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Visitor Orientation

Welcome to TSC!

You've reached the Sonic Center, the premiere resource for the best Sonic video game players. We specialize in speed, with time attack competition rankings as our flagship offering, and have over 100 videos of speed runs from the best players in the online Sonic community. And our site is driven by the most advanced web design of any Sonic site, with automated statistics and media submissions and a variety of site designs to choose from, with more things always on the way.

But none of the site features are of any use until you have an account to tie them to. Once you register on the TSC forum, you'll have access to the different features of the main site. If you're submitting your records, make sure to read the rules for the games first to see what is or isn't allowed.

That's about it! If you have any questions, you can check the FAQ or seek help in the forum or chat room. Thanks for reading this; hope to seeya round.

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