The Sonic Center Constitution of Infallibility


Overview: The Sonic Center is the best site ever. Under no circumstances is this statement to be challenged, and any User who challenges this statement will be subject to the BANHAMMER.
TSC specializes in the completion of Sonic games at an exceptionally high standard. Its Users carry this standard into all its other facets of their daily lives: high standards of ethical and moral conduct, intelligence and melee combat are paramount.

Part I — Roles of Users

Do note that submitting exceptional statistics, being a funny and friendly member of the community, and curing cancer are not sufficient grounds for a promotion to the next member group. Promotions are given in the form of the gods playing eenie-meenie-miney-moe and striking the chosen user with an empowering bolt of lightning.

Part II — Rules of the Site

  1. The Site is to be used for the sole purpose of the submission of Statistics to be ranked against other Users, or Guides or Videos explaining the methods by which these Statistics may be attained. An exception to this rule is for people in the Liar category, who can submit anything they like for 45 minutes and are then permanently removed from the site, along with all of their Statistics. They can then return to GameFAQs and talk about what big n00bs we are for getting duped by them.
  2. At the bottom of the main page is a “News Updates” bar, where the most recent ten notable achievements are stored. This is generally used by Users to show off and profess their coolness. It is also used by liars to make their achievements more noticeable, and for random garbage when a faulty submission is removed and all former record holders have their accomplishment reinstated simultaneously.
  3. As the traffic on TSC directly impacts on world events, it is the Administrators’ civic duty to keep traffic, and hence the world, in balance. Therefore if Iran starts firing nuclear weapons at the West, the administrators reserve the right to ban all they deem necessary until the problem is resolved.
  4. Points obtained in officially sanctioned Tournaments are not redeemable for Sitewide Points, or vice versa. This is usually a non-issue, as Tournament officials will usually forget about the Tournament two weeks before its scheduled end.
  5. Exactly half of Users must be named either Mike or Dan, even if TSC has an odd number of members. This means Users may have to change their name periodically or split themselves in half to comply. Mikes tend to have high Agility, Intelligence, and Magic stats, whereas Dans excel in Attack, Defense, and HP; choose your alignment wisely. Also note that Mikes prefer Phoenix Wright and Dans prefer Miles Edgeworth.
  6. The Triforce was originally planned to be a collectible object in TSC, but was removed before release. Rumors state that the Triforce still exists deep in a seldom-visited directory, but all followers of these rumors have only brought themselves anguish via hidden RickRolls on the site.
  7. After submitting a stat, you may be subjected to a drug test. Use of any of the following illegal substances is grounds for disqualification from the competition:
    Super Sonic Grow Lightning Shield Speed Shoes Flame Shield Invincibility Bubble Shield Clock
  8. The Sitewide Rankings are the best measure of competition skill. They are to be ignored, seeing as the only games that matter are Sonic 1/2/3 & Knuckles and the Sonic Adventure series.
  9. There is no Sonic Shuffle competition, or Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis, or Sonic Spinball, or Sonic Blast, or Sonic Pinball Party, or Sonic Labyrinth, or Tails' Skypatrol. Learn to live without.
  10. The Shadow the Hedgehog game was a return to form after the gimmicks of Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Heroes. It consists of about 85% running around and platforming and 15% shooting, all with only one character. However, it has guns and angst and thus may not be respected.

Part III — Rules of the Forum

  1. You can say whatever you like, pretty much. It is recommended that you remove the key to the left of "A" on your keyboard, to prevent accidentally finding the rare exception to this rule.
  2. If your name is Paul Corby, don’t post.
  3. Take another look at Rule 2 just to make sure.
  4. If you’re pressing Submit on your third one-liner in a row, you might want to stop and think about the quality of what you’re posting.
  5. If you’re having problems with flood control, see rule 4.
  6. If your sigs are longer than your posts, see rule 4.
  7. Be nice.
  8. If you’re having problems with rule 7, don’t expect people to like you.
  9. Don’t quote anything you’re not responding to, since we’ve already read it once. Also, if you're responding to the most recent post in a topic, consider using a ^ or simply responding instead of quoting the ten-page report on Sonic Team's decline in quality contained in the previous post — Quote and Reply are different buttons for a reason.
  10. Coloured text is pointless and annoying. Also, colored text is pointless and annoying.
  11. The photo option is never to be used. Learn to use ImageShack.
  12. thos of u who talk lik dis will be even more ostracised in here than usual.
  13. Users are required to observe a certain Standard of Epicness. This standard should be observed at all times, without fail, under threat of BANHAMMER.
  14. Topics such as "Who would win in a fight, Knuckles or Shadow?", "If you were Perfect Chaos what would you do?", and forum games are great for showing how creative you are and for eliciting fun-to-read responses. Don't ever make these topics.
  15. All topics can be made awesome by adding a GIF of an Ace Attorney character. No objections to this rule will be sustained.
  16. All topics have been won by User douglas, even if he hasn't yet posted in them. Therefore, you shouldn't even try to win a topic; you are destined to fail epically.

Part IV — Rules of the Chatroom

In the Chatroom, some roles are changed. They are detailed below:

Additional things of note not related to user roles:


Overview: As mentioned earlier, TSC is the best site ever. Therefore, by a simple process of deduction, this means that other sites are of lesser worth to Users than TSC. However, the amount of worth that can be derived from these sites varies, as explained below.

Part I — Other Sonic the Hedgehog-related Sites

Part II — Other video game competition-related Sites

Part III — Permissible Non-related Sites


Overview: In any walk of life, people come across things that they were not aware of before, and yet are just as true as the sky being blue, or day following night, or pigs being able to fly. In this section these universal truths which Users should observe at all times are documented.

Part I — Universal Truths pertaining to The Sonic Center

Part II — Universal Truths pertaining to other sites


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