Full TA Walkthrough of Blizzard Peaks 2

Route Plan - Full TA Walkthrough of Blizzard Peaks 2

Submitted by SpinDashMaster

This level has a countless array of dizzying tricks, starting right from the opening spring! Fear not, I have listed herein the secrets in each and every move needed to optimize your time here.

Right from the opening spring, when you would press A for you third sequence in the opening trick, instead neatly time A, B, Y, R, and Up, all simultaneously. If done correctly, Sonic will perform a unique Up-trick that does not have a lag time AND gains a hefty chunk of rush fuel!

Next, you need to land on the flat tip of the ice slide, not rushing. Slip off the edge of this, turn left, and airdash to land on (or hopefully beyond) the tip of the next ice slide. Fall into the slide below, and use it to gain some more trick points.

Why am I making you not use the ice slides? It is faster to tiptoe over them than to ride them!

By now, your rush gauge better be full, because you're about to storm this level full-blast. If you fail to keep fuel in your rush gauge, it will be devastating to this attempt.

Activate the rush when you land in the next slide (the one before the icicles), and continue to hold the rush for the remainder of the level. Ttrick immediately off of this slide, aiming under the spring platform and directly into the icicles. Jump and airdash through the icicles, maintaining your rush all the while. Land atop the loop. Up ahead is a corkscrew. Jump over it to save time. Before falling into the frozen branch mechanism, jump low into the ice slide ahead. When you're high enough, trick into the next slide, and again off of that slide to the Checkpoint.

Checkpoint 1 Average- 0:13:7x

It will take you a mere seven seconds to reach the next marker. Jump from the end of this road to the rail ahead, using an airdash, and avoiding the icicle above. This rail curves downward. Jump from the proper angle in the curve, and you will gain speed as you hit the road near the corkscrew. Go through this corkscrew; you are in a state of game-unnatural speed which will be killed by a jump.

The trick ramp at the end of the road should guide you to a series of hoops. Right trick just before the last one for a major boost. You'll land just beyond Checkpoint 2.

Checkpoint 2 Average- 0:20:9x

Jump from the curve in the road into the two icicles, and cross ahead into the downward slope. (You should not have needed to use a springboard.) This slope is very steep, which means a downward jump will make you reach the floor before the slope will, so do that. Up ahead is a half-pipe to trick from. Try to jump over as much of this as you can, then Right trick out of it and onto the loop ahead.

It's OK to have burned out your fuel by this point, because there is a max-gauge box atop this loop, to fill you back up. Rush up the rail ahead, downhill-jump from the wall, run through the loop, then BRAKE at the branch.

Before you get caught in the time-consuming spring operation, face left as the branch begins to bend to form a slope, then use it to rush-jump (see my sonic rush guides if you don't know what this means) upward to the road above!

Run as fast as you can towards Checkpoint 3 and use this brief moment of straightaway to brace for the final stretch.

Checkpoint 3 Average- 0:32:5x

Before the road slopes down, you should see a rail ahead. Jump to that, and try to land on the downward-sloping part of it. Use R-tricks on this rail to keep your gauge star spinning.

Jump high and far from this rail before it dumps you into an ice slide. (If you find it difficult to jump from rails using A, try B+Up.) You should land in front of another half-pipe. Treat this like the last one: Jump over as much of it as you can, then land into it.

The hardest part of the TA is this Right Trick. You must time it just before Sonic would hit the ceiling/wall, so that you head for the spring platforms that raise you to the upper road. Use left/right-tricks to maneuver from platform to platform until you reach the upper road on your right.

The road has a slight upward slope ahead. Use it to rush-jump to the right, so you are falling into the hole ahead with the acceleration of gravity already helping you.

When you fall, be ready to go LEFT. You'll go through a loop, then reach an icicle. Slide down it, then jump across the other icicles.

From the last icicle is a blind jump. You want to land on the tip of the ice slide, just like in the beginning of the act. Slip off, and instead fall into this next ice slide.

Do not trick from this next slide until I tell you. First, from the launch of the slide, go as far left as you can, then turn back to the right. You should me moving right and be just under the slide you launched from. Right-trick from here, and if you're lucky, you'll barely make the last road without needing the ice slide underneath. Blast with full force to the finish line for the win!

Average Finish- 0:55:5x
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