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As of 18th October 2005


Daniel "RPGnutter" Siviter: "The All-Rounder."

Alright, now we're genuinely reaching the business end of this list. The top six players should be fairly obvious to those who've been around for a while, and as my subject today mentioned, there's a few very close, and surely controversial, calls. Remember, this is just our opinion, not reflective of everyone's.

ARRPEEGEE, as he has come to be known, joined TSC way back in November 2003, at the request of SuperSonic101. Little did he know back then, the menace that he brought to the charts. RPG has been known to game relentlessly, homework and thumbs be damned, over entire days, often starting early and finishing late, and stopping only for food. Sounds a bit like me... But I digress. As a reward for such diligent gaming, RPG has held no less than EIGHT SEPARATE CHAMPIONSHIPS, and a high of four of those at once.

However, I don't call him TSC's Unluckiest Member for no reason. RPG will often find that a game that has been inactive for months is flooding with activity once he takes #1 spot on it. Often of my own doing, but others have been the guilty party too. But enough of that, let's move on to actual gaming achievements.

When RPG joined (and most of you who read this will remember these days) there was a choice of just four games: the first two Advances, and the two Adventures. In the early days, he was just another player making up the numbers. Showed promise in SA2B, but not much else.

In about March of 2004, RPG began to take a greater interest in the community, and at the same time his time attacking potential began to be realised. (That's right, REALISED. FUCK YOU MICROSOFT WORD!)

Okay, sorry for going off on a tangent there, but I'm typing these in advance and saving them in Word. Hate at its auto-correction system, especially when it doesn't correct at all.

Now, where was I? Oh yeah, at that point RPG became one of the premier time attackers at the site. He set his sights on Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Advance 2 primarily, but in the meantime he took on other smaller challenges. In the months of March and April he obtained the Sonic R, Sonic Drift 2, Sonic Jam, Sonic Drift and Sonic Adventure 2 championships, only to lose them shortly after (in the case of SA2B, just one day passed and it was gone... and he hasn't got it back since). In most cases, though, this was just because he was first with remotely good times as they were first added to the site.

However, RPG has traditionally been strongest (but, ironically, not champion of at this point in time) in Sonic Advance 2. However, while RPG chose to make this game his specialty... so did NintenDan. The two of them have waged one of the greatest rivalries this site has seen, since the 8th of September when RPG took this title for the first time. Since then the title has changed hands at least six times (seven when you count blueblaze's entries, which were miles ahead of RPG and NintenDan and obviously false) and while, at the moment, RPG is not the champion, he is making another push towards it.

Like almost everyone else on this list, however, RPG is a very strong gamer in Sonic Adventure 2, and has taken the holy grail that is the championship for this game. For one day, mind, but I certainly can't say I've been #1, so he's doing something right. I mustn't have been perusing the rankings as often as I do now, because to be honest I don't remember RPG ever taking first place, though he was second for a while. Maybe I was away that day. At any rate, ever since he was knocked out of top spot he's kept going, in another attempt to claim that most prestigious of championships. Currently he sits 4th, with cybrax a mere 60 points ahead. Chances are, barring an unexpected return from him, RPG will be 3rd before long. Which is incredibly impressive in itself.

And now we come to Sonic Adventure DX. Like myself, RPG had little interest in this game at first. And much like myself, RPG thrashed all comers in a sharp attack on the championship. He got it easily, including a Twinkle Circuit sweep. And with myself and sonicam retired from SADX, he'll likely hold this one for some time. But then again...

More recently (perhaps to spite me, I don't know), RPG attacked Sonic 3D and Sonic Drift consistently over a three-day period, which resulted in him gaining both those championships. Hey, any publicity is good publicity, right?

Since the inception of the site, RPG has submitted in 21 of the 23 games, and is a high performer in 7 or more of them (depends how you define high performer after that). For these efforts, RPG is more than deserving of the #6 rank in our Greatest TSCers of All Time.

Time Attack Career:

Current Rankings:

Sonic Heroes
3084 points
22nd of 89

Sonic Adventure (DX)
138 points
1st of 66

Sonic Adventure 2 (B)
639 points
4th of 93

Sonic Advance
206 points
4th of 40

Sonic Advance 2
184 points
2nd of 72

Sonic Advance 3
312 points
9th of 38

Sonic 1
244 points
10th of 74

Sonic 2
429 points
11th of 71

Sonic 3
814 points
33rd of 57

Sonic and Knuckles
389 points
30th of 36

Sonic CD
330 points
15th of 22

Sonic 3D Blast
34 points
1st of 18

Sonic 1 (GG)
59 points
5th of 28

Sonic 2 (GG)
118 points
12th of 15

Sonic Chaos
137 points
4th of 16

Sonic Triple Trouble
170 points
8th of 12

Sonic Pocket Adventure
108 points
8th of 10

Sonic Jam
11 points
2nd of 5

Sonic R
199 points
9th of 23

Sonic Drift
4 points
1st of 11

Sonic Drift 2
104 points
5th of 9

Best five times (I changed this a little - as I'm compiling this list with RPGnutter he gave me the times he wanted listed here. Here goes...):

5th: Spring Yard Yellow (SD) - 0'59"48 - Cracked the minute barrier where nobody else was able to do so.
4th: Gene Gadget 2 (S3D) - 1:34 - A record by a whopping nine seconds, and this after we thought FoxLuc was close on invincible in this game.
3rd: Egg Frog - Sonic (SAdva2) - 0'12"78 - He just doesn't stop bragging about this one. Probably his hardest-fought record.
2nd: Chaos 6 - Sonic (SADX) - 0'25"73 - 26"46 was presumed to be perfect here because of the two players on that time, and a third on 49. RPG smashed them all.
1st: Any and all Twinkle Circuits, but primarily Gamma (SADX) - These times are simply amazing. 'Nuff said.
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