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New Hope

January 19, 2008 - 2:56 AM
With the event of a newcomer (The Mario Center) and its actual changes and presentation, I just couldn't sit back and let TMMC go under without some kind of struggle.  I'm a type of person who enjoys seeing progress get done and well, this place needs it badly.  I'm going to attempt to give this place some life (via an energy tank if you will) and spruce up the place.  First by removing that depressing message on the front page with this one and giving the site a new look.  Anything else I do is just from me having a lot of time on my hands and maybe able to implement some of the array of ideas that others here have had floating about.  I'm not promising anything and this may fail again, and by that chance I would declare this place scrap.  One thing I have learned is that Megaman competition either exists out there somewhere, or we are giving an under appreciated alternative.  Either way, this place was brought forth with thought of changing that and I wouldn't like to see it die out just yet.
3 comments , News Posted by Shadow Jacky

Fate of the MegaMan Center

June 24, 2007 - 3:03 PM
I'm wondering if anyone at all here is still interseted in the MegaMan Center. It certainly did worse than I anticipated. If not for the lack of members, but the lack of interest in the members that fought for it. Should we coincede, or are people still willing to compete and find new members?

EDIT: Heh, it seems that nothing here functions anymore anyway. It's already been eradicated. So I guess this post doesn't matter at all.
4 comments , News Posted by sonicam

TMMC's forum is up and ready for business

April 29, 2007 - 2:51 PM
The forums are now up thanks to Rolken. Awesome. We have several things that need to be done next before we can begin the TMMC opening ceremonies.
1. Establishment of the chatroom. How many sub channels do you think we need?
2. The site skin. What should be our theme. SJ came with an evolution of Mega Man idea that sounds pretty good.
3. Advertisement to other sites. sonicam came up with a good idea to recruit more members. I think we should also make speed run videos designed to get people interested in the site as well.
4. The opening ceremonies. We obviously need some form of gag party to commence the birth of TMMC (TSC is invited to take part). How should we go about this? Should we use the TMMC chat room or use a thread for the little party?
3 comments , News Posted by magnum12

Welcome to the MegaMan Center~

April 15, 2007 - 3:47 PM
The long awaited MegaMan Center has arived (ok, long awaited by SJ, magnum and I...). A few games are up, one or more from each series. At the moment, there is contemplation about MegaMan X5-6, Xtreme series, the Zero series and the addition of the Level "Game Completion". Concerns are as follows:

MegaMan X5 and X6: Should there be a split between X and Zero? Should we mandate all Mavericks defeated, allow any number defeated, or have respective levels for the two for the Level "Game Completion"? Should Normal and Xtreme difficulty modes be split?

MegaMan Xtreme series: The Xtreme series, at the moment, has a screwy compeitition. In order to submit a time, you'd have to have a file ready and record the current time on the save file. Then, play a stage and complete it. Save again and record your new time. Subtracting the two would result in your time for that stage. This is very time consuming, annoying and unreliable as your recording is very error prone (you aren't shown centi/milli-seconds). We are still contemplating on what to do about this. MegaMan Xtreme 2 Boss Attack is up though.

MegaMan Zero series: The problems with the MegaMan Zero series is the abuse of Cyber Elves, "Weapon Training" and Ultimate Mode. Cyber Elves are at the moment banned from competition as they prove as an extreme advantage. Weapon Training is in the same boat. Theoretically, you are allowed to train your weapons after you clear the Opening Stage, before going on to the next mission. One would be able to train the weapon all the way up to the max level, having a clear advantage over any other competitor who just went onto the next mission without training. Just think about it, having a fully leveled Saber against the Aztec Falcon, complete pwnage. Should this be a legit tactic? As for Ultimate Mode, IMO, it's useless as it's just a Very Easy Mode. It's the same as Normal Mode, but you have all Sub Tanks, Max HPs, and IIRC, fully upgraded Weapons. Is there really a use?

Game Completion: This level is under speculation since it's a one time thing, especially with the MegaMan Battle Network series, which can take hours and hours to clear. I've grown to be a little bit against due to the burden of requiring to erase our games and do this trial. Any suggestions?

Please adhere to concerns and refrain from submitting to levels/divisions that are under speculation. Anything else is fair game!
59 comments , News Posted by sonicam
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