarterpipe with a flight shortcut. Don't take it. A fighter will blast an area that will form a gap with a jump to it (You'll notice the jump beforehand as the jump ramp sticks out). Make sure you hold your jump and hold back as you actually jump.

Max Air - None

Efficiency - Definitely useful. But make sure you jump at the right time. Don't want to fall, after all.


Digital Dimension:

100 Rings - After entering the heaven path, go to the left of the first building. When you grab it, turn to the right a bit and boost or else you'll fall (unless you can fly. It's a flight path). You might have to fine-tune this one as you won't see your landing point until after leaving the ground, depending on your camera.

Max Air - None

Efficiency - Another one you should grab if you want to attempt a good time run. It may be out of the way, but it helps in the long run.



100 Rings - None

Max Air - You have to take the turbulence path near the beginning to reach a plank to the right of the main path. It's out in the open.

Efficiency - Useless. It's a turbulence-only path, and if you want a good race time run, you'll probably pass the others soon after or at the starting line. And you can gather rings easily here. You get fifteen from going through the Samba de Amigo circles from a charged jump, and ten or fifteen from the Super Monkey Ball goal (10 on the first lap, 15 otherwise).


Night Chase:

100 Rings - Jump off the end of the second right quarterpipe in the traffic section. It's somewhat tricky to get, as you actually have to use A to jump off.

Max Air - None

Efficiency - Definitely helpful overall. Grab it ASAP.


Red Canyon:

100 Rings - It's after the waterfall, to the left of the downhill path. You can't miss seeing it, and you don't even need to jump it.

Max Air - None

Efficiency - It helps.


Ice Factory:

100 Rings - Between the first and second egg spinning things from Egg Factory (Though they aren't spinning, since they've been iced over).

Max Air - Soon after the 100 rings there's a whole row of boost pads. Do a REALLY sharp turn and you'll enter a power shortcut with it (by breaking an ice wall). Power only, I'm afraid.

Efficiency - The 100 Rings is useful. The max air won't be accessed if you're trying to beat the record, though.


White Cave:

100 Rings - The vine with it is to the right of the main path. You can either fly there, making note to be facing right a bit to reach it, or you can jump to the right somewhere near the flight ramp. Make note, the jump is trickier. Jumping for it will require some practice. Anyhow, the vine's gravity will let you land on it.

Max Air - None

Efficiency - The 100 Rings is useful, and the path is the quickest to the centipedes once again. Definitely useful.


Dark Desert:

100 Rings - It is on the turbulence shortcut after the first turn.

Max Air - None

Efficiency - If you're not worrying about a time run and you can use the turbulence, feel free to grab it. But it might be easier just to grab rings as you go.


Sky Road:

100 Rings - On the second lap, a fighter will blast a bit of the right of a straightaway after the turn after the long jump that leads to the turbulence. Do not take the turbulence so you can jump the gap for the rings. You'll have to charge your jump.

Max Air - Repeat 100 Rings, except it's the third lap and it's the left of the straightaway. And it's a bit farther than the 100 Rings capsule.

Efficiency - Worthless in a time run, as you completely skip these when you take the plane turbulence shortcut.


Babylon Guardian:
None whatsoever. If you want a good time, use Super Sonic, manage your rings well, and hug corners.



100 Rings - In the Chu Chu Rocket section (the one with the arrows), turn 90 degrees left and make sure to jump over the arrows. You can go for it yourself, but it'd be easier if you hit the yellow tile arrow at the left wall.

Max Air - Same deal, but don't turn when you enter and hop over the arrows in front of you. And again, it'll be easier just to hit the yellow arrow. To make things easier, jump over the arrows on the left of the row so when you reach the wall, you'll hit the arrow.

Efficiency - I don't know about a high booster time run as I have yet to practice this with that, but the 100 rings helps if you need a quick level 3. Getting to the max air might cost you a second or two, but it's not too far out of the way if you need it.


Well, this is all I know of. As far as I know, the rest aren't there. But this is probably all you'll need.
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