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Strategy - More damage than a... damaged... thing...

Submitted by Groudon199

Really, there's nothing too difficult about this boss in general. However, much like all other Rush/SRA bosses, luck plays a big factor in getting a fast time. So let's break it down.

The cannons on the sides are, obviously, the key to even REACHING the boss. It doesn't matter which one you use for any of these hits, especially the first one. Basically, you want to drop the electrical barrier around the cannons as fast as possible. The fastest way to do this is to jump into it until it drops (which obviously means you'll be taking damage). The optimal number of jumps you want to hope for is 2, but you have to get lucky (sometimes, it'll take you 5 jumps). I haven't found a specific way to jump in order to get the 2-hit minimum every time.
After dropping the barrier, you have to destroy the barrel of the cannon before you can get in. Depending on the boss's health, you'll have to deliver more hits to get rid of the barrel. If you dish out 6 hits each time you blast into the boss, this is the pattern of barrel hits you will go through: 1-3-3-6-6-6
Once you destroy the barrel, blast yourself into the boss. After landing a perfect hit, use Blaze's hover to make sure you don't fall below the boss's weak spot. Get in 6 hits (5 if you exclude the initial hit).

From this point onward, luck plays a huge factor. Basically, try to hope you can drop the barriers in 4 hits or less. If the boss uses his laser blasts or anything where he drops down to your level and you're getting in the cannon, you'll be stuck waiting for a couple seconds until the attack stops and/or he returns to the top screen.
If he summons red/green Bullet Bill-type things, jump into the red one if it won't cost you any time. This will do a bit of damage to the boss (since it'll be bounced back at him) plus it will make the cannon target move faster (which obviously speeds up the process).
When you deliver the last hit to drop his health to zero, he'll start his finishing attack. From the time you blast into him for the final time to the time you can deliver the finishing blow is about 27 seconds. You can do the math from there.

That's the basic strat for a fast time. Problem is that luck is a major factor for this boss (hell, ALL bosses in this game). So best of luck to all.
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